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Party at the cabin (balloon fetish) :iconwildheart107:wildheart107 8 0
Characters (updated)
Name: Dan
Age: 20
Build: Slim, athletic
Hair and eyes: Medium length dark brown hair with green eyes
Orientation: Straight
Personality: energetic, open-minded, lively
Likes: extreme sports, hiking, gaming
Favourite balloon: 11 inch
Fear levels: medium fear with larger balloons
Dan likes to pop smaller balloons (9-12 inch). He can blow them until they pop without too much fear. He also likes large balloons but usually gets scared of them popping. Holly has helped him overcome his fears but he still gets nervous when she dose blow to pops with anything larger than 16 inch. Despite this fear he loves it when Holly forces him to pop large balloons. His favourite being the time she pumped a 24 inch in a sleeping bag until it burst.
Name: Holly
Height: 5'5"
Build: very slim
Hair and eyes: Long, silky brunette hair, blue eyes
Orientation: Straight (bi with Sophie, or anyone with a balloon.)
Personality: Shy, fun, kind
Likes: Nature, computing, art
Favourite balloon: 14 inch
:iconwildheart107:wildheart107 2 8
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When they arrive at the cabin, Sophie takes the air bed and puts it on the sofa. Holly opens the bags of balloons and puts them on the table. "So what now?" Asks Holly.
"We wait for Aria. Let's decorate the place ready for her." Sophie takes a bag of 16 inch balloons and gets to work inflating them. She sits on the sofa and blows each one tightly before tying it off and throwing them on the floor. She's blowing the third one when Holly can't take it anymore. She's been horny all day and needs a release. She walks over to Sophie then drops to her knees. Holly doesn't even take her clothes off, she begins grinding against Sophie's leg.
"Umm Holly, what are you..." Holly has her leg in a grip and is grinding as hard as she can. "Can't you save it for Aria?"
Sophie asks. Holly's only reply is a barely suppressed moan. Sophie carries on blowing the balloon. It gets tight and Sophie is about to tie it off when Holly stops her. "No, keep going."
Sophie doesn't need to be told twice. She happily blows faster, making the neck grow out. It gets bigger and Holly's moans increase. Without warning the balloon explodes. Holly is just about to cum when Sophie pushes her off. "I told Aria she would be the one to make you come. You just need to wait a bit longer."
"I can't."
"Fine, do it yourself then. I'll watch."
Sophie sits back and watches while Holly desperately tries to get a balloon out the pack. She chooses a 12 inch. She doesn't have the time for anything bigger. Holly uses one hand to hold the balloon and another to finger herself roughly. Sophie can't take her eyes off her. 6 breaths later it's tight. Another 4 makes it burst. As she hasn't climaxed yet, Sophie comes over to help. She kisses her fiercely. And soon Holly's crying out in ecstasy. Sophie takes Holly's hand out of her jeans. It's warm and moist. She puts it in her mouth and giggles. "Let's get you into that dress before Aria gets here. Don't want her to know you've been playing without her." Sophie helps her strip off and get into the dress they bought.
"Wow you look stunning. Aria will be here any minute, help me blow up some more balloons." Together they get through most of the packet of 16 inches. Without any accidents as well. Tight colourful balloons lie across the cabin floor. Holly is halfway through blowing a yellow one when Aria knocks at the door. "You get the door and I'll finish this one." Says Sophie. Holly gives her the balloon and opens the door. Aria steps in. "Hi, Holly. You look pretty hot in that dress. Ooo I like the decorations. Is this that party you said you were having?"
Sophie replies. "It's one of them. We have lots of little parties here.
"So you want some help decorating or should we get this party started?" Asks Aria.
"Well you could finish this balloon for me." Says Sophie.
"Looks full to me." Aria replies.
"Nah, it can go way bigger than this. And when I said finish I meant blow it so big that it explodes."
"You made me do that earlier and this one is a lot bigger. I'm not as brave as you. Why do you want me to do it so much anyway?" Aria asks.
"Because Holly likes it when pretty girls blow balloons till they pop. Makes her horny." Sophie replies.
"Really? Well if that's the case, give me that balloon." Aria takes the balloon from Sophie and sits down. "Come here Holly. Sit on my lap and I'll blow this up for you."
Holly hesitantly walks over. "That's it. To be honest the thought of blowing this until it goes bang is terrifying. I'll do it for you if you'd like though." Holly sits on her lap and Aria starts to blow. "It's so tight already. Can you do this Holly?" Aria asks. Holly nods.
"You might have to help me out." Aria keeps blowing until there's a massive neck bulging in front of her. "Aren't you scared at all?" Aria asks. Holly shakes her head. Aria looks her in the eye. "Am I turning you on?"
"Yeah." Holly whispers.
"Good." Aria forces another breath in. "Can't we pop it some other way?" Aria asks.
"Just keep going." Holly encourages.
"But I'm so scared."
Holly puts her arms around her. "Almost there." Aria starts blowing again.


Shards fly everywhere. Aria lets out a little scream. "Did it! What next?"
Sophie whispers something to Aria. She gently pushes Holly off and picks up a balloon from the floor. "You sure this'll work?" Aria asks Sophie.
"Definitely after this she'll be yours." Sophie replies. Aria puts the balloon on Holly's lap. "Lie back." She instructs. Holly leans back on the sofa. Aria climbs onto the balloon and starts riding it softly. As she gets rougher, the neck starts shooting out.
"I could start liking this balloon thing. This feel as good for you as it does for me?" Aria asks.
"Yes, harder!" Moans Holly.
"If you're sure you can handle it." Aria starts violently humping the balloon. It looks as if she's really getting into it. Unfortunately it doesn't last long. The balloon bursts with a loud bang and Aria falls on top of Holly.
"That was fun. Bet I could have orgasmed doing that if it was stronger." Says Aria.
"That's what inflatables are for. You can give it a go later." Says Sophie. She hands Aria a 16 inch balloon. "Do that thing I told you."
Aria puts the balloon inside Holly's dress with the neck sticking out and starts blowing. Holly sighs as it gets harder. Aria pauses as the neck expands and glances at Sophie. "Do I keep blowing?" She asks.
"Of course." Sophie replies.
"Won't it hurt her?"
"Holly can take it."
Aria begins to blow again. Holly wriggles around on her back, barely able to move.
"Keep still." Says Aria trying to force more air in. After a couple more breaths it finally bursts. Holly sits up, waiting to see what Aria will do next. She crawls onto Holly's lap and slowly moves in for a kiss. Holly lets her and after a moment starts kissing her back. Aria obviously knows what she's doing, she takes it slow but is more skilful than Sophie. Holly decides to kick it up a notch. She puts her arms round Aria and kisses harder. Her sweet scent is driving Holly wild and soon she's on top of Aria. She notices Sophie watching them. She's touching herself. Suddenly Aria pushes Holly into the sofa and rips off her dress. She holds her down and resumes kissing with increased vigour. She's surprisingly strong for her size and Holly couldn't push her off even if she wanted to.

It feels like they've been kissing for hours. Holly wants to move on and tries escaping from Aria's grasp. Aria isn't letting her go anywhere. In the struggle they fall off the sofa. Aria lies on top of her so she can't move. Holly stops resisting and manages to pull the rest of her clothes off. Aria stops for a moment to look at her body. Then rushes to take her own clothes off. Holly puts one of the balloons between her legs. Aria knows what to do. She humps it hard, trying to destroy it to get closer to Holly. It puts up a fight. Eventually Aria gives up and grabs the balloon with both hands. She puts it in front of Holly's face and presses her own into it. She looks at Holly through the balloon, then bites it. There's a bang and before Holly can react, Aria is grinding against her. Holly manages to sit up and start kissing Aria again. Suddenly Aria's hand is between her legs. She's far from gentle. She fingers her so roughly that it hurts. But in a good way. In less than 30 seconds, Holly starts crying out. Her moans muffled by Aria's mouth. She kisses her a little longer before finally letting her go. Holly falls to the floor in exhaustion.
"I didn't hurt you did I? Asks Aria suddenly concerned. "I can be more gentle next time if you like."
"Save that for round 3 when I might be a bit sore." Holly pants. "Give me a minute and we can go again."

"You might want to use the bed next time." Says Sophie.
Holly gets and and notices a large wet patch on the sofa. Aria sees it too.
"How'd that happen?" Asks Aria.
"I got a bit excited watching you, okay?" She replied.
"Oh yeah, forgot you were a squirter."
"Holly can do it too. Have to get her really worked up though."
"Holly you want to rest for a bit on the bed? I'll be with you in a min." Says Aria Holly walks the the bed on the other end of the cabin. On the way she grabs a bag of balloons. She lies down.
"Erm, Sophie you mind getting me off before I do Holly again?" Asks Aria.
"Of course." Sophie replies.
"It won't take long, believe me."
Holly hears Aria begin to sigh. She can't see what's happening but Sophie has her in some kind of hug with her fingers inside of Aria. Holly takes a balloon and begins to blow. It pops after 10 breaths. Aria spins around to see what happened. Holly starts on another balloon.
"Come on Aria, lets finish you off." Sophie says. But Aria can't take her eyes off Holly. She watches as Holly finishes off another balloon with a loud bang.
"She doesn't even flinch!" Holly hears Aria say. Sophie moves in front of Aria and bends over. Her head disappearing between Aria's legs. 5 balloons later, Aria finally orgasms. She didn't take her eyes off Holly the whole time.
"Go on back to Holly then. Here do her on this." Sophie gives her the air bed they bought earlier.
"You wanna join?" Aria asks.
"Nah, I'll keep watching."
Aria walks over to the bed and puts down the inflatable. "You want to start slow or get straight into it?" Asks Aria. Holly answers by grabbing her and pushes her onto the air bed. Then she starts grinding like Aria did earlier.
"I'm meant to be fucking you." Aria gasps. She doesn't resist though. Holly grabs a balloon and starts blowing it in Aria's face.
Aria starts to get nervous as it gets tighter and tighter. She doesn't appear to be acting this time either. Holly stops grinding and instead, lies flat against Aria. She blows as slowly as she can. Aria closes her eyes, the balloon is pressed into her face.
"When's it gonna pop?" Asks Aria, her voice betraying her fear.
Holly puts in another small breath, leaving a gap between each blow. She's waiting to see if Aria will ask her to stop. She doesn't though and after a while it explodes, showering them in tiny shards. Aria screams and sits up. Holly is incredibly horny and it takes all her self control not to start grinding again. She wants to tease Aria some more first. Holly opens a drawer next to the bed. Inside is a 24 inch balloon. Just what she was looking for. She gently pushes Aria back down and gets ready to blow.

Aria, realising how big the balloon is, stops her. "Let's try something else. How about we try that inflatable or I could blow up some smaller balloons if you'd like that?"
"What's the matter, you scared?" Holly teases.
"Not at all. Let me go on top again, I wanna see you squirt. Sophie told me you can."
"Fine. You can do what I just did to you." Holly gives her a red 12 inch and rolls over to let Aria mount her. She climbs onto Holly and starts grinding like what Holly did earlier. She fills the balloon with her breath, gasping every now and again. When the balloon reaches a pear shape, Aria starts blowing faster.
"Slow down. Take your time." Says Holly.
"That makes it scarier." Aria replies.
"It also makes me horny." That did the trick. Aria continues blowing, each breath slow and sensual. The neck gets longer than she anticipated and Aria stops again.
"Must I keep going? I admit it scares me. A lot, but I'll do it if it'll make you cum."
"You were fine earlier."
"It was over before I could think about it. I also didn't realise how loud it would be."
"I'll finish it if you're scared." Says Holly. She'd love to place the wet nozzle in her mouth and slowly blow until it pops and Aria screams.
Aria shakes her head though. "I like to be in control. I also don't want you pushing it into my face again. Let's just get it over with." She blows again, bracing for a pop.
"Slowly." Says Holly. Aria has stopped grinding and is sitting up with her hands around the neck, blowing firmly. She manages to slow down for a bit then her fear takes over and she starts huffing and puffing and fast as she can. A few big breaths and it goes bang. Aria doesn't scream this time. She just inhales deeply then starts riding Holly again. Holly lets her do her thing few a couple of minutes then pushes her off before she gets too carried away.
"My turn on top." Holly grabs the 24 inch balloon again.
"Holly can we try that inflatable over there? I want to see what you can do with it."
"Okay but I choose what we do." Holly goes to the other end of the cabin and grabs the inflate whale. It's incredibly tight. Holly can't remember anyone blowing it recently. See looks at Sophie questionably.
"Oh yeah, I blew it up for you just now. I guess you were too busy to notice." Says Sophie. She gestures Holly over then whispers in her ear. "Try and make Aria orgasm. If you can do it, she'll go wild. Trust me it's a lot of fun. Mind you, once you've done it, you'll lose all control until she's calmed down. I'll take over if it gets too much for you."
"Any tips?"
"Ride that whale on her until she looks horny. You'll know when, she doesn't exactly hide it. Then just finger her hard until she cums. Helps if you kiss her as well. Be as rough as you can. After that you'll get perhaps 30 seconds of calm before she goes crazy. I'm surprised how gentle she's been so far, can't last long though. Oh, and try to resist her. That should be fun to watch" Sophie gives her a wink and leaves her to it.
Holly walks back to the bed with the inflatable under one arm. She puts in on the bed. Aria is lying on her back waiting. Holly widens her legs, then places the whale in between them. It's hard and shiny. It'll be an intense ride. In fact Sophie had blown it up so much there's a good chance it could pop. Holly isn't going to let any air out though. She gets on top of it, making Aria grunt. She's sandwiched between two tight inflatables. Holly begins grinding herself over it but soon realises that she's gonna climax long before Aria. She grips it with her legs and begins humping it. Soon Aria begins to sigh. It appears to be working, Holly gets rougher until Aria is crying out with every thrust. Holly keeps it up until she feels like she's about to climax herself. Then she gets off and removes the toy from Aria's legs. Aria looks like she's about to complain. That is until Holly plunges her hand inside her. Aria lets out a shocked cry of pleasure. Remembering what Sophie told her, Holly starts kissing Aria roughly. She lacks any skill but the enthusiasm makes up for it. Aria suddenly throws her hand back and lets out a cry of pure lust. Then she collapses, panting heavily. Holly sits back and notices Sophie. She's lying on her front, fingering herself whilst watching the whole thing.

Without warning, Aria lunges at Holly. She grabs her and presses her into the corner of the room. Aria forces Holly's legs apart and gets to work.

