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Character information
Name: Dan
Age: 20
Build: Slim, athletic
Hair and eyes: Medium length dark brown hair with green eyes
Orientation: Straight
Personally: energetic, open-minded, lively
Likes: extreme sports, hiking, gaming
Favourite balloon: 11 inch
Fear levels: medium fear with larger balloons
Dan likes to pop smaller balloons (9-12 inch). He can blow them until they pop without too much fear. He also likes large balloons but usually gets scared of them popping. Holly has helped him overcome his fears but he still gets nervous when she dose blow to pops with anything larger than 16 inch. Despite this fear he loves it when Holly forces him to pop large balloons. His favourite being the time she pumped a 24 inch in a sleeping bag until it burst.
Name: Holly
Height: 5'5"
Build: very slim
Hair and eyes: Long, silky brunette hair, blue eyes
Orientation: Straight (bi with Sophie)
Personally: Shy, fun, kind
Likes: Nature, computing, art
Favourite balloon: 14 inch
Fear levels: Low (previously
:iconwildheart107:wildheart107 3 0
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Sophie and Jenny drive through an empty car park of a leisure centre.
"When you said your friend had a pool, I didn't think it would be in a place like this. I imagined a small pool in the garden." Says Jenny when Sophie parks the car.
"She's the manager of this leisure centre. They're doing repairs and maintenance and she's away. They aren't starting for a few days. She's given me permission to use the pool for the day. It's all set up, I think someone's coming tomorrow to shut it all off but we've got all day and night to enjoy it." Sophie explains.
"Are we going to be alone?" Jenny asks.
"Holly's already inside but other then her we've got the place to ourselves. Once I've locked the front door, anything goes. Can do whatever we want so long as we don't break anything."
"I can't wait, let's go!" Jenny gets out the car. Sophie grabs the bags of balloons and follows her. "I've told Holly to blow up some inflatables but not to do anything else. I bet she'll be really horny when we get in."
When they get through the front door, Jenny realised she hasn't got a swimsuit. "What I'm I gonna wear?" She asks.
"Don't worry I've got you something. This way." Sophie takes her down some stairs and into the changing room. Jenny can already smell the chlorine. The smell brings back memories of her childhood when she used to go swimming a lot.
"Here put this one." Sophie hands her a pink bathing suit from one of the lockers. "Come find me when you're ready."

Jenny puts it on and goes to the toilet, knowing she's probably going to be in the pool awhile. When's she's done, she goes through a door that leads to a pool. The pool is laid out like a beach with fake stones and sand, the water lapping against the floor like waves. There's a slope that leads down to the deep end. On her left is the exit to some tubes and some stairs that disappear into the ceiling. Probably the entrance to the water shoots. Right at the back of the room is two hot tubs with the overflowing water falling into the pool like a water full. To the right the water follows a hidden passage under a bridge.
Holly and Sophie are already in the water. Jenny goes to join them. The pool is full of different inflatables of various sizes. Holly is currently inflating a smallish beachball. It looks fairly tight but Holly doesn't seem to be stopping. She pauses when Jenny wades over. "Hi Jenny. Sophie made me blow all these up by myself. This is the last one." Says Holly before going back to the task at hand.
"I'll show you around while Holly finishes that." Says Sophie. She takes Jenny to the stairs. "Come have a go at these. I'll race you down." Jenny follows her up the stairs.
At the top there's three water slides. They all lead into a dark tunnel.
Sophie stands next to the middle one. "Actually I've changed my mind, let's go together, it'll be more fun." She sits in the entrance and waits for Jenny. Jenny sits in front of her and Sophie grabs her waist and pushes off. Once they're round the first corner, all goes dark.
"I want to do a blow to pop in here!" Shouts Sophie over the sound of rushing water. Before Jenny can reply, there's light at the end of the tunnel followed by a splash. Sophie gets out first and walks up a path. Jenny gets out and sees Holly, still blowing into the same beachball. She doesn't get a good look from here but it must be close to popping. When she catches up with Sophie, she says "do you think Holly's going to pop it?"
"I don't think so."says Sophie glancing over her shoulder. "She's not as bad as me and knows you're still nervous. Up there are the hot tubs. We'll go in later. Go wait with Holly, I'm going to turn the jets on."