She's aching when she feels a buildup of pleasure. It seems to radiate through her whole body. She opens her eyes in time to see fluid squirting between Aria's fingers. She lets her go and Holly falls onto the bed shaking. Aria isn't done though. She climbs back onto Holly, ready to go again.

Holly is sore all over when she finally orgasms again. Aria barely seems to notice though. She wants more. Holly doesn't have the strength to resist. Luckily Sophie saves her.
"Hey Aria, give her a break. I want a go as well." She comes over and leaps on the bed.
Holly gets off the bed and sits on a nearby balloon to watch. Aria rips Sophie's clothes off and they start snogging.

When Aria starts to finger Sophie, Holly adverts her gaze and notices a balloon by the end of the bed. It was a 12 inch by the look of it and had a valve keeping the air in. Strange. Thought Holly. It definitely wasn't one of the balloons they bought today. It couldn't be too old either, otherwise it wouldn't be so tight. Holly goes over to inspect it. It has a dark green crystal colour and is very hard. It's not Sophie's work though. She would of blown it up even bigger. It has a pear shape but most of the neck is uninflated. Surely Sophie wouldn't of been able to resist blowing it up until it burst. The valve would have made it easy.

Holly returns to the balloon she'd been sitting on, taking the new balloon with her. She puts the valve in her mouth and blows an experimental breath. It takes more effort than she expected and the balloon gets a little tighter. The balloon did have a perfect shape and colour. Maybe Sophie thought it was too nice to pop. But then again, why use a valve? She'd only do that if she was going to blow to pop one.

Holly holds it with the intention of waiting for Sophie. She was curious now as to where it came from.

After a few minutes though, she gives up. The balloon is pretty much begging to be popped. She places the valve back in her mouth and blows hard. The neck comes out a little more but it's so tight, Holly thinks it'll pop before its full.
A gasp from Sophie makes her look up. She is looking over Aria's shoulder, watching Holly. Aria has her back to her, so focused on pleasuring Sophie that she doesn't notice Holly with the balloon.
Holly forces another breath in while Sophie watches. Every so often she lets out another gasp. Holly keeps forcing more air in, the neck finally starting to get big. When it's completely full, Holly stops for a moment, admiring it. It looks and feels like a glass bomb waiting to go off. Normally the neck couldn't get this big without you losing grip, but the valve makes it easy. Holly manages another small breath. She's not sure if she should stop. It's so pretty. Holly thinks about taking a photo but her phone is in her jeans at the other side of the cabin. There's no time, it could pop before she gets the chance to capture it. So instead she takes a huge breath and empties it into the balloon. It still doesn't pop. Holly is just taking another big breath when there's a very loud bang. Even she lets out a scream. Poor Aria didn't know what was about to happen. She leaps back and almost falls off the bed. To Holly's surprise, Sophie looks a little shocked. No one realised it would have been quite that loud.
Aria breaks the silence after the bang. "Could you warn me next time you do that?" She says. "I almost had a heart attack."
Sophie is smiling. "That was amazing. Umm Aria, mind finishing me off?" Sophie asks.
"It would be my pleasure but I think Holly should do it. You was watching her the whole time wasn't you?" Aria replies.
"Not the whole time. Just when she started blowing. Now Someone finish me off. I don't care who."
Holly glances at Aria but she shakes her head. "You do it. I'm gonna go get a drink from my car." Aria leaves them to it.
Holly jumps on the bed and gets to work. It takes less than 30 seconds before Sophie orgasms. She then starts kissing her. Sophie falls on her side, taking Holly with her. They land in a large wet patch. Holly pulls away and sits up. "Look at what you've done to the mattress." The sheets are soaked though. There's drips all over the bed with a few larger puddles in the middle.
"Half of that was you." Says Sophie.
"We're gonna have to replace it."
"Don't worry about it. It's only used for sex anyway. The stains are a reminder of the fun times we had."
"Won't it start to rot?"
"True, we'll have to use towels next time. We'll worry about it another day. That balloon was so loud! Bet it got really hard."
"Yeah it did. Where'd it come from?" Holly asks.
"Some shop was giving them out. Don't know the reason but they were really good ones. I brought a couple back here on my way home yesterday. Was going to take them all home but they were so nice I didn't want to pop them. Not right away anyway. Thought you'd like to see them."
"I'm surprised you weren't tempted to blow them bigger." Says Holly.
"I was but whoever inflated them got them so tight. I didn't want to risk popping them."
"I'm almost sorry I popped it. I wish I'd taken a photo. It was so big and hard. Probably never find another like it now."
"Maybe we could make that wish come true. You reckon you could do it again?"
"If we had another, yeah."
"Pretty sure there's another round here somewhere." Sophie looks around and finds it wedged behind the bed. It looks identical to the last one. "I'll get my phone. Wait there." Sophie puts the balloon on the bed and rushes to get her phone. Holly picks up the balloon. It's inflated just as hard as the previous one. Sophie comes over with her phone and takes a photo. "Just in case it pops early. Sit on the bed and start blowing. Just go slow. Do the same as you did before."
Holly puts the valve in her mouth. She starts to blow, a little more nervously this time. It would be her last chance to capture this balloon. Who knows if they'd find another like it.
Before long it's just as big as the other one had got. Sophie takes lots of photos. Holly is just about to put what would likely be the final breath in when Sophie stops her. "Hold on, this is too good to miss. Let me go get my proper camera. Don't let it pop." Sophie runs off to the car, leaving Holly holding the overinflated balloon. She doesn't move, barely breathing in case it pops. It's ready to go any second now. The anticipation is killing her. Finally Sophie returns with her camera.

She has to do a bit of photography for her work so she knows exactly what she's doing. Holly hears the shutter click away as Sophie gets photos from all angles. Aria returns and watches nervously.
"Okay, Holly." Says Sophie. "Finish it."
She carefully brings it back to her lips. Aria quickly puts her fingers in her ears. Holly almost wants to do the same now that she knows how loud it's gonna be. She has to look brave for the camera though. She starts blowing a long, slow breath. Sophie comes to her side, lining up the camera for a perfect shot. That's a flash and immediately after a loud bang. Holly gasps. "Did you get it?"
Sophie looks at her camera screen. "Yes! It's perfect. You look so hot, that's gonna be my new wallpaper on my phone."
"Let's see." Says Holly eagerly. Sophie shows her.
Technically it couldn't get much better. The lighting and composition is perfect, buts it's the overinflated balloon and look on Holly's face that does it. "Wow, it's so pretty."
"Not as pretty as you though." Says Sophie with a smile. "Hey, I've just had the best idea. We should take photos of everyone with balloons and print them on canvases for the cabin. The walls look a bit bare and it would fit perfectly."
"That's the best idea you've had in ages. Let's do you next, then Aria. Perhaps we could invite Jenny next and even that woman in the restaurant." Holly says excitedly.
"Okay. What do you want me to do?" Sophie asks. Holly looks around, thinking. She picks up a red 16 inch balloon from the floor. "Finish this off for a start." She says, giving Sophie the balloon.
"Where shall I sit?"
"On the Sofa. Just start blowing and see where it goes."

Sophie unties the balloon and starts blowing, leaning back against the sofa with her legs apart. Holly starts taking photos from all angles. The balloon already has a full neck and it's just getting tighter now. Sophie stops for a moment before grabbing another balloon from the floor. She puts it between her legs and gets on her front. Sophie rides it against the arm of the sofa, half her body leaning over the edge. It's so hot, Holly almost forgets to take photos. Sophie keeps blowing, one hand on the side of the balloon and the other holding the neck to her lips. Holly finds a good angle and gets a photo just before the balloon explodes in Sophie's face. She doesn't stop grinding against the other balloon though. It creaks with every thrust, the end of the neck bulging each time.
After a while it finally bursts under her.
She gets up panting. "I was just getting into that. Always pop too soon. So, Aria next?"
"Yes. What should be make her do?" Holly asks.
"How about getting her to ride an inflatable while blowing a 24 inch?" Sophie suggests.
"Until it pops?" Questions Holly.
"If she can. We'll make her blow until it's really tight."
Aria steps forward. "Okay let's get on with it. Where'd you want me?"
Holly places the inflatable whale on the bed. "On top of that."
"Hold on." Says Sophie. "Let's put your dress on her. She'll look cute in that."

A few minutes later Aria is sitting on the inflatable with a limp 24 inch balloon in her hands. Holly chose a red one to match the dress.
"It's so big." Says Aria. "How do I know when to stop?"
"When it's hard to blow any more air in." Says Holly.
"Or you could keep on until it pops." Sophie adds.
Aria starts to blow. She keeps going until it's about as big as it was intended. Then she hesitates. "It's huge! How much more?"
"You've got loads left yet." Sophie replies. "I'm not even gonna bother with the photos until the neck's touching your lips."
"I don't know if I can go that far Sophie."
"You can and you will. Otherwise I'll take it off you and finish it myself. Then I might go through another pack of balloons while I hold you down."
Aria knows Sophie will do it, so she continues blowing. She slows down as the neck fills completely. Sophie takes a few photos. "Bigger!" Aria puts a few big breaths in. "It's gonna pop!" She cries.
"No it isn't. It's not even that tight yet." Sophie tells her.
In truth it had got very tight but Holly knew it would take more. Aria puts one more big breath in then stops. "I'm done."
"Holly, make her blow it bigger." Says Sophie. Holly jumps on the bed with her. She pushes Aria off the inflatable and onto her back. Holly then climbs on her front. "Blow." She commands.
"I'm scared." Says Aria. Holly puts her hand under her dress and between her thighs. She then inserts a finger inside her. "If you stop blowing, I'll stop as well."
Aria puts in a small breath and Holly gets a bit firmer.
"The faster you blow, the harder I'll get. Says Holly. Aria still hesitates so Holly slows down. She barely touches her, just a tickle to tease her. Aria suddenly starts blowing again so Holly gets rougher. After a few big breaths, Aria is blowing as hard as she can, she pants and moans her fear forgotten. Sophie is taking photos excitedly.
The balloon looks like it's about to pop at any moment. "I think it's about to pop if you want to stop." Holly tells her. Aria doesn't seem to hear her. Either that or she wants Holly to continue. She starts to shake and make little moans into the balloon. She definitely isn't stopping now. It seems to take forever before the balloon finally explodes. When it does, Holly feels the sound go through her. Aria doesn't scream this time. Instead she gasps and thrusts up against Holly before flopping back on the bed, exhausted. There's bits of latex all up the walls and covering the bed.
Aria gets back up and Holly helps her out of the dress. It's damp and smells strongly of Aria's sweet scent.
"You know, when I first heard of this balloon thing, I thought it sounded a bit weird. But now I might have to add it to my list of fetishes. That was intense! I'm starting to get the whole anticipation thing, then that release when it finally pops. Felt amazing." Says Aria. "Plus it's fun to see how big I can make them with my breath, also they feel quite nice to bounce on. Could I take a few home to experiment with?" She asks.
"Take as many as you want." Says Sophie. "Once you get into popping, they won't last long. Let's see you do another." Sophie rummages around in the bedside cabinet and finds a clear 14 inch balloon. "You should know what to do by now." Sophie says, giving Aria the balloon.
"Okay, I'll try. How big will it get?" Asks Aria.
"VERY! Meant to be 14 inch but they usually go to 16. I only know one other balloon that gets harder." Sophie replies.
"What's that? Maybe I could try it."
Sophie looks at Holly. "Reckon she could pop one of those special 12 inch balloons I found online?"
"Even I found those hard. Probably the only balloon that still makes me nervous. You got some here?" Says Holly.
"A few. Save them for special occasions. They're only made by a small company and are quite specialist. Dunno what their intended purpose is but you have to contact them to order. I once asked how big they're supposed to get and they told me I could keep blowing as much as I want and it shouldn't pop. Of course I managed it but it was a challenge. I'll go get you one." Sophie goes over to the corner of the cabin and removes a floorboard.
"You've been keeping balloons under the floorboards without telling me?" Holly asks, surprised.
"Yeah. These ones are for emergencies or special occasions. Didn't want someone using them all up." Sophie finds what she's looking for and brings it back to Aria. "You can have a go if you blow to pop that 14 inch."
"Can't I do that one first? I want to see if I can do it. I'm feeling brave right now and want to get the worse one over with." Aria replies.
"Okay but you have to promise you'll do it without cheating. These are hard to get hold of, wouldn't want to waste one, would we?"
"I'll try my best."
"See that you do. Oh yeah, you'll want a valve. Really hard to hold onto. Should be one in that drawer over there.
Aria opens the drawer and rummages through. Holly hasn't looked in there before and has a peak herself. Inside there's lots of different valves and attachments of all sizes, tubes, some hand pumps and a package full of large, clear plastic bags.
"What are the bags for Sophie?" Holly asks, curious.
"I occasionally like popping them. If I want something a little different, I'll blow a few up till they burst. Not loud like balloons but they do stretch quite a bit. Try one if you like." Says Sophie.

Aria finds a valve and hands it to Sophie.
"Perhaps we should glue it on. Can't be tempted to give up then can we?" Sophie takes some glue from the drawer and glues the balloon onto the valve. "While we wait for that to dry, Holly can try one of those plastic bags. You ever tried it yourself?" She asks.
"Once before when I didn't have any balloons." Holly replies.
"Bet it wasn't as good as these. I spent ages trying to find the best one. Some would pop too easily and others would be hard to pop but didn't stretch much. These take quite a bit of blowing, stretch like a balloon and have a decent bang."

Holly takes a bag out. The plastic feels smooth but firm. She bunches up the opening and puts it to her mouth. Both girls watch as Holly blows it bigger and bigger. It reaches the size of her body before it's full. It suddenly gets harder to inflate. Holly feels it go firm with next breath. All the wrinkles disappear and it takes a more rounded shape. Another breath and the sides and bottom swell out. It's incredibly tight already. Holly forces another lungful in and notices a stretch mark appear; a thin stripe that runs all the way down the bag. She blows hard again, making it widen slightly. After, another stretch mark appears, this one a bit further from the first. Holly keeps blowing and soon one half of the overinflated bag is full of lines of stretched plastic. Holly watches as the one in the middle expands faster than the others. It bulges out, getting bigger with each breath. Two more breaths and there's a huge elongated bubble expanding out the size of the bag. With one finale blow, the bag splits down the middle with a muffled bang. Holly inspects the broken plastic. The part where it stretched is thinner than cling film, it's wet from her breath.
"You like? Pretty fun, aren't they?" Says Sophie.
"Yeah, I enjoyed that. Love how it stretched." Says Holly.
"One more thing I want to show you." Sophie takes another bag out the drawer but this time ties a valve to it. "Go put your jeans on. You'll love this."
Holly does what Sophie tells her. Once she's got her slightly damp jeans on, Sophie comes over to her. She slides the bag into the front of her jeans. The cool plastic already feels nice against her but Holly knows it's about to get a lot better. Sophie starts to blow into the valve. It only takes a few breaths to fill up all the space between the fabric and her skin. Sophie keeps going until it's hard.
"Feel good?" Sophie asks.
"Yes, keep going."
Sophie puts a few more breaths in, the bag starts to bulge out of the top of her jeans, Sophie stops when it's really tight.
"Keep going, pop it!" Says Holly.
"Keep it in there while you watch Aria. Maybe she'll finish it for you after. I love the feeling of it. It's firmer than a balloon but doesn't hurt like a beachball."
Holly runs a finger across it, making it creak. She wants to lie down and hump it hard but she knows it would pop if she tried. Sophie gives Aria the 12 inch balloon and Holly watches, already horny. Every slight movement makes the bag squeak, almost like a balloon.
She watches as Aria struggles to get the first breath into the balloon. It's made of thicker latex than normal balloons.
After the first breath, Aria is able to blow much faster. It doesn't take long before the balloon starts to go hard. As it forms into a teardrop shape, Aria slows down a little. Her breaths are more forced now. It takes three breaths to completely fill the neck. Aria hesitates for second, then suddenly starts blowing fast, determined to pop it. Her eyes are closed and she sounds like she's struggling to get anymore air in. When she opens her eyes again, surprised that it hasn't popped, the end of the neck is bulging. Aria blows a tentative breath, watching as it pushes hard against the valve. The next few lungfuls don't seem to make it any bigger. "Why hasn't it popped yet?" Asks Aria, looking fearfully at the tight latex.
"Keep going, it'll pop eventually." Sophie replies.
Aria manages to squeeze two more breaths in before she stops again. "It's gonna be loud, isn't it?"
"Yes. Very." Says Sophie.
Another mouthful of air and Aria let's out a little squeal as the balloon creaks. "I'm sorry Sophie, I don't think I can keep going."
Holly wriggles over, her movements awkward with the tight bag in her jeans. She sits behind Aria and puts her fingers in her ears. "Come on, it'll be over soon." She says.
Aria starts blowing hard. The balloon is transparent with the neck deformed. Holly can see Aria's breath condensing inside the balloon. Aria is shaking by the time it explodes. It's the loudest pop Holly's ever heard. It shreds into tiny fragments, some only a millimetre long. Aria manages to hold back a scream. She looks stunned for a moment before she laughs. "I can't believe I did it. It was so big and tight! What next? All that excitement has made me horny."
"Pop this would you." Says Holly. The tight plastic in her jeans is driving her crazy. It feels good but she needs a release. Holly hopes it'll get so hard it hurts before it pops. She loves a bit of pain just before all the pressure is released.
Aria crouches down and lowers her head, her lips around the valve. Holly feels the bag expanding a little as Aria blows hard. She stops after struggling for a moment. "Can't get anymore air in." She says.
"Use the compressor." Says Sophie. She brings it over and lets Aria do the rest.

There's a hiss and the bag grows suddenly. It gets warm from the friction and it feels like it's burning when Holly cries out. She's sure it would rip her jeans, but it suddenly goes bang. Holly rubs the damp plastic against her self before pulling it out. She debates asking Sophie to do it again but with a beachball, but she knows it would probably hurt too much. She would be unlikely to stop as well. Perhaps it'd be best to try that alone Holly thinks.

Holly realises that Sophie is fiddling with the 14 inch balloon she gave Aria. She's just put a small torch inside.
"I've got a game. I'll turn the lights off and someone will blow this till it pops. After that it'll be really dark in here. There's no lights outside so won't see anything as all. Then we'll have some fun, you can do whatever you want, no one can see you." Sophie suddenly turns the lights off and the only thing visible is the glowing balloon. "Who wants to blow it?"
"I'll do it." Says Aria immediately. It looks like she's starting to enjoy this.
She takes it off Sophie and sits by Holly, starting to blow. When it's halfway full, she stops. "I'm out of breath, could you finish it?" She asks Holly. "Don't pop it though, I want to do that. Holly takes the glowing orb off her. It wasn't that big so she can't be out of breath already. Maybe Aria's just trying to turn her on, she thinks.
Holly bites the wet mouthpiece and fills it with ease, she's done this so many times. It never ceases to make her horny though. Before long the neck is gently caressing her lips. Holly is just about to force a big breath in when she remembers to stop. She's so used to going until it pops, that she almost forgot. She carefully hands it back to Aria.
Aria takes it, putting it in her mouth eagerly and sucking off the saliva. Perhaps she wanted Holly to blow just so she could taste her. Aria is about to start blowing again but pauses. "Actually could you put one more breath in first?" She says, handing it back.
"How about I just pop it?" Says Holly. Wanting to see her reaction.
"No, I want to do that. Just one breath. Do it slowly."
She definitely just wants to taste her again. So why doesn't she just kiss her? See seemed fine with it earlier. Holly gives her what she wants and blows as slow and sensually as she can. Aria waits, looking excited. When Holly is done, Aria grabs it from her. She puts it back into her mouth and plays with it for a while before suddenly blowing fast. It bursts after the second breath. Aria then crawls over to Sophie with the torch now in her hand. She maintains eye contact with Holly the whole time. Next she starts to kiss Sophie slowly, still with her eyes on Holly. They start getting into it, rougher and rougher, Aria's eyes never leaving hers. Was she trying to make her jealous? Aria suddenly turns the torch off and all goes dark. There's just the sounds of them both snogging. After a few minutes it sounds like Aria is dragging Sophie to the bed. Aria begins to sigh and moan but it sounds exaggerated. Why would she want to make her jealous? Is there something she wants from her. Why not just grab her and do what she wants. It's not like she would resist her. Holly starts getting horny at the thought of Aria ripping her jeans off and putting a finger inside her while kissing hard. Maybe that's what she's after. For Holly to want her so bad she begs her to do it again. She thinks about walking up to Aria, pulling her off Holly and asking to be fucked. She doesn't have the courage though.

Holly can't sit there and listen any longer so she goes to the drawer with the plastic bags and feels around. She liked the bag in her jeans but wanted it tighter. She wonders what would happen if she did two at a time. One inside the other. She takes two out and puts one in the other. Easier said than done in the dark. Why only two, how about three or four. In the end she has five bags inside of each other. She shoves it inside her jeans and holds them onto the compressor's hose. Aria starts shouting Sophie's name and Holly opens the valve to full, trying to ignore them. There's a sudden expansion between her thighs. It gets tighter than before, just beginning to hurt when it goes bang. Not enough.
Suddenly Holly is desperate for something even more intense.
Holly wanted something that would hurt her and make her yell louder than Aria.

She remembers seeing an inflatable pillow near the sofa. Holly finds it in the dark and brings it over to the compressor. She deflates it as fast as she can, and slips the now flat pillow in her jeans. It fits snugly but there won't be enough room when fully inflated. Holly manages to find the glue bottle from earlier and glues the compressor's hose to the valve on the pillow. She's too horny to think it through and turns on the compressor, shoving it away so she can't turn it off. She lies back as it gets bigger. It feels good as it pushes against her and Holly sighs. The pressure starts to grow and the pillow is no where near full. Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea. It gets harder and harder. It starts to hurt a little. Holly cries out in joy. This was more like it. Then her cry becomes more fearful when the inflatable doesn't stop growing. It feels good now but what if it doesn't pop? The pain increases, she tries to find the compressor. If she turns it off now, it'll be the perfect size.
Suddenly it starts to really hurt. "Sophie, help!" She cries. Holly tries to pull the hose out but it's stuck. She can't bare it anymore and tries to pop it with her nails. They aren't long enough and the vinyl is too strong. Holly screams as she hears a tear. Suddenly the lights come on just as Holly's jeans rip, releasing the inflatable. All three girls watch as it continues to get bigger and bigger before it goes with an incredibly loud bang. Sophie shuts off the compressor. "Did you glue that on? Why did you think that would be a good idea? It obviously wasn't going to fit and you know how strong they are."
"I wasn't thinking." Says Holly. She's aching badly, she'd probably feel it for a few days.
"Are you alright?" Asks Sophie, concerned.
"Think so." Holly looks down. It's bright red where the inflatable had been.
"You won't be doing that again anytime soon, will you?" Says Sophie.
"Well actually it did feel kinda good. Maybe not quite as tight next time."
"You enjoyed it? Must of been pretty painful."
"Yeah. Actually I think I might have orgasmed at some point. That would explain why I'm so wet."
"Might have to give it a go myself. Won't be using glue though. That was stupid."
"I wanted it to hurt me, I was so horny. It was Aria's fault she was doing that to you so I'd be jealous. Weren't you?" Holly says turning to Aria.
"No of course not." Says Aria. "Okay maybe a little bit. You only had to ask and I would of done it to you. We can have a go now if you want." She starts walking toward Holly. Aria puts her arms around her and looks up at Holly, whispering "Just say the word."
Holly suddenly feels nervous again. What was wrong with her? She wanted this a moment ago. "Umm, I'm a bit sore now, maybe another day?"
Aria looks crestfallen and Holly quickly adds "you can kiss me if you like."
"You know that I would only get carried away, I'm actually a bit tired myself. I think I'm gonna call it a night, call me, yeah?" Aria puts her clothes on, says goodbye to Sophie and leaves.

"Did I upset her?" Holly asks Sophie.
"I don't know to be honest. I know she likes you. You should call her in a few days and invite her round your place. Just have a night of fun, then she'll probably move on to somebody else and you can have me to yourself again." Says Sophie
"I might do that. She seemed like a nice girl, surprised how quickly she turned on to balloons."
"It's probably because it's something new. She loves experimenting. Also your reaction would of made her horny. You want to do something with me now we're alone or have you had enough for today?"
"What about you, are you satisfied?" Holly asks.
"Well Aria didn't get to finish with me so I guess you could."
"Have you got any more of them inflatable pillows?"
"Yeah, why?"
Holly fetches Sophie's jeans from the floor, Aria must have taken them off. "Put them on."
"What are you gonna do?"
"Inflate a pillow in them until you beg me to stop. Then I'm gonna put a bit more in and ride you until you climax."
"Will it hurt?"
"Yes. It feels so good though, come on."

When it had got tight Sophie asked Holly to stop. Holly had ignored her and kept going until Sophie cried out. Then she had given Sophie a kiss before making it even bigger. In the end it hurt so much Sophie had to take the compressor off her. Holly had fought to keep it. She was trying to rip Sophie's jeans like hers. After Sophie had stopped her inflating it, Holly had ridden her while Sophie cried out in pain and pleasure until a seam gave out and it popped with a bang. Holly tried to persuade her to do it again but Sophie didn't trust her in this mood.

Holly had apologised on the way home but Sophie said she enjoyed seeing Holly like that and told her she should have forced Sophie to do it again. "You should of kept going until I was crying if it turned you on." She had said. Holly said it wouldn't of been fun then and only wanted to make Sophie orgasm.

They both went to bed aching that night.
Party at the cabin (balloon fetish)
A little more intense than the others. The next one will certainly be a lot calmer.
Name: Dan
Age: 20
Build: Slim, athletic
Hair and eyes: Medium length dark brown hair with green eyes
Orientation: Straight
Personality: energetic, open-minded, lively
Likes: extreme sports, hiking, gaming
Favourite balloon: 11 inch
Fear levels: medium fear with larger balloons

Dan likes to pop smaller balloons (9-12 inch). He can blow them until they pop without too much fear. He also likes large balloons but usually gets scared of them popping. Holly has helped him overcome his fears but he still gets nervous when she dose blow to pops with anything larger than 16 inch. Despite this fear he loves it when Holly forces him to pop large balloons. His favourite being the time she pumped a 24 inch in a sleeping bag until it burst.

Name: Holly
Height: 5'5"
Build: very slim
Hair and eyes: Long, silky brunette hair, blue eyes
Orientation: Straight (bi with Sophie, or anyone with a balloon.)
Personality: Shy, fun, kind
Likes: Nature, computing, art
Favourite balloon: 14 inch
Fear levels: Low (previously high)

Holly loves blowing balloons till they pop. Sophie introduced her to the fetish, and she grow to like it more and more. Holly likes to see how big she can get the necks and always blows them to the absolute maximum. She usually gets carried away and ends up popping them. Holly likes blowing 12 and 14 inch best because they don't take long to inflate and always get long necks. Holly also loves bigger balloons but because they are more expensive and she usually ends up putting a bit too much air in them, causing them to pop, she saves them for a special treat. Holly loves her secret balloon sessions with Sophie, it always makes her more horny than she would like to admit. This was the main reason she took so long to tell Dan about it.

Name: Sophie
Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Build: Slim to medium weight
Hair and eyes: Long, very dark brown hair with hazel eyes
Orientation: undecided, probably bi
Personality: bold, flirty, open, sometimes a little feisty
Likes: Partying, aviation, exploring/ hiking
Favourite balloon: 16 inch (or anything that gets tight and has a loud bang)
Fear levels: none

Sophie likes her balloons tight and their pops loud. She loves to blow them until they are pushing tightly against her lips, and seeing how much air it'll take before they explode. She also likes to sit pop them. Sophie's favourite thing to do is grinding against a large, tight balloon while blowing another to pop. She loves it when Holly inflates a balloon up against her, especially inside her clothes. She used to like tying up Holly and watching the fear in her eyes as she blew up a balloon till it popped. Sophie wanted Holly to get over the fear so they practiced blowing together until she was able to do her first blow to pop. At first Holly used to beg her to stop when the neck started inflating, Sophie would keep going until it was bulging around her lips before stopping. She didn't want to scare her too much but always got carried away. One day Holly asked Sophie to tie her up and do a blow to pop and to not stop even if she begged. This was how she helped Holly overcome her fear.