Jenny goes back into the water and swims over to Holly. She puts a little breath in, either struggling with the pressure or simply taking her time. It's gotten incredibly tight and after a few moments, Jenny nervously says "it's going to pop if you're not carful." Aware that she hasn't got her ear plugs in. Holly puts another small breath in before answering. "It's fine, I'm sure it can take a little more. I like them tight." She pushes a bit more air in. Holly's definitely struggling. She's using her tongue and cheeks to push in the air, rather then her lungs. Jenny tries to think of a way to distract her when she sees Sophie coming back. The water jets are already on. Jenny must of been so focused on Holly that she didn't notice. Hopefully Sophie will stop her she thinks.
Sophie jumps in and swims over. "I've got a few things to try. Jenny go grab some balloons from over there." She doesn't even seem to notice that Holly is still blowing.
"What?" Asks Jenny not really listening. She glances at the beachball again.
"The balloons. Go bring me some." Sophie repeats.
"O-okay." Jenny replies nervously. And goes to take some balloons from the side of the pool. When she gets back Holly hasn't finished yet. Jenny gives Sophie the balloons and looks back to the beachball. Holly has one hand on the back of it, pushing it into her face.
"Here Jenny, blow one of these up." Sophie hands her a balloon. Just as Jenny takes it, there's a loud boom. The sound echoing around the pool. Jenny visibly jumps but manages to keep back a squeal. Holly holds the broken beachball, it's ripped in two. "Whoops, must of got a bit carried away." She says.
"Really?" Sophie asks. "You were blowing pretty hard, you must of known it was going to pop. I told Jenny you wasn't going to pop it."
"You know I like them hard and I always blow a little too much when I'm horny. I guess after you made me inflate all these pool toys, I got a bit bored. At least I didn't do it on purpose in Jenny's face like you would have done." Holly teases.
"I wouldn't do that! Well maybe I would come to think of it. There's a reason I made you blow everything up. If I had done it there wouldn't have been much left."
"Exactly. I can control myself... Most of the time. Give me a balloon." Holly asks. Jenny gives her a nervous look.
"Don't worry I'll make sure I don't get carried away this time. I will make it as big as it can possibly go though."
Holly takes a 16 inch balloon from Sophie's hand. It's a light blue colour and damp from the pool. Holly doesn't even bother stretching it, and blows fast. Jenny starts getting nervous again when Holly doesn't slow down at all after rated size. It looks as if she is trying to blow to pop it as fast as possible. The neck comes out halfway but Holly doesn't seem to notice its overinflated. She's blowing as fast as when she started. Despite what she said about not popping it, Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. Her breaths short and rapid. The neck is full. It's definitely going to pop any second. Jenny doesn't know what to do. If she tries to swim off, it could pop while her ears are unprotected. She looks to Sophie for support. She's watching Holly intently but doesn't seem concerned about the imminent pop. Of course she wouldn't be. Sophie probably wants her to pop it. Finally Jenny can't take it anymore. "Stop!" She cries. Holly glances at her but keeps going. "Sophie make her stop, it's gonna pop!" Instead of stopping her, Sophie puts her hands on the balloon and whispers "keep going." In her ear. Holly puts another three breaths in before finally stopping. "Told you I would stop." She says. Holding shut the mouthpiece. "In fact I reckon it could get bigger than this. I want you to put another full breath into it. Then you'll know they don't pop easily." Jenny shakes her head, not wanting to risk it.
"Do as she says." Sophie commands. "If you don't, I will. And I don't think I could just put one breath in..." Jenny knows if Sophie takes it, she definitely won't stop. Holly approaches her and pushes the balloon's neck against her mouth. Jenny puts in a small breath. There's a lot of resistance and Jenny thinks she can hear it creaking.
"I said a full breath." Says Holly. "I'm not letting you stop until you've done it. If you keep putting in small breaths, it's definitely going to pop. Best to do one big one now and get it over with." Knowing there's no way out of it, Jenny takes a big breath but hesitates. If she can't do it, they will pop it somehow. At least if it bursts now she'll be in control. Jenny exhales hard. The neck pushes into her lips but she keeps going until there's no air left in her lungs.
"Well done. Wasn't so hard was it." Holly takes the balloon off her and puts another breath in. "Wow it's getting tight. What should we do with it now?"
"Pop it!" Says Sophie.
"How should I do it?" Holly asks.
"Keep blowing until it pops in my face."
"Maybe I'll do that later, don't think Jenny will like that. I do want to see how big it'll go though." Holly puts another cheeky breath in, winking at Jenny before deflating it. Then she swims to the side of the pool and gets out. Holly walks to the water jet. It's a pipe that shoots water into the pool. Holly reaches up and places the balloon over the jet. It starts filling rapidly with water. Holly holds it as it starts getting heavy. She has it in her arms as the neck starts to fill. It suddenly explodes and water splashes everywhere. Holly jumps back into the pool and swims over to the packet of balloons on the side. She takes something and gets out. "Be back in a minute."
She says then half walks half runs to the stairs leading to the water shoots. Sophie nudges Jenny, she turns and sees Sophie has a deflated balloon in her swimsuit with the neck sticking out of the top. "Mind blowing it up for me?" Sophie asks.
"Umm sure." Jenny replies. She wades closer to her and puts her mouth around the neck. Sophie looks turned on already, she's breathing heavily and is shaking a little and Jenny knows it's not fear. She takes a deep breath and gets to work. It looks like a 14 inch balloon and is completely transparent. Jenny wonders if she chose that one purposely so she would see Sophie's body through it. The bigger she makes it, the more she can see through it. At first it makes her a little uncomfortable but as the balloon starts getting tight, Jenny starts getting horny herself. Most of the balloon is underwater as the neck starts getting bigger. Jenny knows Sophie won't let her stop until it's completely full and maybe not even then. She keeps going and only stops when the neck is touching her lips.
"I don't suppose you will blow it until it pops?" Asks Sophie. Jenny shakes her head.
"Didn't think so. Go see what Holly's up to. I'm going to finish this off if you can't." Sophie says before taking the overinflated neck and putting a breath into it. Jenny quickly swims off and goes up the stairs, looking for Holly.

When she gets to the top there's no sign of her. There's a large balloon waiting to be blown up next to one of the shoots. Jenny decides to go down it. She pushes off the sides and enters the tunnel. She slides down and around the first bend, then hits something. It's Holly with a huge balloon in front of her. It completely fills all the space in the tunnel with no way around it. Holly looks around. "We're not getting down before this pops. Fingers in your ears Jenny this is going to be a loud one." Holly starts blowing. By the look of it, it's a 24 inch. The neck is pushed up against Holly's face. The balloon squeaks every time Holly moves. She keeps forcing air in, it must be getting hard to blow because there's no room for it to expand. Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. There's not a lot she can do. Holly keeps going for what seems like hours but the balloon doesn't look like it's getting any bigger. It must be so hard right now and Jenny would reach out and touch it if it wasn't going to explode at any second. Suddenly Holly takes a really deep breath. Jenny braces herself. Holly blows the final breath and the balloon explodes in front of her. Jenny screams. With no more blockage, they both slide down until they exit the tunnel with a splash.