Name: Jenny
Age: 21
Height: 5'3"
Build: Medium weight
Hair and eyes: Medium length blonde hair with a reddish tinge, amber eyes
Orientation: Straight/ bi with balloons
Personality: easygoing, friendly, a little shy
Likes: performing, music, a good book
Favourite balloon: 24 inch
Fear levels: High (much better after the advents at the cabin)

Jenny likes to inflate and ride large balloons, but she is very fearful of them popping. She also likes balloon stuffing and blowing up balloons in her clothes, usually very large balloons such as 36 inch. That way she can blow them up big without risking a pop. Jenny would love to able to inflate a 24 inch in her shirt until it gets incredibly tight but is too scared. She found Sophie online and asked her to help with her fear. Jenny said she wants to be able to blow a balloon until it's fully necked and maybe blow to pop a smaller balloon eventually.
Since the advents at the cabin, she always overinflates her balloons and sometimes gets carried away enough to pop a few. Occasionally gets friends to pop for her.

Name: Aria
Age: 20
Height: 5'2"
Build: lean with surprising strength
Hair and eyes: red-brown hair with large blue eyes
Orientation: bi, prefers girls but will flirt with boys as well
Personality: outgoing but can pretend to be shy, very flirty, bold or submissive, depending on who she's trying to subdue
Likes: teasing people in a flirty way, turning everyone on, especially in a public place and getting girls off, even better if they have a boyfriend
Favourite balloon: whatever the person she's inflating it for's favourite
Fear levels: medium, she's fine with party balloons but sometimes acts more scared than she is, especially with large balloons.

Aria doesn't actually have the fetish herself but loves seeing the effect it has on Holly and Sophie. She also loves the challenge of a blow to pop. Has crush on Holly.
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Holly and Sophie get out the car.
"So where we going first?" Asks Sophie. They have driven into town with the idea of popping balloons in public all day. They would then drive to the cabin in the evening to finally orgasm after being horny all day.

"Somewhere that sells balloons of course." Says Holly. "I know a good place, they've got the biggest selection I've ever seen."

They walk together to the shop. It sells all sorts of party supplies but has an area dedicated to balloons. There's a few inflated with helium at the front of the shop. Sophie can't help touching them as she walks past.
Holly starts going through the different packages. "What sizes? How many should we get?"
"All of them! I want to try a bit of everything!" Says Sophie. The sizes range from 9 inch all the way to 42. A young woman approaches them. "Can I help at all?" She asks.
"Yeah, we're planning a big party and need loads of balloons. Any recommendations?" Sophie asks.
"Well I personally like these." Says the assistant, picking up a packet of 14 inches. "They're a little bigger than you're probably used to but they really stand out. Want to see what they look like blown up?"
"Yes please."
The assistant opens the packet and takes out a deep purple one. "You're supposed to use a helium tank or pump, but I like to do it by mouth so I know when they're full." She starts blowing, Holly is surprised at how fast she goes. She stops when it has a pear shape. "There we go. They can actually get a lot bigger then this but it's best to stop now than risk a pop." She goes to tie it but is interrupted by Sophie.
"Can we see how big they can go? Just so we know when to stop."
The woman looks around quickly. "I would usually get in trouble for this but the manager isn't in." She puts it back to her mouth and keeps going. A neck starts to grow but she keeps going with big breaths until it's completely full. "I really wouldn't recommend blowing any bigger than this. You sure you want me to continue? These pop really loud."
Sophie nods. "I'm curious as to how big they can go.
"Well okay then, brace yourselves." The pretty young assistant starts forcing more air in hard. Determined to pop it. The neck bulges at her mouth getting fatter and fatter until BANG! Shards fly everywhere. "Impressive aren't they?"
"Yeah that was awesome. Maybe we could make a game out of it at the party. Who can pop it fastest." Says Sophie.
"I would use smaller balloons for that. These are pretty tough. Or even these." She says, showing them a packet of 16 inch. "They are bigger but easier to pop and not quite as loud."
"Okay we'll take those as well."
"How many do you want?"
"Umm a few bags of standard balloons, two of those 14 inch and one 16 inch." Says Sophie.
"Okay, anything else?"
"How about some really big balloons?"
"We've got 24 inch and huge 42 inch balloons as well as airship shaped."
"How about one of each so we can try them all out?"
"Yeah okay, I'll throw in that bag I've just opened for free as well." She puts them in a bag for them and goes to the counter. "Do you want any filled with helium?" She asks.
"Umm could we have a sample, one of the 14 inches maybe?" Asks Sophie.
"Sure. If you want the rest filled, you can hire a tank. Just let us know. If you order online, we can deliver it to you."
"Okay, we'll think about it."
The assistant takes a red balloon from the open packet and goes over to a helium tank behind her. "How big would you like it, normal sized or a full neck?"
"Big as you can." Says Sophie.
"Was hoping you'd say that." She doesn't disappoint and fills it until the neck is completely full. Expertly stoping just before it pops. She ties some string around it and gives it to Holly while Sophie pays.

Outside, they find a bench and sit down. Holly runs her fingers across the balloon. "What should we do with it?" She asks.
"Pop it of course." Says Sophie.
"But how?"
"Sit pop? Bet it would go off with a bang. Look how tight it is."
"Okay then. Fast or slow?"
"Fast. Sit on it as hard as you can. It'll be really loud then."
Holly puts it underneath her and is about to sit on it when she notices someone approaching.
"Hey Sophie! I haven't seen you in years." Says a pretty young woman. She runs and hugs Sophie. The hug lasts a little too long and is a little too tight. Holly feels something like jealousy inside her.
"It's good to see you Aria." Says Sophie, sitting back down.
"We haven't spoken in ages, you should come round for a chat some day. Just like old times."
"Yeah, let's do that."
"Umm, was your friend about to pop that balloon?" Aria asks.
"Yes she was. Go on Holly, pop it." Says Sophie, watching expectantly.
Holly glances at both girls nervously. Aria is a little shorter than Holly with a rounded face, large blue eyes and long silky red-brown hair. She smiles at Holly with a mischievous look in her eyes. Holly takes a deep breath and drops her full weight onto the balloon. It doesn't resist. The neck shoots out momentarily before there's a crack like a pistol firing, the sound echoing off the nearby buildings.
Aria giggles then sits between them. "So what's in the bag Sophie?"
"Oh just some balloons for a party." Sophie replies.
"And I wasn't invited?" Says Aria, pretending to be hurt.
"It's sort of a private party."
"Oh I see." Aria looks at all the balloons in the bag. "I like all the colours. What does it mean when it says crystal?"
"It's a type of colouring. Crystal balloons are sort of transparent and shiny. I can show you if you want."
Sophie takes a red 12 inch balloon out the pack and stretches it. She starts blowing it up. She doesn't take her time and soon it's as big as it was intended. She doesn't stop though. When the neck comes out and there's no sign of Sophie stopping, Aria realises what she's doing. She hides behind Holly, grabbing her shoulders as if she's scared. Holly reckons she's doing it just to look cute. "It's getting so big..." She whispers in Holly's ear. The intimacy from this complete stranger makes her feel a little uncomfortable. Suddenly the balloon bursts and Aria screams, falling into Holly's lap. She starts laughing. "That looked fun. But scary, your so brave!" She sits up.
"You want to try?" Sophie asks.
"No, I'd be too afraid."
"Oh go on, you can do it."
"Hmm, how about if I pop it, I get a kiss from your friend?" Says Aria.
Holly's eyes widen in fear.
"I'm not sure Holly would be comfortable with that." Says Sophie.
Aria turns around and gazes at Holly. "Oh but she's so cute! Just one kiss?"
"How about you pop it and I kiss you?" Says Sophie.
"Make that a snog and we have a deal."
Sophie sighs. "Go on then, but you have to pop it first, no cheating."
Sophie hands Aria a yellow balloon. She takes it, flicks her hair back and starts to blow. As she blows, she stretches herself and looks Holly in the eye. It looks like she's enjoying herself. Aria is obviously trying to be as sexy as possible, each breath is long and slow. The neck is starting to fill with a big exhale from Aria. She takes another breath then stops. She lowers the balloon and looks at it. "It's so big!" She puts in another breath. Much smaller this time. "You made it look easy, Sophie. I'm actually kinda nervous." She's says, turning to face Sophie.
"Just a few big blows and you've done it." Sophie replies.
Aria closes her eyes and starts blowing hard. It takes her three big puffs of air before the balloon explodes. She screams then after a few seconds to recover, she launches herself at Sophie. Holly looks away as they start kissing. Sophie pulls away after a few moments. "I said a snog, not tongues." Says Sophie with a quick glance at Holly. Aria looks between them.
"Wait, are you two...?" Questions Aria.
Sophie replies, "sort of, it's complicated."
"Care to elaborate?"
"Well let's just say we're close friends. Very close friends. She actually has a boyfriend but he's away at the moment so..."
"Your fulfilling her desires."
"Yeah, buts it's more that just that."
"Cute. Your both lucky girls. I best get going. You'll have to come round, I'm free most evenings. You can bring your girlfriend if you want." Says Aria, winking at Holly.
"Yeah, I'll be in contact." Sophie gives her a quick hug.
"Okay, bye girls." Says Aria, giving Holly a hug and a kiss on her lips.
Holly sits there a bit stunned as Aria walks off. Sophie laughs. "Don't worry she does that with everyone. She did seem to like you though. But then again, she would kiss any good looking girl or guy."
"Um, so you're friends then?" Asks Holly after a moment.
"Yeah we used to play together like you do with me. Haven't seen her in ages though. It was nothing serious, just a bit of fun. It was her who turned me on to girls."
"Does she know about the balloon thing?" Asks Holly.
"No, I never got round to telling her. Bet she be willing to give it a try though. She'd be up for anything. Especially if she saw how much it turns us on. In fact we could invite her to the cabin. If you'd be comfortable with it anyway. She's always attracted to the shy ones. Aria won't rest until she's found a way to make you cum. Would you be okay with that?"
"I don't know, I'm still not used to doing girls."
"You let Jenny do it the other day in the pool, and you had enough practice with me."
"I guess that's because I was so horny."
"She would do all the work, trust me I've seen her in action. Don't worry she wouldn't hurt you or anything, she's actually really gentle and friendly once you get to know her. We'll talk more about it later. Let's go have some more fun first."

As they enter the shopping centre, Sophie starts walking toward some tightly inflated red balloons outside of a shop. As she walks past she grabs a balloon. Holly hears a squeak then a loud bang.
"Sophie!" Holly exclaims. A few people looked around to see where the noise came from. Sophie casually walks past like nothing had happened. "Sorry, couldn't resist." She says to Holly. "Let's go get something to eat." She takes her to a McDonald's nearby.
"We eating here? Though you'd take me to a nice restaurant or something." Says Holly.
"We will. I'm just here for the balloons." As they go through the door, Holly sees a column of lots of different coloured crystal balloons.
"Go order us some chips or something. I'll take a balloon and wait for you at that table in the corner." Sophie instructs. Holly does what she says and orders two portions of chips. When she turns around, Sophie is sitting at a table with a purple balloon. Holly sits opposite her. "You do know we have a whole bag of balloons. Why'd we have to come here for one?" She asks.
"I like to see them all inflated. Sometimes there's some really big ones. This one could do with some more air don't you think?" Sophie holds up the balloon. It looks tight enough to Holly and even has a little neck. "Oh don't Sophie. Not here, you know you can't stop once you get started."
Sophie takes some chips. "Last time I came I stopped before popped. Okay so it burst on its own after I tied it, but that wasn't my fault." She begins to untie it from the stick it came with.
"Fine. Just not too big okay?" Says Holly. Eating her own chips.
"But you love them big. I've got one of these to 16 inches before." She puts it to her lips and blows some air in. The neck fills a little. Holly notices a young woman glance their way. Sophie hands the balloon to her expectantly.
"What?" Holly asks.
"Your turn."
Holly takes it and puts the tiniest breath in.
"Oh come on. Play properly or I will pop it." Sophie complains.
Holly sighs then blows again. A little harder than intended. The neck touches her lips and the young woman looks her way. A little nervous this time. Sophie grabs it off her and blows for a second time. Holly sees it tighten. Sophie passes it back. Holly slowly raises it to her mouth but stops when she sees the woman put her fingers in her ears. She looks terrified. She lowers it again. "Sophie I can't."
"What's the matter, scared?"
"No but she is." Says Holly. Sophie glances over her shoulder and sees the frightened girl. She immediately grabs the balloon off Holly and starts blowing hard.
"Don't you dare!" Holly leans over the table to get the balloon off her. Sophie struggles but manages to continue blowing. Eventually Holly gets it off her, just in time. She lets it deflate.
"You're so mean." She says.
"I'm just horny. How're we gonna last all day?"
"Don't keep scaring everyone with your blow to pops. There'll be time for that later."
"I can't wait till later. I wanna see how big that balloon will get."
"Come on let's do something different. Wanna go clothes shopping?"
"But that's boring."
"You can choose me something."
"Fine, I'll make you look sexy for the cabin later. On one occasion."
"What is it?" Asks Holly.
"You get frisky with Aria tonight."
"Why do you want me to do it with her so much?"
"I want to watch! You start so shy and innocent but as you get closer to climax, you suddenly become really hot."
"Okay then, I guess."
"Then let's go shopping!"
Holly puts the deflated balloon in her pocket for later and finishes off her chips.

In the next shop, Sophie buys Holly a sexy red dress.
"Aria is gonna get so wet when she sees you in that." Says Sophie.
"You think?"
"Definitely, she'll be on you as soon as she opens the door."
"Anything else you want to buy me?" Holly asks.
"How about that pink fluffy onesie over there?"
"I want to stuff it full of balloons while you're inside."
"Okay, sounds fun." Says Holly.

After paying Sophie asks her if she wants to go for dinner.
"Sure. Beach after that?"
"Okay, as long as you buy me a beachball or something."

At the restaurant, they sit chatting for a while waiting for their meal. Suddenly Sophie spots something. "Wait there." She goes over to a bar where a woman is setting up a helium tank. They exchange a few words and Sophie comes back. She puts a limp pink balloon on the table in front of Holly. "Told her it was your birthday. She said they're setting up a party and this was all they could spare. Looks like a 14 inch though. Wanna blow it or shall I?" Sophie asks.
"You can if you'd like. Let's watch her first though." Says Holly. The woman is placing a balloon on the helium tank. It's starting to inflate when someone calls her from behind. She replies over her shoulder and doesn't realise how fast it's growing. The neck fills rapidly.
"It's gonna pop isn't it?" Says Holly.
"Yes!" Sophie replies excitedly. The woman turns back to the balloon just as it explodes. She screams and it takes a while for her to recover before she tries again. The next balloon is much smaller when she's finished.
"Now she's under inflating them. Well at least we saw one pop." Says Sophie disappointed. She's about to blow up her own balloon when she hears something. Another woman, around 30 with rose-blond hair, approaches the helium tank. "No, no, no you're not making them big enough. We want them to stand out and they just don't look good enough like that. Let me show you." She takes a balloon, places it on the tank and fills to rated size. Holly's excitement dies down a little until the woman takes it off the tank and puts it against her lips. She starts to blow until the neck is fully grown. "There." She says. "Bigger without using too much helium."
"Why don't you do the rest then, I'll get the chairs ready." The first woman leaves. The second woman gets to work. After a few balloons are filled, she must have noticed Holly and Sophie watching because she blows the next one by mouth, looking as sexy as she can. She's so busy looking at the girls that she's not paying attention to the balloon. It explodes in her face. She doesn't flinch. Perhaps it wasn't an accident after all. She winks at them and continues filling the rest of the balloons. When she's done, she walks over to them. "You have a balloon fetish, don't you?" She asks Sophie.
"Was it that obvious?" She replies.
"Maybe not to everyone but it was to me."
"Do you..." Sophie starts.
You woman laughs. "No but I have a friend that does. They always tell me off if I don't inflate them properly. I occasionally pop balloons for them. Drives her crazy. Doesn't do anything for me in itself but I love the effect it has on her."
"What's her name?" Asks Sophie.
"Jenny. You don't know her, do you?"
"In fact I do. She told me she has a friend that blows balloons for her. I'm guessing that's you."
"It is indeed. I go to her place, open a bag of balloons and blow each one till it bursts. I only stop when I've run out or more likely she orgasms. She gets off just watching."
"What do you get in return?"
"I just like to perform. Okay, don't tell anyone this, even Jenny doesn't know. Watching the effect I have on her is a big turn on. After she cums, I go back to my car and start fingering myself. I can't help myself. She just thinks I'm doing her a favour, she had no idea how much I get out of it. In fact I might have to pay her a surprise visit tonight. I've made you horny, haven't I?"
"Just a little." Replies Sophie.
She looks quickly around. "Shit I'm gonna get fired if they know what I'm about to suggest." She takes a deep breath. "Can I blow that balloon for you in the bathroom? I mean until it pops. While you watch."
"Yeah, let's do it! Come on Holly. Don't get an offer like this everyday."
"Come on then. Quickly, I don't want to be missed." She takes the balloon from the table and Sophie follows. Holly follows nervously behind.

In the bathroom they bundle into a cubicle. The woman wastes no time and starts blowing up the balloon between them. Sophie slips a hand into her jeans. Holly can't believe what's going on. She watches, starting to grow horny herself once the balloon gets tight. Suddenly it bursts. The sound echoing around the enclosed space. Sophie stares intently at Holly.
"What would you two do if I wasn't here?" Says the woman, a little breathless.
Sophie shows her exactly what they would do. She starts kissing her hard. Holly lets her for a while then gentle pushes her off. Then she slowly pulls out the McDonald's balloon. She glances at the woman who is watching her intensely. Holly decides to put on a show. She stuffs the balloon into Sophie's jeans, making her gasp. She wasn't expecting that. Then Holly starts blowing hard. In no time at all, a neck forces it's way out of her jeans. Holly doesn't stop.
"Wait, Holly stop." Says Sophie in barely a whisper.
Holly ignores her and keeps blowing. Sophie try's to keep back a moan. It escapes anyway.
"Seriously Holly, not here." It comes out almost like a quiet moan. Holly holds the neck closed and starts grinding against the balloon. Sophie falls back onto the toilet. "Holly..." She continues grinding. "No, don't." Sophie says half-heartedly. Holly stops grinding and gets to blowing again. "Don't make me cum here. Please, stop..." Sophie tries to move backwards but can't get away. She starts shaking. Holly has to blow hard now. It suddenly goes bang and Sophie cries out. After a few moments she gets up. "Thanks for making me orgasm in a public toilet. In front on a complete stranger as well. This is what I mean, you act all innocent and then that happens. I love you so much." Sophie says, snogging Holly.
"Can I have a moment in private?" Says the woman. Sophie had forgotten she was there. "Yeah sure. Sorry that wasn't too much was it?"
"Don't worry about it. Actually it was quite hot."
Sophie gives her a card from her pocket. "Call me if you like to see that again in a more private setting." Then she steps back turning to Holly. "You've got me all wet now. You put on quite a show."
"I didn't intend to do that, it just sort of happened." Says Holly. She hears a rustle of clothing, something hitting the floor in the now locked cubicle, and a soft moan.
"Is she...?" Holly whispers to Sophie. The moans intensify.
"I think she is. You did that. Definitely made her day interesting, didn't you."
"Bit of a coincidence meeting her, don't you think? We just happen to meet a special friend of Jenny's inflating balloons."
"Umm actually Jenny told me she works here. I was hoping to see her in action. Jenny said I would know her once I saw her. She was right."
"I had a feeling you took me here for a reason. How many more friends of yours are we gonna meet?"
"I didn't know Aria was going to be here today and I haven't even seen that woman before. Jenny just said she was good. Shall we go back to our table? Food is gonna be ready soon."

Just as they get back to their table, the food arrives. As they're eating, the woman comes back out of the bathroom. She quickly walks over to their table and leaves a note. "Call me if you ever need my services. Same arraignment as Jenny. I'll blow up balloons until they pop, you just enjoy yourself. I'll even buy the balloons as long as I get to use your bathroom afterwards. See you both soon." She gives them a wink then goes back to work.
"We're definitely inviting her to the cabin. I'll be using her services regularly, what about you?" Sophie asks.
"I've got you if I want some balloons blown up. Why would I need her?" Holly replies.
"What if I'm not around or if you just want to get yourself off without worrying about me?"
"That's part of the fun. I suppose it could be fun to just lie in bed and let her do all the work. It'll still be better together though."
"True. You want to go to the beach now. Need to relax after all that. Still can't believe you made me cum in there. Got shards of latex stuck to my legs now. Next time stop when I tell you. Or don't, I love it when you get all dominant. Just pick a better place next time. Imagine if someone walked in." Says Sophie.
"They wouldn't have known what was going on."
"They would have heard squeaking, moaning, me begging you to stop then a loud bang followed by a cry of orgasm. They probably would have got the gist of what's happening."
"Did you enjoy it though?"
"Of course I did. So did that woman. She was desperately trying not to touch herself. You didn't notice how horny she was getting did you?"
"No I was more focused on the balloon."
"Do it again when you see Aria. We warned though, she often gets carried away. She's gentle really but gets pretty rough if she's horny enough. Which she will be."
"Worse than you?"
"Much worse. Or better depending on your point of view. You need to be firm with her. I'll be there, I won't let her hurt you. Unless that's what your going for. Last time I was with her, we both left with bruises. Broke a few ornaments too. She was so sorry after and offered to pay for the damages but I said I was worth it. And then we went again."
"You sure this is a good idea? I'm not used to it like you are."
"You'll be fine. Anyway I'm sure the focus will be on balloons. She'll want to turn you on. She'll go easy unless you do something like you did just now. Then she'll lose it. That's when the fun starts."
"Fine, ask her to the cabin later."
"Good. Just don't leave me for her afterwards. She has that effect on people."
"I don't think you have to worry about that."
"Let's go to the beach while the sun's still out. There's a little shop that sells inflatables. I'll let you choose something." Says Sophie. She pays the bill, making sure to leave a tip for their new friend and takes Holly to the beach nearby.

"Go buy us something, come find me when you're done." Sophie goes to find a spot on the sand and leaves Holly outside the shop. She goes inside and has a look around. She finds an air bed. It's made of clear plastic and has multiple chambers. She takes it to the checkout where she sees a large beachball. It's almost as tall as her. "Is that for sale?" She asks, pointing.
"Hmm, I doubt you'd get it through the door. I could get you another one and blow it up for you." Says the cashier.
"Okay." Holly replies. The cashier finds a deflated one for her behind the counter. "If you pay now, I can ask my assistant to fill it for you." Holly pays and the cashier calls for someone. "Annie, I've got a job for you." A pretty girl appears from behind a door.
"Fill this beachball up would you? The pump is around the back." The assistant takes the beachball out the packet and goes out the back door.
"Thank you, Annie will we waiting behind the shop." Says the cashier after Holly pays. Holly hurries outside and walks behind the shop. She's just in time to see the beachball being blown up. It fills quickly on the pump and is soon full. "There you go. Want that blown up as well?" Asks Annie
"Go on then." Says Holly giving her the air bed. Annie goes to use the pump then stops. "It's not going to fit. Guess I'll have to use my breath."
"Don't worry, I can do it." Holly says. She would only end up getting turned on if she watched.
"No it's fine. I actually enjoy it. Kinda relaxing, you know. Remind me to stop though. This one time I was blowing something up for a customer and my mind must have been elsewhere because suddenly there was a bang and I was holding a broken inflatable. It was kinda funny though, we all laughed about it. Anyway I better get blowing." Annie takes a deep breath and starts blowing. Holly tries not to look to much. The hissing of air was starting to get her horny again. When it's almost full she's watching intently. Annie had gotten distracted by some people riding jet skis. She was still blowing as hard as when she began but the bed was pretty much full. The plastic starts to bulge. Any moment now... Suddenly she stops. "Crap I almost did it again, didn't I? You should of told me. I'll get in trouble if I did it again for the forth time. Everyone thinks I do it on purpose."
"You've done it three times already?" Holly can't help asking.
"Yeah. The last two were accidents, I get distracted too easily..."
"What about the first time?"
"We were filling some for decoration in the shop. The pump was broken so we had to blow by mouth. Once my beachball was full I didn't stop though. I knew it was dangerously close to popping but... I can't describe it. I guess I just wanted to know how big it could get. I started blowing harder and faster. Eventually it popped. I felt so excited, it was a huge thrill. I started to do it again but got caught. I had this huge beachball in my face, way bigger that it's supposed to go and my boss walks in. I didn't realise at first and kept blowing hard. He told me it was big enough and that I would pop it. Then saw the other one I had broken. He took it out of my wage. I couldn't exactly call it an accident when I was holding another one that was about to burst. It must sound silly but I kinda want to try it again." Annie explains.
Holly decides to tell her about her secret. "Actually I like to do it as well. In fact I bought these today with the intention of popping them."
"Really? It's not just me then?"
Holly hands her the beachball she bought. "You wanna blow this up a bit more?"
"I better not, I'll probably end up popping it."
"Go on then. Blow it until it goes bang."
Annie hesitates, looking at the ball longingly. "I can't, I'll get in trouble."
"But it's mine, I told you to." Says Holly
"I really want to but if anyone finds out it'll be the last time I'm allowed to blow anything. I'm already on my last warning."
"Please?" Holly begs. She suddenly really wants to see it popped.
"Look I can't do it here because they'll hear it from inside. But maybe after my shift... I'd feel bad though, you paid for it. Perhaps I'll just buy my own and pop it when I get home." Says Annie.
"But I want to see." Holly suddenly feels really bold. "Call me after your shift. If I'm still here, you can pop mine."
"You sure?"
"Yeah. Me and my friend love popping them. You can join us one day if you like it that much."
"Really? Thanks! Do you both just blow them until they pop then?" Annie asks.
"Yep, balloons too."
"Wow that must be scary. Sounds really fun though. I will definitely call you. I better finish this before someone wonders why I'm taking so long." Says Annie starting to inflate the pillow from the air bed. This time she stops long before it pops. "I'll only get carried away if I blow any more."
"I'll make sure my friend doesn't pop that beachball. She will try to that's for sure. This ones yours though." Holly gives Annie her number and takes the inflatable. Then she goes to find Sophie.