"There you are." Says Sophie, walking over to them. "Wondered what you two were doing. Jenny you have to try a blow to pop in your swimsuit. It feels so good. I know you won't do it with air, but how about with water? Follow me." Sophie jumps into the pool and swims to the other side, disappearing around a bend.
"Go see what she wants. I'm going to do another blow to pop in that tube." Holly takes out a large airship shaped balloon from inside her swimsuit and runs back up the stairs. Jenny jumps in the pool, swimming over to where Sophie disappeared. She doesn't want to be anywhere near Holly when that balloon pops.
She finds Sophie around a bend. The water flows around like a bending river and under a bridge. There are underwater jets that push the water around.
"Come here, this should feel amazing." Sophie lets the water take her around another bend and comes to a stop under some fake leaves. She waits for Jenny. Jenny slowly approaches, not knowing what to expect. Sophie holds a large red uninflated balloon. A 24 inch by the looks of it. She puts it under Jenny's swimsuit, right above her left leg. The neck is just showing. Sophie gently pushes her against the wall and holds the end of the balloon to a water jet. Jenny feels the balloon getting bigger against her hip. It starts to grow wider and upwards. Soon the lower half of her swim costume is filled. The balloon is soft but expanding rapidly. The top half is getting bigger. There's no room left and it gets tight. Jenny gasps, it's getting harder to breathe but the warm latex feels so good. The neck starts to come out of her leg hole. It's getting fatter by the second. The top of the balloon starts bulging out of her swimsuit and into Jenny's face. Suddenly Sophie pushes her roughly into the wall, her body pressed up against hers. The balloon gets pushed into Jenny and she sighs into the balloon. Sophie is now thrusting into her, making the balloon expand and contract. It gets tighter and tighter before exploding with a snap. Water gets launched at her. Jenny squeals. "That felt really good. Can we do it again?"
"Yeah maybe later, I want to do something else first. Would you try it with air next time? It's so much more satisfying."
"I'm not sure, it sounds like fun but..."
"You'll have ear plugs and we'll try smaller balloons first."
"Okay. What are we doing next?" She asks. Sophie is just about to reply when there's a loud echoing boom. Holly must be finished with her balloon in the water tube.
"I want to do some stuff with Holly but it's going to involve lots of popping." Sophie begins.
"I can watch from a distance if you want."
"Well things are going to get pretty intense. It'll be very hot if you're into watching two girls get intimate but I think you'd prefer having some fun on your own. I'll get you in the mood then you can finish off on your own while I entertain Holly."
"I'm in the mood now."
"Just wait till I'm finished. This'll cure your fear for good."

Jenny swims after Sophie to the other side of the pool. Holly is lying on an air mattress in the shallow end of the pool. Sophie walks past her telling Holly she'll be back in a minute and goes through the door leading to the changing rooms. Jenny follows closely behind. Sophie rummages through a bag near the door and hands some ear plugs to Jenny. Then she leads her to the showers. "Put them in and take off your clothes." Sophie instructs.
Jenny follows her orders without complaint, excited for whatever is coming next.
Once her swimsuit is on the floor, Sophie gently pushes her into the corner of the room. "Sit down, spread your legs." Says Sophie, reaching into her swimming costume. She pulls out a piece of blue rubber. "Found a new brand of balloon online. These are supposed to be 16 inch but I can get them to 20 easily. They start off pretty thick. Really hard to pop them at rated size. But if you keep blowing they start to get thinner and thinner. By the time they're ready to pop, it's completely see-through and huge." Sophie lies down on her front with the balloon in between Jenny's legs. "Don't tell me to stop because I won't. I'm going to blow it up until it explodes and there's nothing you can do about it. After I'm done, I'll leave you with a couple more. You can do what you want with them but I'm hoping you'll at least overinflate them. Maybe take them all the way if you're horny enough, which you will be after this." Sophie starts blowing quickly without warning. She must do this a lot because Jenny has never seen someone fill up a balloon this quickly. Jenny closes her eyes and tries focusing on how good the latex feels between her legs and not how loud it'll pop. She might actually enjoy this. Sophie is pushing it into her pussy. She stops blowing for a moment, rubbing it against Jenny.
"Keep blowing!" Shouts Jenny, wanting it to get tighter. Sophie starts putting air back into it. After a few minutes she slows right down.
"Bigger!" Jenny cries.
"It can't go much bigger than this. It's already bigger than I expected it to go."
Jenny suddenly opens her eyes. The balloon is absolutely huge! Almost all the colour has gone from it and the neck is pushed against Sophie's lips.
She didn't realise it had got this big. Jenny starts panicking. If only she'd kept her eyes closed, then she wouldn't know when it would pop. Now she can't take her eyes off it.
Sophie started blowing again after Jenny told her to.
Jenny wants to move but is too scared her movement will pop it. Sophie is just taking another big breath when there's an ear shattering bang. The balloon seems to instantly detonate, tiny shards flying everywhere. Jenny doesn't scream this time. She just lies there in shock.
"There we go." Says Sophie. "Have some fun with these, make as much noise as you want. Don't hold anything back. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to fuck Holly. Hard. She won't know what hit her." And with that, Sophie leaves the room.

Sophie goes back to the pool, looking for Holly. She's lying on a large beachball in the middle of the pool, halfway through inflating a balloon. She swims over to her, wondering what to do first.
Let's get her down in the hottest way possible. She thinks. Sophie unplugs the valve and quickly puts her mouth around it, trying to stop the air from rushing out. The inflatable is already tight so this shouldn't take long. She takes a deep breath and starts blowing hard. Holly keeps inflating her balloon. It's only a small one but it is very tight. She struggles with it, trying to force more air in. The neck pushing into her lips makes it hard. Holly barely notices Sophie. There's a muffled bang from the showers followed by a moan. A few seconds later Holly's balloon bursts. Only then does she realise how hard the beachball is getting under her. She had blown it up enough earlier. Way more than any normal person would, even if they got carried away. Holly starts grinding against the tight vinyl. Sighing as she gets rougher.

"Don't you dare cum! I want to finish you myself." Says Sophie. Holly slows down a bit. Putting her arms around the ball.
It's definitely bulging out on one side. The vinyl is slightly discoloured where it's been stretched. The pressure inside must be getting very high but Sophie doesn't have any trouble blowing. Holly pushes her face into it, inhaling it's scent. Suddenly there's a bang and the whole thing tears beneath her. Holly falls face first into the pool. Sophie grabs her and pulls her out of the water and into her arms. Holly has barely recovered when Sophie's lips are around her mouth. The kiss is sloppy but intense. She's usually a lot better than this but she must be too horny today. Just as Holly starts getting into it there's a high pitched moan from the showers followed by a loud squeak.
Sophie grabs the back of her swimsuit, trying to rip it off. She's struggling but still has her lips firmly attached to Holly's. As she finally gets it off, there's a loud bang. Jenny must of popped her balloon, either on purpose or she got carried away. Sophie doesn't react to it, she's too busy trying to strip off.
Once they're both naked, Sophie pushes her towards the nearest wall. Still kissing her fiercely. She bends Holly over backwards and forces her legs apart. Holly closes her eyes and waits to see what Sophie will do next. She suddenly stops kissing and looks up. Holly turns around wondering what got her attention. Jenny is standing a few metres away watching.
"Did you want something? Sophie asks her.
"I, umm... I just came to get some more balloons." She says looking embarrassed.
"Don't worry we'll take it somewhere else if you're not comfortable watching. Come on Holly, let's do it in the hot tubs." Sophie takes a step back, letting Holly up and grabs her hand. She gets out the pool and takes her to the hot tubs above the deep end.

Jenny watches them climb the slope to the hot tubs. She gets in the pool, not really knowing what to do next. She can hear Holly begin to gasp from the other side of the pool. Wanting something else to focus on, she grabs a nearby beach ball. It's about the size of a 16 inch balloon and pretty firm. It can take some more air though and Jenny decides to top it up a bit. She opens the valve and the air rushes out with a hiss. She quickly put it in her mouth and blows. She has to fight it to get the air in, Holly had blown it up hard. After few breaths she's about to stop when there's a loud moan. She quickly exhales again trying to cover up the sounds. Again and again she blows. Jenny doesn't realise it's about to pop, she's still trying to take her mind off the primal screams. What is Sophie doing to her? Suddenly the beachball pops with a deep boom. She quickly looks around for something else to inflate but by the sound of it, Holly just came. Everything goes quiet for a few minutes. Jenny relaxes for a while, still exhausted from riding that balloon to pop. It had taken more that she thought possible. And that blow to pop was so scary, she only managed it because she was about to orgasm.

Sophie calls out to her. "Come join us, and bring that packet of balloons."
Jenny gets out the pool and finds the balloons. Jenny wonders if Sophie is going to do whatever she just did to Holly to her. She's not sure if she's ready for that.
When she gets to the hot tub, Sophie takes the packet off her. "Come help us, we're gonna fill the tub up with balloons.
Jenny gets in the warm water and sits opposite Holly. Sophie hands them all 12 inch balloons. And starts blowing one herself.
They all inflated them to different sizes. Jenny blew hers until a small neck formed. Holly kept going until it touched her fingers and Sophie took it up to the point of bursting, stopping right before the bang. They filled the hot tub up with multicoloured balloons. Some of Sophie's overinflated balloons popped on their own. Jenny squealing every time one went off.

There's only a few balloons left in the packet. Sophie takes one and stretches it. "I've got a game. We each put one breath into this balloon, then pass it onto the next person. The winner is the one to put in the last breath before it pops."
"Sounds fun. What do you get if you win?" Holly asks.
"One of the others makes you orgasm. I'll start." Sophie puts a big breath in and passes it to Holly. The balloon is still darkly coloured but has a slight green tint. After Holly's breath, it's Jenny's turn. She blows, not quite sure if she wants to win this game or not. Sophie puts her second breath in next. The colour getting lighter with each breath. Soon it's Jenny's turn again. Her breath takes it to rated size. Sophie starts to neck it, blowing slowly this time. Holly takes the neck to halfway full. Jenny hesitantly puts it in her mouth, the balloon is wet with saliva. She blows, making the neck come close to her lips. She carefully gives it to Sophie. This time Sophie blows really hard and fast, obviously hoping to pop it. It gets big but doesn't pop. Holly also puts in the biggest breath she can but has no success. When Jenny takes it again, there's barely anything to hold on to. It's so tight and she can feel a lot of resistance. Just as she's coming to the end of her breath, it suddenly bursts. Jenny manages to hold back a scream this time.

"Well done. Now who's gonna make you cum? Think there could be another game out of this." Sophie takes out another balloon. "Just me and you this time Holly. Winner gets to play with Jenny." She wastes no time in putting in her first breath.

Jenny nervously watches. Before long, Sophie is blowing into a fully necked balloon. Jenny isn't sure who she wants to win. Holly would probably be more gentle with her but she's more used to doing this sort of thing with Sophie. The balloon still stays strong and Sophie hands it to Holly. She puts in a breath but quickly hands it back to Sophie. Before Sophie takes it though, it unexpectedly pops.

"You had the last breath. I can't wait to see this." Says Sophie. Holly looks nervous. She obviously isn't used to doing this with other girls. She gives Jenny a quick glance but doesn't move.