"What took you so long?" Asks Sophie, lying in the sun.
"I was talking to someone. Just wait till you hear this." Holly is about to sit down when she notices multi coloured shards everywhere. "What happened here?" She asks.
"I got bored, okay?
"What did you do?"
"What do you think? I found some loose 12 inches in the bag, took them out and then...
"Then what?"
"Blew them all till they exploded in my face!
"How many?"
"I erm... I finished the packet okay?"
"What, all of them?"
"I was only going to do the two I found loose but... Just one more I thought. Then I lost it and systematically finished them all. One after the other until they were gone."
"Did you enjoy it? You better had, I was looking forward to them."
"I think I came at some point."
"You think?"
"I'm not sure when. I was in a trance. I just kept blowing until there was a bang then grabbed another and repeated until they were all gone. Oh yeah I remember now. It was the tight orange one. Could see completely through it. I think I kept moaning into it but it wouldn't pop. The cry when I came did it I think."
"Jesus, did anyone see? Or hear?"
"Don't think so. The bang covered it. Was pretty loud. I was going to stop but that yellow one... It was begging to be popped."
"You can't do that in public!"
"No one would of known. They would have just seen me laying on my front blowing up balloons. Nothing wrong with that right?"
"You didn't touch yourself did you?"
"I didn't need to. There was this really smooth rock just in the right place...
"What rock?"
"It's in the bag."
"You're taking it home?"
"Wanted a souvenir to remember this day out."
"You're weird when you're horny, you know that?"
"I believe it's called being kinky. Might give it to Aria. She loves unusual objects to play with."
"You're going to give her a rock to use as a dildo? Okay I don't want to hear anymore. Want to know who I spoke to?" Holly puts down the air bed and beachball. Sophie lies on it while Holly tells her the story.
"So she's gonna call you later?" Sophie asks.
"After her shift, yeah. Bet you want to see her blowing this." Says Holly glancing at the beachball.
"Can't wait. We could invite her to the cabin!" Says Sophie excitedly.
"I think that would be too much. Maybe I'll ask her round to mine and see how it goes. Don't even know if it's a fetish thing yet."
"Let's see how horny she looks later. This air bed isn't tight enough. Put some more air in Holly."
"Isn't it hard enough already?"
"I suppose it is pretty full. The pillow needs some more work though. You start on that and I'll do the beachball." Sophie grabs the ball and lies back on the air bed. She starts to blow.
"Don't pop it." Holly reminds her. She goes to top up the air bed. The valve is on the underside so she has to put her head under the pillow to get to it. She lies on her back and starts filling it up while Sophie is still sitting on it. Holly doesn't stop until it starts bulging. She was going to keep going but it was getting hard to breath with Sophie lying on it. When Holly gets up she watches Sophie blow. After a few minutes it's ready to burst.
"That's enough. Let Annie do the rest." Says Holly. It doesn't surprise her when Sophie carries on blowing. Holly creeps up on her, then quick as a snake puts a hand into her jeans and inserts a finger inside her. Sophie gasps and loses grip on the beachball. Holly takes it away from her and lets some air out.
"Why'd you let the air out? It was fine" Sophie complains.
"So it takes Annie longer to pop it." Holly gets onto the air bed with Sophie, it creaks in protest. "So what we doing in the cabin tonight?" Holly asks.
"I'm leaving it up to Aria. I'll be watching in the corner."
"You aren't joining in at all?"
"I might blow up a few balloons but I want to watch you two. It's going to be quite entertaining. I'm gonna text her now." Sophie gets her phone out. Holly has a look in the balloon bag. She finds a 12 inch Sophie must have missed. She stretches it slowly and begins casualty blowing it up. It's a pale blue colour and silky smooth. The neck fills easily and grows longer than expected. She lets some air out and ties it off. Holly plays with it while she waits for Sophie. She continues to text. Holly places the balloon at the end of the bed and starts bouncing on it. Sophie still doesn't react. Holly puts in between Sophie's legs and gently lowers herself on it. She rides it as sensually as she can but still Sophie doesn't pay much attention. Holly gets up, takes the phone out of Sophie's hand and places the balloon on her chest. She's about to say something when Holly sits on it hard. The neck shoots out at Sophie's face and bursts. Then she gets on her front and crawls up to her. Holly looks in her eyes for a moment then starts kissing her hard. She has Sophie pinned down, not letting her escape. After a few moments Sophie stops resisting. Holly keeps at it, getting more and more desperate by the minute. Sophie tries to get up but fails. Eventually Holly's phone beeps and she lets Sophie up.
"Thank god, didn't think you'd ever stop."
"Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it."
"Well I guess I did but I was having a conversation with Aria."
Holly checks her phone. "Annie is on her way." She replies with their location then sits back down. Sophie leans in for another kiss. Holly stops her. "You'll have to wait until tonight now."
Sophie shakes her head. "Tonight you'll be doing it with Aria. Kiss her like that and she'll be very pleased indeed. I've just told her to go easy on you. One more kiss? It'll be your last chance."
Holly decides to make it count. She launches at Sophie, furiously snogging her. After a while, someone interrupts them by coughing. Holly spins around. It's Annie, looking a little embarrassed. "I can come back later if you want." She says
"No no don't worry about it. You been there long?" Asks Holly.
"Umm, a while yeah. I didn't want to disturb you." She replies.
"Sorry about that, hopefully it wasn't too uncomfortable to watch."
"Kinda enjoyed it actually."
Sophie steps forward. "You can watch anytime you want. Could even join in if you'd like."
"Umm, I'll leave that to you two, thanks."
Holly quickly interrupts before Sophie can say anything else. "So do you wanna pop the beachball now?"
"If that's okay with you. I can put some money towards it or buy you a drink if you like." Says Annie.
"Don't worry about it, I think we've got our money's worth. Or at least we will after you've finished with it." Holly passes her the beachball. "Get yourself comfortable and start blowing."
Annie takes it from her, looking excited. She sits against a large bolder and opens the valve. She takes a deep breath and starts blowing hard. It's already overinflated even though Holly let some air out. Annie seems to be pushing it between her legs as she blows. Sophie had also noticed. "Hey Holly, do you think she's doing that for grip or something else?" She whispers.
"I don't know. She looks pretty excited though." Holly replies. The beachball is stretching from where the sun has heated it. Much bigger than it would usually get. It takes her a while but eventually it tears apart with a bang. Annie inhales sharply when it pops. Her hand goes between her legs for just a second but Holly notices. She's clearly turned on. "You enjoy that?" Holly asks.
"Yeah it was great. Excuse me, I need the toilet." Before Annie can leave Sophie stops her. "Don't you want to pop anything else before you go? The air bed or perhaps some balloons?" Sophie says. Annie looks torn. She hesitates before answering. "Okay, just one more then. I've never blown up a balloon till it pops before."
Sophie takes control. "Come sit over here and I'll help you." She takes Annie to the air bed and sits her down. She opens a new bag of 12 inch balloons and hands one to Annie. "It's easy, you just keep blowing until you hear a bang."
"It is loud?" Annie asks.
"Yes. You can do it. Long hard breaths, won't take you long at all."
Annie takes it from Sophie and puts a few big breaths in. "Keep going. A few more of them and it'll be over in no time." Sophie encourages. Two more breaths and it's at rated size. Annie hesitates. Sophie holds the balloon for her. "It's not ready to pop yet. Not even close." Annie continues. She looks nervous as the neck starts growing towards her. As it touches her lips, Annie stops. "I can't. It's too scary."
"Come on, it's not even that tight yet. Pretend it's another beachball." Annie puts it back to her lips. Holly comes over and hugs her from behind. "Blow one big breath." She whispers. Annie blows. The balloon squeaks. "That's it one more..." The balloon gets tighter. "So close, you can do it." It still doesn't pop. "Another one." Annie blows again. She's shaking. "Keep going Annie." Says Holly. Annie suddenly blows two hard, quick breaths and the balloon explodes. She screams, then smiles.
Sophie offers her another balloon. "Want to go again?" She asks. Annie takes it without comment. "Lie down this time." Says Sophie. "On your front. That's it" Annie starts blowing again. This time there's no hesitation. Holly notices that she's gently humping the air bed. They watch her as the balloon gets bigger and bigger until it bursts in Annie's face. "Yes! Another one!" She demands. Sophie goes over to her. "Here take these. Go somewhere private. Blow the last one up slowly while you touch yourself. I'd watch you do another here but I fear you'd get too carried away. Go have some proper fun, don't hold yourself back."
Annie stares at her with an open mouth, then grabs the balloons off Sophie and runs off to the nearest toilet.

"I'd give anything to see what she does now. Come on let's get back to the car. If I see another balloon, I'm gonna cum again." Sophie picks up the air bed and leaves Holly with the bags.

On the way to the car park they pass a nearby toilet, the kind you have to pay for. There's a muffled bang and a moan.

"Now you know what she's doing with those balloons you gave her." Says Holly. "How many more people are we gonna turn on today?"
"Just one more." Sophie replies.

They get back to the car. Sophie puts the air bed on the back seat, then gets in the drivers seat. Holly sits next to her. She opens one of the bags with the balloons and pulls out a 14 inch. Sophie is just about to start the car when she spots Holly stretching the balloon. She takes her time, making sure to stretch the neck properly. She puts it to her mouth, holding most of the balloon closed with one hand. Just the neck is showing. Holly blows hard to get the neck started. It resists at first but quickly fills with one breath. Holly uses her teeth to hold it and pulls the body, the neck grows even longer. She puts in another small breath and lets the air out. She then blows again, a little bigger this time. It pushes firmly into her lips. For the second time she deflates it and starts again. Holly repeats it five times.

"Come on Holly, get on with it." Says Sophie.

Holly puts another careful breath into the neck, then allows the air to enter the body of the balloon. Most of the air remains in the neck. Holly slowly blows, the body starting to expand at last. As it gets bigger, the neck shrinks into the body. Once it reaches rated size, Holly holds close the valve and gently sits on the balloon. The neck fills at once. Holly pulls on it and sits a little harder. The end of the neck starts to bulge. Holly then puts it back to her mouth and blows. It's still easy to inflate. She doesn't stop until it gets tight.

Sophie waits expectedly.

Suddenly Holly lets the air go. Once it's limp, she starts blowing again. Holly makes it a little bigger this time. As the neck grows toward her lips, Holly notices Sophie slip a hand into her jeans. As the balloon starts getting tight again, Holly lets go and the balloon goes limp. She keeps doing this until the neck is absolutely huge. The biggest she's ever seen on a 14 inch. She stops again when the balloon gets rock hard. It's so big, Holly almost doesn't want to pop it. She would of thought it was an overinflated 16 inch if she didn't know better. Just one more inflation. She thinks. It's so thin it won't take much more. Just as the air is coming out, Sophie loses her patience.

"Give that here!" Sophie grabs the balloon off her and starts blowing into it herself. Unlike Holly, she's far from gentle. Sophie blows hard and fast, filling the neck in no time. It's about to burst when Holly interrupts her.

"Sophie wait!"
To her surprise, Sophie stops, the balloon still at her lips.

"Let me finish it. Please?" Holly begs.
After a brief hesitation, Sophie lowers the balloon. "Fine, but just because you've blown the biggest neck I've ever seen."
Holly carefully takes it back off her. It must be so delicate. She begins slowly breathing into the balloon. Holly takes her time, trying to get it as big as physically possible.

"Oh hurry up and pop it. I can't take this anymore." Says Sophie, her hand still in her jeans.

Holly doesn't take any notice and the next breath is even slower. Eventually though the balloon can't take another molecule of air and bursts. Water from the inside of the balloon sprays everywhere. It burst with more of a snap than a bang.

"That's why I blow to pop them straight from the pack. It's just not loud enough your way." Says Sophie.
"But it got so big though! Lets go to the cabin, I need to do that again but naked."
"First I need to cum, can't drive after you made me this horny."
"You've lasted all day, can't you go just a bit longer."
"No." Sophie moans. "Get the tightest balloon we've got and pop it in my face. Hurry!" She's rubbing herself furiously under her jeans. Holly quickly grabs an 11 inch from the bag. She would have to be fast. Holly sits on Sophie's lap and blows into the balloon, not bothering to stretch it first. She keeps blowing as fast as she can manage. Sophie is moaning loudly, she won't last much longer. One more breath completely fills the neck. The next makes the balloon stiffen. It creaks but she barely hears it over Sophie's moans. She suddenly arches her back and Holly blows hard. This one doesn't disappoint and has a very loud bang. Sophie cries out and grabs Holly, digging her nails in. After a moment she lets go. "Shit, sorry. Got a bit carried away then." Holly just kisses her roughly and sits back in her seat. "Let's just get to the cabin before I have a spontaneous orgasm."
Public popping (balloon fetish)
Holly and Sophie go into town. Of course the trip wouldn't be complete without blowing to pop at least a few balloons...

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Sophie and Jenny drive through an empty car park of a leisure centre.
"When you said your friend had a pool, I didn't think it would be in a place like this. I imagined a small pool in the garden." Says Jenny when Sophie parks the car.
"She's the manager of this leisure centre. They're doing repairs and maintenance and she's away. They aren't starting for a few days. She's given me permission to use the pool for the day. It's all set up, I think someone's coming tomorrow to shut it all off but we've got all day and night to enjoy it." Sophie explains.
"Are we going to be alone?" Jenny asks.
"Holly's already inside but other then her we've got the place to ourselves. Once I've locked the front door, anything goes. Can do whatever we want so long as we don't break anything."
"I can't wait, let's go!" Jenny gets out the car. Sophie grabs the bags of balloons and follows her. "I've told Holly to blow up some inflatables but not to do anything else. I bet she'll be really horny when we get in."
When they get through the front door, Jenny realised she hasn't got a swimsuit. "What I'm I gonna wear?" She asks.
"Don't worry I've got you something. This way." Sophie takes her down some stairs and into the changing room. Jenny can already smell the chlorine. The smell brings back memories of her childhood when she used to go swimming a lot.
"Here put this one." Sophie hands her a pink bathing suit from one of the lockers. "Come find me when you're ready."

Jenny puts it on and goes to the toilet, knowing she's probably going to be in the pool awhile. When's she's done, she goes through a door that leads to a pool. The pool is laid out like a beach with fake stones and sand, the water lapping against the floor like waves. There's a slope that leads down to the deep end. On her left is the exit to some tubes and some stairs that disappear into the ceiling. Probably the entrance to the water shoots. Right at the back of the room is two hot tubs with the overflowing water falling into the pool like a water full. To the right the water follows a hidden passage under a bridge.
Holly and Sophie are already in the water. Jenny goes to join them. The pool is full of different inflatables of various sizes. Holly is currently inflating a smallish beachball. It looks fairly tight but Holly doesn't seem to be stopping. She pauses when Jenny wades over. "Hi Jenny. Sophie made me blow all these up by myself. This is the last one." Says Holly before going back to the task at hand.
"I'll show you around while Holly finishes that." Says Sophie. She takes Jenny to the stairs. "Come have a go at these. I'll race you down." Jenny follows her up the stairs.
At the top there's three water slides. They all lead into a dark tunnel.
Sophie stands next to the middle one. "Actually I've changed my mind, let's go together, it'll be more fun." She sits in the entrance and waits for Jenny. Jenny sits in front of her and Sophie grabs her waist and pushes off. Once they're round the first corner, all goes dark.
"I want to do a blow to pop in here!" Shouts Sophie over the sound of rushing water. Before Jenny can reply, there's light at the end of the tunnel followed by a splash. Sophie gets out first and walks up a path. Jenny gets out and sees Holly, still blowing into the same beachball. She doesn't get a good look from here but it must be close to popping. When she catches up with Sophie, she says "do you think Holly's going to pop it?"
"I don't think so."says Sophie glancing over her shoulder. "She's not as bad as me and knows you're still nervous. Up there are the hot tubs. We'll go in later. Go wait with Holly, I'm going to turn the jets on."