"Come on, get on with it." Sophie says impatiently.

Holly takes a deep breath and grabs the nearest balloon. It an overinflated red one. She moves over to Jenny and places it on her lap, gently sitting on it to stop it from moving. Holly starts to bounce. Hesitantly at first but it doesn't take long before she gets into it. It bursts, releasing air bubbles out the water. She quickly grabs another one and goes again. She goes through about ten balloons, some bursting straight away, some that lasted a while. It felt good but not enough to make her orgasm.

"Try something else. Think about what I would do to you." Sophie advises.
Holly puts another balloon in her lap but this time she wraps her legs around her tightly, pulling herself into Jenny. She half humps, half grinds. This definitely feels better. Still not quite enough to climax but good enough that she begins to sigh softly. Holly gets rough when it doesn't pop. Eventually it bursts and Holly quickly replaces it with another. She goes through five more balloons like this until she gives up. "Sophie go get me a beach ball and a 24 inch." Holly instructs. Sophie runs off to get the stuff while Holly grabs another balloon.

When Sophie returns, Holly finishes the balloon with a quick thrust and replaces it with a tight beachball. It fits perfectly between Jenny's legs.
"Start blowing that balloon. Make it big but not so big that it'll be easy to pop."
As Sophie starts to inflate the 24 inch, Holly humps the beachball hard against Jenny.
She keeps it up until the balloon is almost full. "Sophie have you got a pump?"
"Think I got a bike pump somewhere. You want it?" She asks.
"Yeah. Holly pants. Sophie ties off her balloon and goes to find the pump.

By the time Sophie had returned, Holly looks exhausted. "We're almost done, I think. Sophie attach that to the beachball and start pumping."
Sophie does what she says. The ball starts getting harder. Holly doesn't stop humping.
"I could of done this by mouth you know." Says Sophie, still pumping.
"I know but that would take too long." Holly pants. She slows down a bit as Jenny starts to moan. The beachball is getting harder beneath her, stretching more than usual because of the hot water.
Jenny tenses up obviously about to orgasm.
Oh no you don't. Thinks Holly and suddenly bounces hard, popping the ball with a loud bang. She then grabs the 24 inch balloon, placing it on top of Jenny. She starts bouncing and grinding again. The neck comes out a bit but not enough to pop it.
"Give me a hand Sophie." Holly says. Sophie doesn't have to be asked twice. She climbs on top of Holly and together they force the balloon into Jenny. After a few minutes, it unexpectedly pops. Holly falls onto Jenny. She's too horny to be scared now.

"Come on Holly, finish her off." Says Sophie.

Running out of ideas, Holly grabs one of the last uninflated balloons and puts her fingers deep inside Jenny. She starts to blow hard into the balloon, directing it into Jenny's face. A few hot breaths later, Jenny is moaning loudly with a tightly inflated balloon in her face. It's so transparent that you could barely tell it used to be red.

Holly isn't sure whether to keep going. She knows how scary Jenny finds blow to pops and she doesn't even have ear plugs. But she can't stop herself now. Holly pushes it even harder against Jenny. She knows it's cruel but when Sophie used to do this to her, it always made her cum. She forces one final breath in. There's a loud crack that echoes around the whole room. Jenny yells more out of pleasure than fear.

After watching, Sophie made Holly do the same thing to her. They used the inflated balloons in the hottub. Untying them and adding more air until they popped. After her first orgasm, Sophie asked Jenny to do it. To her surprise, she did it without question. Blowing three balloons until they exploded in Sophie's face.

They kept this up until they were all exhausted. They left the rest of the balloons for the cleaners the next day.

"We'll have to do this again some time." Says Sophie. "Maybe find another unusual setting. Perhaps we could try it in public, the fear of getting caught would add to the pleasure."
"I'd definitely be up for that." Says Holly. "I'll find a place and let you know."
The pool (balloon fetish)
Imagine having a swimming pool and two other looners to yourself. This is one of my favourites that I have written.

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Holly drives into a lay-by in the middle of nowhere and turns off the engine. She immediately goes through the glovebox looking for something. She finally finds what she wants and pulls out a piece of red rubber.
Holly has been on a holiday with friends and hasn't touched a balloon for weeks. Finally she couldn't take it anymore, and had to get away. She made up an excuse and drove away from the town to inflate some balloons without anybody watching.

Holly puts the balloon in a cup holder and looks for more. Then she remembers she had her car cleaned and took all her balloons out. The red one was probably from the party she went to a few weeks ago. She managed to grab a few uninflated ones for later but never got round to blowing this one up.

Oh well, ones better then nothing. She thinks, taking the red balloon. Holly turns the interior light on as it's getting dark. She inspects the balloon, it looks like an eleven or twelve inch from the size and shape. Holly stretches it lengthways a few times, then rubs it along her nose. Inhaling the scent. Another stretch widthways and a few on the neck.