Jenny goes back into the water and swims over to Holly. She puts a little breath in, either struggling with the pressure or simply taking her time. It's gotten incredibly tight and after a few moments, Jenny nervously says "it's going to pop if you're not carful." Aware that she hasn't got her ear plugs in. Holly puts another small breath in before answering. "It's fine, I'm sure it can take a little more. I like them tight." She pushes a bit more air in. Holly's definitely struggling. She's using her tongue and cheeks to push in the air, rather then her lungs. Jenny tries to think of a way to distract her when she sees Sophie coming back. The water jets are already on. Jenny must of been so focused on Holly that she didn't notice. Hopefully Sophie will stop her she thinks.
Sophie jumps in and swims over. "I've got a few things to try. Jenny go grab some balloons from over there." She doesn't even seem to notice that Holly is still blowing.
"What?" Asks Jenny not really listening. She glances at the beachball again.
"The balloons. Go bring me some." Sophie repeats.
"O-okay." Jenny replies nervously. And goes to take some balloons from the side of the pool. When she gets back Holly hasn't finished yet. Jenny gives Sophie the balloons and looks back to the beachball. Holly has one hand on the back of it, pushing it into her face.
"Here Jenny, blow one of these up." Sophie hands her a balloon. Just as Jenny takes it, there's a loud boom. The sound echoing around the pool. Jenny visibly jumps but manages to keep back a squeal. Holly holds the broken beachball, it's ripped in two. "Whoops, must of got a bit carried away." She says.
"Really?" Sophie asks. "You were blowing pretty hard, you must of known it was going to pop. I told Jenny you wasn't going to pop it."
"You know I like them hard and I always blow a little too much when I'm horny. I guess after you made me inflate all these pool toys, I got a bit bored. At least I didn't do it on purpose in Jenny's face like you would have done." Holly teases.
"I wouldn't do that! Well maybe I would come to think of it. There's a reason I made you blow everything up. If I had done it there wouldn't have been much left."
"Exactly. I can control myself... Most of the time. Give me a balloon." Holly asks. Jenny gives her a nervous look.
"Don't worry I'll make sure I don't get carried away this time. I will make it as big as it can possibly go though."
Holly takes a 16 inch balloon from Sophie's hand. It's a light blue colour and damp from the pool. Holly doesn't even bother stretching it, and blows fast. Jenny starts getting nervous again when Holly doesn't slow down at all after rated size. It looks as if she is trying to blow to pop it as fast as possible. The neck comes out halfway but Holly doesn't seem to notice its overinflated. She's blowing as fast as when she started. Despite what she said about not popping it, Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. Her breaths short and rapid. The neck is full. It's definitely going to pop any second. Jenny doesn't know what to do. If she tries to swim off, it could pop while her ears are unprotected. She looks to Sophie for support. She's watching Holly intently but doesn't seem concerned about the imminent pop. Of course she wouldn't be. Sophie probably wants her to pop it. Finally Jenny can't take it anymore. "Stop!" She cries. Holly glances at her but keeps going. "Sophie make her stop, it's gonna pop!" Instead of stopping her, Sophie puts her hands on the balloon and whispers "keep going." In her ear. Holly puts another three breaths in before finally stopping. "Told you I would stop." She says. Holding shut the mouthpiece. "In fact I reckon it could get bigger than this. I want you to put another full breath into it. Then you'll know they don't pop easily." Jenny shakes her head, not wanting to risk it.
"Do as she says." Sophie commands. "If you don't, I will. And I don't think I could just put one breath in..." Jenny knows if Sophie takes it, she definitely won't stop. Holly approaches her and pushes the balloon's neck against her mouth. Jenny puts in a small breath. There's a lot of resistance and Jenny thinks she can hear it creaking.
"I said a full breath." Says Holly. "I'm not letting you stop until you've done it. If you keep putting in small breaths, it's definitely going to pop. Best to do one big one now and get it over with." Knowing there's no way out of it, Jenny takes a big breath but hesitates. If she can't do it, they will pop it somehow. At least if it bursts now she'll be in control. Jenny exhales hard. The neck pushes into her lips but she keeps going until there's no air left in her lungs.
"Well done. Wasn't so hard was it." Holly takes the balloon off her and puts another breath in. "Wow it's getting tight. What should we do with it now?"
"Pop it!" Says Sophie.
"How should I do it?" Holly asks.
"Keep blowing until it pops in my face."
"Maybe I'll do that later, don't think Jenny will like that. I do want to see how big it'll go though." Holly puts another cheeky breath in, winking at Jenny before deflating it. Then she swims to the side of the pool and gets out. Holly walks to the water jet. It's a pipe that shoots water into the pool. Holly reaches up and places the balloon over the jet. It starts filling rapidly with water. Holly holds it as it starts getting heavy. She has it in her arms as the neck starts to fill. It suddenly explodes and water splashes everywhere. Holly jumps back into the pool and swims over to the packet of balloons on the side. She takes something and gets out. "Be back in a minute."
She says then half walks half runs to the stairs leading to the water shoots. Sophie nudges Jenny, she turns and sees Sophie has a deflated balloon in her swimsuit with the neck sticking out of the top. "Mind blowing it up for me?" Sophie asks.
"Umm sure." Jenny replies. She wades closer to her and puts her mouth around the neck. Sophie looks turned on already, she's breathing heavily and is shaking a little and Jenny knows it's not fear. She takes a deep breath and gets to work. It looks like a 14 inch balloon and is completely transparent. Jenny wonders if she chose that one purposely so she would see Sophie's body through it. The bigger she makes it, the more she can see through it. At first it makes her a little uncomfortable but as the balloon starts getting tight, Jenny starts getting horny herself. Most of the balloon is underwater as the neck starts getting bigger. Jenny knows Sophie won't let her stop until it's completely full and maybe not even then. She keeps going and only stops when the neck is touching her lips.
"I don't suppose you will blow it until it pops?" Asks Sophie. Jenny shakes her head.
"Didn't think so. Go see what Holly's up to. I'm going to finish this off if you can't." Sophie says before taking the overinflated neck and putting a breath into it. Jenny quickly swims off and goes up the stairs, looking for Holly.

When she gets to the top there's no sign of her. There's a large balloon waiting to be blown up next to one of the shoots. Jenny decides to go down it. She pushes off the sides and enters the tunnel. She slides down and around the first bend, then hits something. It's Holly with a huge balloon in front of her. It completely fills all the space in the tunnel with no way around it. Holly looks around. "We're not getting down before this pops. Fingers in your ears Jenny this is going to be a loud one." Holly starts blowing. By the look of it, it's a 24 inch. The neck is pushed up against Holly's face. The balloon squeaks every time Holly moves. She keeps forcing air in, it must be getting hard to blow because there's no room for it to expand. Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. There's not a lot she can do. Holly keeps going for what seems like hours but the balloon doesn't look like it's getting any bigger. It must be so hard right now and Jenny would reach out and touch it if it wasn't going to explode at any second. Suddenly Holly takes a really deep breath. Jenny braces herself. Holly blows the final breath and the balloon explodes in front of her. Jenny screams. With no more blockage, they both slide down until they exit the tunnel with a splash.

"There you are." Says Sophie, walking over to them. "Wondered what you two were doing. Jenny you have to try a blow to pop in your swimsuit. It feels so good. I know you won't do it with air, but how about with water? Follow me." Sophie jumps into the pool and swims to the other side, disappearing around a bend.
"Go see what she wants. I'm going to do another blow to pop in that tube." Holly takes out a large airship shaped balloon from inside her swimsuit and runs back up the stairs. Jenny jumps in the pool, swimming over to where Sophie disappeared. She doesn't want to be anywhere near Holly when that balloon pops.
She finds Sophie around a bend. The water flows around like a bending river and under a bridge. There are underwater jets that push the water around.
"Come here, this should feel amazing." Sophie lets the water take her around another bend and comes to a stop under some fake leaves. She waits for Jenny. Jenny slowly approaches, not knowing what to expect. Sophie holds a large red uninflated balloon. A 24 inch by the looks of it. She puts it under Jenny's swimsuit, right above her left leg. The neck is just showing. Sophie gently pushes her against the wall and holds the end of the balloon to a water jet. Jenny feels the balloon getting bigger against her hip. It starts to grow wider and upwards. Soon the lower half of her swim costume is filled. The balloon is soft but expanding rapidly. The top half is getting bigger. There's no room left and it gets tight. Jenny gasps, it's getting harder to breathe but the warm latex feels so good. The neck starts to come out of her leg hole. It's getting fatter by the second. The top of the balloon starts bulging out of her swimsuit and into Jenny's face. Suddenly Sophie pushes her roughly into the wall, her body pressed up against hers. The balloon gets pushed into Jenny and she sighs into the balloon. Sophie is now thrusting into her, making the balloon expand and contract. It gets tighter and tighter before exploding with a snap. Water gets launched at her. Jenny squeals. "That felt really good. Can we do it again?"
"Yeah maybe later, I want to do something else first. Would you try it with air next time? It's so much more satisfying."
"I'm not sure, it sounds like fun but..."
"You'll have ear plugs and we'll try smaller balloons first."
"Okay. What are we doing next?" She asks. Sophie is just about to reply when there's a loud echoing boom. Holly must be finished with her balloon in the water tube.
"I want to do some stuff with Holly but it's going to involve lots of popping." Sophie begins.
"I can watch from a distance if you want."
"Well things are going to get pretty intense. It'll be very hot if you're into watching two girls get intimate but I think you'd prefer having some fun on your own. I'll get you in the mood then you can finish off on your own while I entertain Holly."
"I'm in the mood now."
"Just wait till I'm finished. This'll cure your fear for good."

Jenny swims after Sophie to the other side of the pool. Holly is lying on an air mattress in the shallow end of the pool. Sophie walks past her telling Holly she'll be back in a minute and goes through the door leading to the changing rooms. Jenny follows closely behind. Sophie rummages through a bag near the door and hands some ear plugs to Jenny. Then she leads her to the showers. "Put them in and take off your clothes." Sophie instructs.
Jenny follows her orders without complaint, excited for whatever is coming next.
Once her swimsuit is on the floor, Sophie gently pushes her into the corner of the room. "Sit down, spread your legs." Says Sophie, reaching into her swimming costume. She pulls out a piece of blue rubber. "Found a new brand of balloon online. These are supposed to be 16 inch but I can get them to 20 easily. They start off pretty thick. Really hard to pop them at rated size. But if you keep blowing they start to get thinner and thinner. By the time they're ready to pop, it's completely see-through and huge." Sophie lies down on her front with the balloon in between Jenny's legs. "Don't tell me to stop because I won't. I'm going to blow it up until it explodes and there's nothing you can do about it. After I'm done, I'll leave you with a couple more. You can do what you want with them but I'm hoping you'll at least overinflate them. Maybe take them all the way if you're horny enough, which you will be after this." Sophie starts blowing quickly without warning. She must do this a lot because Jenny has never seen someone fill up a balloon this quickly. Jenny closes her eyes and tries focusing on how good the latex feels between her legs and not how loud it'll pop. She might actually enjoy this. Sophie is pushing it into her pussy. She stops blowing for a moment, rubbing it against Jenny.
"Keep blowing!" Shouts Jenny, wanting it to get tighter. Sophie starts putting air back into it. After a few minutes she slows right down.
"Bigger!" Jenny cries.
"It can't go much bigger than this. It's already bigger than I expected it to go."
Jenny suddenly opens her eyes. The balloon is absolutely huge! Almost all the colour has gone from it and the neck is pushed against Sophie's lips.
She didn't realise it had got this big. Jenny starts panicking. If only she'd kept her eyes closed, then she wouldn't know when it would pop. Now she can't take her eyes off it.
Sophie started blowing again after Jenny told her to.
Jenny wants to move but is too scared her movement will pop it. Sophie is just taking another big breath when there's an ear shattering bang. The balloon seems to instantly detonate, tiny shards flying everywhere. Jenny doesn't scream this time. She just lies there in shock.
"There we go." Says Sophie. "Have some fun with these, make as much noise as you want. Don't hold anything back. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to fuck Holly. Hard. She won't know what hit her." And with that, Sophie leaves the room.

Sophie goes back to the pool, looking for Holly. She's lying on a large beachball in the middle of the pool, halfway through inflating a balloon. She swims over to her, wondering what to do first.
Let's get her down in the hottest way possible. She thinks. Sophie unplugs the valve and quickly puts her mouth around it, trying to stop the air from rushing out. The inflatable is already tight so this shouldn't take long. She takes a deep breath and starts blowing hard. Holly keeps inflating her balloon. It's only a small one but it is very tight. She struggles with it, trying to force more air in. The neck pushing into her lips makes it hard. Holly barely notices Sophie. There's a muffled bang from the showers followed by a moan. A few seconds later Holly's balloon bursts. Only then does she realise how hard the beachball is getting under her. She had blown it up enough earlier. Way more than any normal person would, even if they got carried away. Holly starts grinding against the tight vinyl. Sighing as she gets rougher.

"Don't you dare cum! I want to finish you myself." Says Sophie. Holly slows down a bit. Putting her arms around the ball.
It's definitely bulging out on one side. The vinyl is slightly discoloured where it's been stretched. The pressure inside must be getting very high but Sophie doesn't have any trouble blowing. Holly pushes her face into it, inhaling it's scent. Suddenly there's a bang and the whole thing tears beneath her. Holly falls face first into the pool. Sophie grabs her and pulls her out of the water and into her arms. Holly has barely recovered when Sophie's lips are around her mouth. The kiss is sloppy but intense. She's usually a lot better than this but she must be too horny today. Just as Holly starts getting into it there's a high pitched moan from the showers followed by a loud squeak.
Sophie grabs the back of her swimsuit, trying to rip it off. She's struggling but still has her lips firmly attached to Holly's. As she finally gets it off, there's a loud bang. Jenny must of popped her balloon, either on purpose or she got carried away. Sophie doesn't react to it, she's too busy trying to strip off.
Once they're both naked, Sophie pushes her towards the nearest wall. Still kissing her fiercely. She bends Holly over backwards and forces her legs apart. Holly closes her eyes and waits to see what Sophie will do next. She suddenly stops kissing and looks up. Holly turns around wondering what got her attention. Jenny is standing a few metres away watching.
"Did you want something? Sophie asks her.
"I, umm... I just came to get some more balloons." She says looking embarrassed.
"Don't worry we'll take it somewhere else if you're not comfortable watching. Come on Holly, let's do it in the hot tubs." Sophie takes a step back, letting Holly up and grabs her hand. She gets out the pool and takes her to the hot tubs above the deep end.

Jenny watches them climb the slope to the hot tubs. She gets in the pool, not really knowing what to do next. She can hear Holly begin to gasp from the other side of the pool. Wanting something else to focus on, she grabs a nearby beach ball. It's about the size of a 16 inch balloon and pretty firm. It can take some more air though and Jenny decides to top it up a bit. She opens the valve and the air rushes out with a hiss. She quickly put it in her mouth and blows. She has to fight it to get the air in, Holly had blown it up hard. After few breaths she's about to stop when there's a loud moan. She quickly exhales again trying to cover up the sounds. Again and again she blows. Jenny doesn't realise it's about to pop, she's still trying to take her mind off the primal screams. What is Sophie doing to her? Suddenly the beachball pops with a deep boom. She quickly looks around for something else to inflate but by the sound of it, Holly just came. Everything goes quiet for a few minutes. Jenny relaxes for a while, still exhausted from riding that balloon to pop. It had taken more that she thought possible. And that blow to pop was so scary, she only managed it because she was about to orgasm.