She takes a deep breath, already excited at the thought of another blow to pop. Holly bites the mouth piece and gives it another stretch. She likes a long neck. Just to be sure it'll be getting as big as possible, she grabs the body with one hand so the air can't enter and puts the other on the neck, pushing it into her lips. She inhales, closes her eyes, and blows as hard as she possibly can. It's not easy but Holly is strong from all the practice. The neck after a brief hesitation, suddenly fills with air. Holly opens her eyes and sees a big red, transparent neck. It isn't quite at her lips yet so she inhales though her nose and puts in another. It fills rapidly and pushes hard into her mouth. So hard that Holly loses grip and it shoots away from her.
She picks it back up. That should have stretched it a bit.
This time she blows normally. The balloon doesn't offer much resistance and grows quickly. She puts in another big breath, thinking whether to go slowly or not. Holly puts one hand on the back on the balloon and feels it grow bigger when she blows again. Not wanting it to be over too soon, Holly breaths in slowly and gently blows, making the breath last as long as possible. She does this again, the sound of the air entering the balloon turning her on. The balloon is still fairly soft. Holly doesn't like them soft. Well sometimes she does if she wants a gentle ride or a relaxing inflation but not when in this mood. Holly takes in all the air she can, then blows hard. The balloon gets even bigger, reaching the size it was designed for. She stops and pinches the neck closed. The balloon is tighter now and slightly transparent. Holly thinks about riding it or rubbing it against her body to make it last longer. She pushes her cheek across the smooth latex, sighing in pleasure. Suddenly she can't wait any longer and brings it back to her mouth, blowing hard. The air has nowhere else to go and finds its way into the neck. The balloon goes from a slight tear drop shape to almost lightbulb shape. It only fills halfway, from the body growing toward Holly. When she exhales again it fills completely. There's no stopping Holly now. The next forceful breath makes the end of the neck grow wider that the rest, making it hard to keep hold of. She manages to keep it in her mouth and puts in another excited breath. It gets tighter and creaks a little. She knows it's near. One more breath has to do it. It can't possibly get any bigger. She takes one last deep breath through her nose and blows as hard as she can.
Shreds fly all over the car and Holly pants with all the excitement. After a few seconds she needs more. Holly starts searching everywhere for any left over balloons. She can't find anything but desperately wants to blow to pop something. Holly pulls out a clear plastic bag from under the passenger seat. It's something I suppose. She thinks. Holly hasn't tried blowing a bag until it pops and wonders how hard it'll be. She puts her hand around the neck of it and pushes it into her lips. She blows quickly. After a few minutes it about the size of her body and starting to become full. She slows down a bit now, hoping it won't pop straight away. Two more breaths fills it completely and another makes it tight. One more deep breath and it gets hard. Holly runs her free hand across the smooth plastic. It almost feels like an overinflated beachball. She continues to blow, wondering how much bigger it could possibly get. Soon Holly realises it's starting to bulge. She gets even more excited and blows faster, hoping for a bang. One one side, the bag has a huge bubble forming where the plastic is stretching. It's getting thinner and thinner the more she blows. It's about as thin as cling film but still very firm. Holly doesn't slow and after a few more breaths it pops. It rips in half, the plastic wet from her breath. It had a bang to it but wasn't quite loud enough to satisfy Holly. She looks in the boot of the car and finds a black plastic bin liner. She's not sure if it'll be enough but gives it a go anyway. This time she stuffs it in her shorts for extra pleasure. Holly bends over and starts blowing. She can feel it expanding with every breath. There's not a lot of room and before long it's filled her shorts. She doesn't stop though and keeps filling it with air even though it's getting tight. With nowhere else for the air to go, the bag starts bulging down the leg hole. Knowing it won't take much more, Holly stops and enjoys the warm tight feeling of the overinflated bag. She starts putting small breaths in, hoping to orgasm before it pops. Unfortunately she has a little too much enthusiasm and pops it with another two breaths. She takes out the ripped plastic and has one final search for anything else.

After realising there's not a single thing to be inflated, Holly does a quick Google search to find nearby shops.

She eventually finds a small supermarket nearby and starts the car. Hopefully they sell balloons. She thinks.

A few minutes later, she parks the car and half walks, half runs into the shop. Holly desperately searches the isles, looking for balloons. Eventually she finds a packet of cheap ones. They're the only ones in stock. Holly goes to the self checkout, not wanting to talk to anyone in her excited state. Once she's paid, she runs back to her car.

She won't be able to drive properly in her excitement so she parks the car at the back of the car park, under the shadow of a tree. Hoping no one will see. Holly rips the bag open, spilling the balloons over the passenger seat and grabs one. She quickly blows it up, tying it off at rated size. Then she shoves it into her shorts before grabbing another. Holly puts a breath into it. It's a solid pink colour. After only a few breaths, the neck is already at her lips. It just starts getting tight when it bursts. Holly was hoping it would put up a fight. Not yet satisfied, she takes another balloon from the pack. As she leans over, the balloon in her shorts suddenly pops. It stings a little but Holly barely notices it. She's already blowing the next one up. It's a green one this time. She meant to stop at rated size but accidentally puts a bit too much air in. The neck fills and she ties it off. Holly forces it into her shorts, making it squeak loudly. Taking another balloon, she turns around and starts grinding softly into her seat. Way too soon there's a red balloon bulging in her face. It's not long before it bursts.
How am I supposed to orgasm when they pop so fast? She thinks. Holly pushes her hips into the seat, popping the balloon.

Holly goes through most the pack. Blowing them till they burst, replacing the balloon in her shorts whenever it pops. There's two balloons left. She's lying on the back seat with a deflated balloon in her mouth. There's a blue neck poking out of her shorts. Holly blows this one slowly but it still grows quicker then she'd like. She feels an orgasm growing and almost slows her breaths to a halt. The balloon is incredibly thin and won't last long enough. Holly puts the next breath in as slow as she possibly can. The excitement builds. The feeling is so intense, she can't help but gasp into the balloon.


She's not ready!