Sophie calls out to her. "Come join us, and bring that packet of balloons."
Jenny gets out the pool and finds the balloons. Jenny wonders if Sophie is going to do whatever she just did to Holly to her. She's not sure if she's ready for that.
When she gets to the hot tub, Sophie takes the packet off her. "Come help us, we're gonna fill the tub up with balloons.
Jenny gets in the warm water and sits opposite Holly. Sophie hands them all 12 inch balloons. And starts blowing one herself.
They all inflated them to different sizes. Jenny blew hers until a small neck formed. Holly kept going until it touched her fingers and Sophie took it up to the point of bursting, stopping right before the bang. They filled the hot tub up with multicoloured balloons. Some of Sophie's overinflated balloons popped on their own. Jenny squealing every time one went off.

There's only a few balloons left in the packet. Sophie takes one and stretches it. "I've got a game. We each put one breath into this balloon, then pass it onto the next person. The winner is the one to put in the last breath before it pops."
"Sounds fun. What do you get if you win?" Holly asks.
"One of the others makes you orgasm. I'll start." Sophie puts a big breath in and passes it to Holly. The balloon is still darkly coloured but has a slight green tint. After Holly's breath, it's Jenny's turn. She blows, not quite sure if she wants to win this game or not. Sophie puts her second breath in next. The colour getting lighter with each breath. Soon it's Jenny's turn again. Her breath takes it to rated size. Sophie starts to neck it, blowing slowly this time. Holly takes the neck to halfway full. Jenny hesitantly puts it in her mouth, the balloon is wet with saliva. She blows, making the neck come close to her lips. She carefully gives it to Sophie. This time Sophie blows really hard and fast, obviously hoping to pop it. It gets big but doesn't pop. Holly also puts in the biggest breath she can but has no success. When Jenny takes it again, there's barely anything to hold on to. It's so tight and she can feel a lot of resistance. Just as she's coming to the end of her breath, it suddenly bursts. Jenny manages to hold back a scream this time.

"Well done. Now who's gonna make you cum? Think there could be another game out of this." Sophie takes out another balloon. "Just me and you this time Holly. Winner gets to play with Jenny." She wastes no time in putting in her first breath.

Jenny nervously watches. Before long, Sophie is blowing into a fully necked balloon. Jenny isn't sure who she wants to win. Holly would probably be more gentle with her but she's more used to doing this sort of thing with Sophie. The balloon still stays strong and Sophie hands it to Holly. She puts in a breath but quickly hands it back to Sophie. Before Sophie takes it though, it unexpectedly pops.

"You had the last breath. I can't wait to see this." Says Sophie. Holly looks nervous. She obviously isn't used to doing this with other girls. She gives Jenny a quick glance but doesn't move.

"Come on, get on with it." Sophie says impatiently.

Holly takes a deep breath and grabs the nearest balloon. It an overinflated red one. She moves over to Jenny and places it on her lap, gently sitting on it to stop it from moving. Holly starts to bounce. Hesitantly at first but it doesn't take long before she gets into it. It bursts, releasing air bubbles out the water. She quickly grabs another one and goes again. She goes through about ten balloons, some bursting straight away, some that lasted a while. It felt good but not enough to make her orgasm.

"Try something else. Think about what I would do to you." Sophie advises.
Holly puts another balloon in her lap but this time she wraps her legs around her tightly, pulling herself into Jenny. She half humps, half grinds. This definitely feels better. Still not quite enough to climax but good enough that she begins to sigh softly. Holly gets rough when it doesn't pop. Eventually it bursts and Holly quickly replaces it with another. She goes through five more balloons like this until she gives up. "Sophie go get me a beach ball and a 24 inch." Holly instructs. Sophie runs off to get the stuff while Holly grabs another balloon.

When Sophie returns, Holly finishes the balloon with a quick thrust and replaces it with a tight beachball. It fits perfectly between Jenny's legs.
"Start blowing that balloon. Make it big but not so big that it'll be easy to pop."
As Sophie starts to inflate the 24 inch, Holly humps the beachball hard against Jenny.
She keeps it up until the balloon is almost full. "Sophie have you got a pump?"
"Think I got a bike pump somewhere. You want it?" She asks.
"Yeah. Holly pants. Sophie ties off her balloon and goes to find the pump.

By the time Sophie had returned, Holly looks exhausted. "We're almost done, I think. Sophie attach that to the beachball and start pumping."
Sophie does what she says. The ball starts getting harder. Holly doesn't stop humping.
"I could of done this by mouth you know." Says Sophie, still pumping.
"I know but that would take too long." Holly pants. She slows down a bit as Jenny starts to moan. The beachball is getting harder beneath her, stretching more than usual because of the hot water.
Jenny tenses up obviously about to orgasm.
Oh no you don't. Thinks Holly and suddenly bounces hard, popping the ball with a loud bang. She then grabs the 24 inch balloon, placing it on top of Jenny. She starts bouncing and grinding again. The neck comes out a bit but not enough to pop it.
"Give me a hand Sophie." Holly says. Sophie doesn't have to be asked twice. She climbs on top of Holly and together they force the balloon into Jenny. After a few minutes, it unexpectedly pops. Holly falls onto Jenny. She's too horny to be scared now.

"Come on Holly, finish her off." Says Sophie.

Running out of ideas, Holly grabs one of the last uninflated balloons and puts her fingers deep inside Jenny. She starts to blow hard into the balloon, directing it into Jenny's face. A few hot breaths later, Jenny is moaning loudly with a tightly inflated balloon in her face. It's so transparent that you could barely tell it used to be red.

Holly isn't sure whether to keep going. She knows how scary Jenny finds blow to pops and she doesn't even have ear plugs. But she can't stop herself now. Holly pushes it even harder against Jenny. She knows it's cruel but when Sophie used to do this to her, it always made her cum. She forces one final breath in. There's a loud crack that echoes around the whole room. Jenny yells more out of pleasure than fear.

After watching, Sophie made Holly do the same thing to her. They used the inflated balloons in the hottub. Untying them and adding more air until they popped. After her first orgasm, Sophie asked Jenny to do it. To her surprise, she did it without question. Blowing three balloons until they exploded in Sophie's face.

They kept this up until they were all exhausted. They left the rest of the balloons for the cleaners the next day.

"We'll have to do this again some time." Says Sophie. "Maybe find another unusual setting. Perhaps we could try it in public, the fear of getting caught would add to the pleasure."
"I'd definitely be up for that." Says Holly. "I'll find a place and let you know."
The pool (balloon fetish)
Imagine having a swimming pool and two other looners to yourself. This is one of my favourites that I have written.

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Holly drives into a lay-by in the middle of nowhere and turns off the engine. She immediately goes through the glovebox looking for something. She finally finds what she wants and pulls out a piece of red rubber.
Holly has been on a holiday with friends and hasn't touched a balloon for weeks. Finally she couldn't take it anymore, and had to get away. She made up an excuse and drove away from the town to inflate some balloons without anybody watching.

Holly puts the balloon in a cup holder and looks for more. Then she remembers she had her car cleaned and took all her balloons out. The red one was probably from the party she went to a few weeks ago. She managed to grab a few uninflated ones for later but never got round to blowing this one up.

Oh well, ones better then nothing. She thinks, taking the red balloon. Holly turns the interior light on as it's getting dark. She inspects the balloon, it looks like an eleven or twelve inch from the size and shape. Holly stretches it lengthways a few times, then rubs it along her nose. Inhaling the scent. Another stretch widthways and a few on the neck.

She takes a deep breath, already excited at the thought of another blow to pop. Holly bites the mouth piece and gives it another stretch. She likes a long neck. Just to be sure it'll be getting as big as possible, she grabs the body with one hand so the air can't enter and puts the other on the neck, pushing it into her lips. She inhales, closes her eyes, and blows as hard as she possibly can. It's not easy but Holly is strong from all the practice. The neck after a brief hesitation, suddenly fills with air. Holly opens her eyes and sees a big red, transparent neck. It isn't quite at her lips yet so she inhales though her nose and puts in another. It fills rapidly and pushes hard into her mouth. So hard that Holly loses grip and it shoots away from her.
She picks it back up. That should have stretched it a bit.
This time she blows normally. The balloon doesn't offer much resistance and grows quickly. She puts in another big breath, thinking whether to go slowly or not. Holly puts one hand on the back on the balloon and feels it grow bigger when she blows again. Not wanting it to be over too soon, Holly breaths in slowly and gently blows, making the breath last as long as possible. She does this again, the sound of the air entering the balloon turning her on. The balloon is still fairly soft. Holly doesn't like them soft. Well sometimes she does if she wants a gentle ride or a relaxing inflation but not when in this mood. Holly takes in all the air she can, then blows hard. The balloon gets even bigger, reaching the size it was designed for. She stops and pinches the neck closed. The balloon is tighter now and slightly transparent. Holly thinks about riding it or rubbing it against her body to make it last longer. She pushes her cheek across the smooth latex, sighing in pleasure. Suddenly she can't wait any longer and brings it back to her mouth, blowing hard. The air has nowhere else to go and finds its way into the neck. The balloon goes from a slight tear drop shape to almost lightbulb shape. It only fills halfway, from the body growing toward Holly. When she exhales again it fills completely. There's no stopping Holly now. The next forceful breath makes the end of the neck grow wider that the rest, making it hard to keep hold of. She manages to keep it in her mouth and puts in another excited breath. It gets tighter and creaks a little. She knows it's near. One more breath has to do it. It can't possibly get any bigger. She takes one last deep breath through her nose and blows as hard as she can.
Shreds fly all over the car and Holly pants with all the excitement. After a few seconds she needs more. Holly starts searching everywhere for any left over balloons. She can't find anything but desperately wants to blow to pop something. Holly pulls out a clear plastic bag from under the passenger seat. It's something I suppose. She thinks. Holly hasn't tried blowing a bag until it pops and wonders how hard it'll be. She puts her hand around the neck of it and pushes it into her lips. She blows quickly. After a few minutes it about the size of her body and starting to become full. She slows down a bit now, hoping it won't pop straight away. Two more breaths fills it completely and another makes it tight. One more deep breath and it gets hard. Holly runs her free hand across the smooth plastic. It almost feels like an overinflated beachball. She continues to blow, wondering how much bigger it could possibly get. Soon Holly realises it's starting to bulge. She gets even more excited and blows faster, hoping for a bang. One one side, the bag has a huge bubble forming where the plastic is stretching. It's getting thinner and thinner the more she blows. It's about as thin as cling film but still very firm. Holly doesn't slow and after a few more breaths it pops. It rips in half, the plastic wet from her breath. It had a bang to it but wasn't quite loud enough to satisfy Holly. She looks in the boot of the car and finds a black plastic bin liner. She's not sure if it'll be enough but gives it a go anyway. This time she stuffs it in her shorts for extra pleasure. Holly bends over and starts blowing. She can feel it expanding with every breath. There's not a lot of room and before long it's filled her shorts. She doesn't stop though and keeps filling it with air even though it's getting tight. With nowhere else for the air to go, the bag starts bulging down the leg hole. Knowing it won't take much more, Holly stops and enjoys the warm tight feeling of the overinflated bag. She starts putting small breaths in, hoping to orgasm before it pops. Unfortunately she has a little too much enthusiasm and pops it with another two breaths. She takes out the ripped plastic and has one final search for anything else.

After realising there's not a single thing to be inflated, Holly does a quick Google search to find nearby shops.

She eventually finds a small supermarket nearby and starts the car. Hopefully they sell balloons. She thinks.

A few minutes later, she parks the car and half walks, half runs into the shop. Holly desperately searches the isles, looking for balloons. Eventually she finds a packet of cheap ones. They're the only ones in stock. Holly goes to the self checkout, not wanting to talk to anyone in her excited state. Once she's paid, she runs back to her car.

She won't be able to drive properly in her excitement so she parks the car at the back of the car park, under the shadow of a tree. Hoping no one will see. Holly rips the bag open, spilling the balloons over the passenger seat and grabs one. She quickly blows it up, tying it off at rated size. Then she shoves it into her shorts before grabbing another. Holly puts a breath into it. It's a solid pink colour. After only a few breaths, the neck is already at her lips. It just starts getting tight when it bursts. Holly was hoping it would put up a fight. Not yet satisfied, she takes another balloon from the pack. As she leans over, the balloon in her shorts suddenly pops. It stings a little but Holly barely notices it. She's already blowing the next one up. It's a green one this time. She meant to stop at rated size but accidentally puts a bit too much air in. The neck fills and she ties it off. Holly forces it into her shorts, making it squeak loudly. Taking another balloon, she turns around and starts grinding softly into her seat. Way too soon there's a red balloon bulging in her face. It's not long before it bursts.
How am I supposed to orgasm when they pop so fast? She thinks. Holly pushes her hips into the seat, popping the balloon.

Holly goes through most the pack. Blowing them till they burst, replacing the balloon in her shorts whenever it pops. There's two balloons left. She's lying on the back seat with a deflated balloon in her mouth. There's a blue neck poking out of her shorts. Holly blows this one slowly but it still grows quicker then she'd like. She feels an orgasm growing and almost slows her breaths to a halt. The balloon is incredibly thin and won't last long enough. Holly puts the next breath in as slow as she possibly can. The excitement builds. The feeling is so intense, she can't help but gasp into the balloon.


She's not ready!

Holly desperately grabs the last balloon. She's past the point of no return and can't stop now. Holly blows as fast as she possibly can. At rated size, she feels the orgasm coming. Holly blows as fast as she can and feels light headed. The neck touches her lips and Holly feels like she's about to pass out. An intense pleasure fills her body and suddenly there's a bang. Shards fly everywhere but Holly barely notices. She closes her eyes and cries out, forgetting she's in a public car park. Holly feels rather then hears the balloon popping in her shorts. One second there's pressure against her and the next it's gone.
She must have orgasmed as it burst. She pants, still lying on the backseat. When she gets up, she checks her shorts. The inside is a mess. It's wet with balloon shards stuck everywhere. Then Holly notices a couple looking her way. They're giggling. Probably at her.
Feeling embarrassed, she starts the car and drives back to the appointment. Only when she gets home she realises that the interior of the car is coved in colourful pieces of latex. Some so small they'll probably remain for years. Holly doesn't know how she's going to explain it to her friends tomorrow but doesn't have time to clean it now.
She goes in and has a shower before anyone can notice how hot and bothered she looks. She can worry about the car and her ruined shorts tomorrow.


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