Holly desperately grabs the last balloon. She's past the point of no return and can't stop now. Holly blows as fast as she possibly can. At rated size, she feels the orgasm coming. Holly blows as fast as she can and feels light headed. The neck touches her lips and Holly feels like she's about to pass out. An intense pleasure fills her body and suddenly there's a bang. Shards fly everywhere but Holly barely notices. She closes her eyes and cries out, forgetting she's in a public car park. Holly feels rather then hears the balloon popping in her shorts. One second there's pressure against her and the next it's gone.
She must have orgasmed as it burst. She pants, still lying on the backseat. When she gets up, she checks her shorts. The inside is a mess. It's wet with balloon shards stuck everywhere. Then Holly notices a couple looking her way. They're giggling. Probably at her.
Feeling embarrassed, she starts the car and drives back to the appointment. Only when she gets home she realises that the interior of the car is coved in colourful pieces of latex. Some so small they'll probably remain for years. Holly doesn't know how she's going to explain it to her friends tomorrow but doesn't have time to clean it now.
She goes in and has a shower before anyone can notice how hot and bothered she looks. She can worry about the car and her ruined shorts tomorrow.

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Jenny arrives at the cabin. Sophie told her to meet there at 12. She said that she had something special planned. It's been three weeks since they had all met at the cabin and Jenny did her first ever blow to pop. She had been practicing ever since but it still wasn't easy for her and couldn't always manage it. But every since that day, all her balloons were inflated until they were fully necked.

Sophie can't have arrived yet but the door was open slightly. Jenny gets out her car and goes to investigate. All is quiet, but Jenny notices that there's a compressor next to the sofa. She walks over to it and realises that the end is attached to an inflatable arm band. On the sofa is a few inflatables and balloons in a line. The first one is another arm band, the second one in line is a swim ring followed by a smallish beachball, then a much larger one. After the inflatables there's what looks like a 12 inch balloon and a few more larger ones next to it. On a small table nearby there's a pair of ear plugs and an open packet of balloons. Jenny sits on the sofa and waits. There's no sign of Sophie so she tries ringing her. No answer. Getting bored, she picks up the armband that's attached to the compressor. She gently squeezes the trigger and there's a loud hiss as the air rushes in. She stops when it's full. Looking again at the line of inflatables she wonders if this is some sort of test. Jenny feels the arm band, it still has some give so she pulls the trigger again making it get a little tighter. There's a few wrinkles and she adds a little more air. It's gotten quite hard now but Jenny can't resist making it a bit bigger. She tries calling Sophie again but has no success. Jenny pulls the trigger on the compressor yet again, making the arm band get incredibly hard. After a few seconds she does it again. The vinyl feels more like rigid plastic than an inflatable toy. Jenny can't believe it got this tight without the seam ripping. As there's no sign of Sophie and wanting to find out how much more air it can take she decides to pop it. Jenny gently pulls the trigger, only letting the air in slowly. But after a few seconds she stops, realising how loud it's going to be when it goes. Jenny goes and gets the ear plugs and puts them in before inflating the arm band again. It bulges and gets bigger and rounder. Jenny keeps going, amazed by how big it it until it suddenly goes BANG! Making her jump. The vinyl has ripped, leaving a gaping hole. Jenny realises the other side is still intact and puts the other valve on the compressor. This time she doesn't hesitate and holds the trigger, making it inflate rapidly, bulging for a second before exploding. Slightly disappointed at how quick it was over, Jenny takes the arm band off the compressor. She grabs the other arm band, putting her lips around the valve and blowing hard. She keeps going, hoping to pop it by mouth but it's too hard to get anymore air in. She plugs the valve and attaches the compressor to the other side. She inflates it slower this time, putting her hand inside and feeling the sides close around her fingers. She imagines how good it must feel for a guy to put his dick inside. The vinyl walls start to push firmly against her hand as it starts to bulge but she keeps going. It's not long before there's a loud bang. Jenny sighs in pleasure and immediately attaches the hose the the other side. This time she puts the already tight inflatable in her jeans, struggling to force it in. Then she slowly lets the air in, feeling it get even tighter against her. Jeany closes her eyes and leans back as the arm band gets bigger and bigger. She feels it bulge, pushing hard into her pussy. She slows the inflation so much it's almost stopped so it'll last as long as possible. Time seems to slow down as Jenny waits for the pop. It finally bursts, the air rushing out instantly. Jenny lets out something that was half moan half scream. After recovering from her state of euphoria, Jenny looks for something else to pop. A beachball. Wasting no time, she grabs it and starts filling it with her warm breath. It isn't too big and before long she's filled it to the size normal people would stop at. But of course Jenny isn't a normal person; she carries on going until it's so hard that she can't blow anymore. Jenny then plugs the valve, looking at how tight and shiny the ball has got. Next in line is a swim ring. She puts the beachball to one side to use later and grabs the ring. Jenny is aroused and wants another bang. She attaches the compressor to the ring and sits on it. The trigger is pulled and the inflatable fills rapidly with air. It starts lifting Jenny as it gets bigger and bigger, bulging at the sides. Jenny runs a finger along the side of the ring, making it squeak. With an incredibly loud bang, the inflatable rips in two, making Jenny fall onto the sofa. She is ready to orgasm but wants to wait for Sophie so she decides to calm down a bit. Jenny takes the large beachball and lays on her back. She takes a deep breath and starts to blow. After a long time of blowing it's almost full. When Jenny feels some resistance, she starts to get excited again. After a few more breaths, she sits up and keeps blowing hard, pushing the beachball into the sofa. Jenny puts her arms around it, still breathing heavily into the ball. It's mostly transparent and she can see her breath condescending inside, water droplets running down the tight vinyl. Eventually she makes herself stop before she pops it. She manages to close the valve without losing too much air. Then she carries it over to the corner of the room, throwing herself onto it and starts grinding against it. Soon she strips off her clothes so she can feel the overinflated beachball against her skin. Jenny goes back to grinding but something is missing. She goes and gets the beachball that she blow up earlier and starts humping that against the bigger one.
That's much better. She thinks sighing in pleasure.

After a minute or so, Jenny wants more. She brings over the compressor.
"I hope you don't mind me popping everything Sophie, but I can't stop myself." Jenny opens the valve on the smaller beachball and sticks the compressor in. She then climbs on top of the large beachball, putting the smaller underneath her. She pushes her hips against it, letting the ball support her whole body. Then she pulls the trigger on the compressor. The next few seconds turn her on more that anything else that day. She starts rising as the beachball gets way bigger than it was designed. Jenny can feel it bulge outward. It seems to get warmer as it stretches tightly against her skin. It's impossibly hard, like it's completely solid. Jenny closes her eyes. She knows it's going to be loud, even louder than the swim ring. Any second now... Why isn't it popping? The pressure inside must be immense. Just when she's about to give up, there's a deep boom and the beachball explodes underneath her. Jenny falls over, taking a few moments to recover. She has a closer look at the beachball. It has a huge rip down the middle and the whole thing has been stretched thin. Jenny notices some sort of glue or resin along the seams. Sophie must have reinforced them.

Jenny is just about to go back to riding the beachball when she sees something on the other side of the room. It's a light blue coloured, transparent plastic. She picks it up and realises it's an inflatable dolphin. Jenny has always wanted one of these but never got round to actually buying one. Nearby there's an electric pump. Jenny can't wait to blow it up by mouth, so she uses the pump until it's nearly full. She finishes it by mouth, blowing it until it's nice and firm. She carries it to the front of the sofa and is about to ride it when she notices that the flipper on the end isn't inflated. She gets the compressor and inflates it until it looks like it about to burst, then adds a little more air. She climbs on and begins to ride it hard. Then Jenny grabs one of the balloons from the sofa. She blows into it while still grinding agains her inflatable. By the time the balloon is full, Jenny feels ready to orgasm.
Just a little longer... She thinks and exhales into the balloon, making the neck start to inflate. As it grows steadily towards her lips, she grinds harder against the inflatable. The neck reaches her lips, gently pushing into them. Jenny blows hard again. Suddenly the end of the neck bulges. Jenny hesitates, getting nervous but the squeaks underneath her are driving her wild. She can't stop now. Jenny lies on her front, loving the tight vinyl under her and the bulging latex around her mouth. She inhales through her nose and blows hard. The balloon just grows firmer. Jenny takes another deep breath, taking in as much air as she possibly can and forces it all into the balloon. At the same time she thrusts her hips hard into the inflatable.


The balloon explodes in her face and Jenny lets out a moan so loud it would have been heard by anyone taking a walk in the forest. The orgasm is so powerful, Jenny feels like she's about to pass out.

She lies on the inflatable whale for a few minutes, rubbing her face along the smooth vinyl. Suddenly the front door opens and Sophie walks in, a wet patch on the front of her jeans.

"Sophie..." Says Jenny, sitting up still completely naked.
"That was the hottest thing I've seen in a long time." Sophie replies
"You were watching?" Asks Jenny, still recovering.
Sophie nods. "I saw everything through a hidden camera. I wanted to see what you would do. I was hoping you'd pop stuff, looks like you're over your fear."

"Well, I wouldn't say that. Still scares me."
"Really? What would you do if I gave you this?" Sophie grabs a 16 inch balloon from the sofa and starts stretching it.
Jenny starts getting nervous. She hasn't blown one of these to pop before. Sophie walks over to her and puts the balloon in Jenny's mouth. Then she picks up the dolphin. "I think you know what to do." Sophie lies on her back on the sofa and places the inflatable on top of her.
Jenny hesitates, the balloon still in her mouth.
"What you waiting for?" Says Sophie.
Jenny climbs on, supporting herself with her legs. She puts her arms beside Sophie and starts to slowly hump the inflatable.
"Use your whole weight, stop holding back now that I'm here! Do what you did earlier, as hard as you can." Sophie tells her.
Jenny lifts up her legs, and starts thrusting the toy against Sophie.
"That's better. Now start blowing and don't stop!"
Jenny blows into the balloon. It has a dark blue colour. She keeps going making the colour lighter with every breath. Soon it's a transparent aqua. Jenny shuffles forward and leans over the inflatable, the balloon dangling above Sophie. Jenny keeps going past rated size, the balloon almost touching Sophie's face. It inches closer as the neck begins to fill. When it reaches Jenny's lips she stops.
"Why'd you stop?" Sophie asks.
"I'm scared. And I don't think I could hold it much longer, it's so tight!"
"Hold on." Sophie sighs. She wriggles out from under the inflatable and walks to a drawer nearby. She searches for something then comes back. "Here we go, gimme that," Sophie takes the balloon off Jenny and attaches a valve to it. "There, now there's no excuses. You just have to keep blowing until you hear a bang. You can't even let the air out." Sophie goes back under the dolphin. Jenny nervously resumes inflating. It's much easier with the valve. After a few more breaths the balloon is pushing against Sophie's face. Jenny doesn't stop and makes it tighter and tighter. How isn't she scared? Jenny thinks. She closes her eyes so the size of the balloon doesn't scare her and rides hard against Sophie, still blowing. After a while she opens her eyes to see how big it is. The balloon is pressed against Sophie. Surely it can't take much more. After a few more hard breaths it finally pops. Jenny screams but Sophie barely flinches. However by the look and sound of it, she's orgasmed. Jenny gets off. "That was amazing. Can I take some of those balloons home?" She asks.
"Yeah. We aren't done yet though. I have a friend that owns a pool, she's away and says we can use it. Grab some of those balloons, there's more inflatables waiting for us there. We can leave the rest for Holly next time she's here."
"Are we leaving right away?" Asks Jenny.
"Yes, you probably want to put some clothes on."
Vinyl euphoria (inflatable fetish)
Thought I'd do an inflatable one. Contains popping and a bit of balloon fun as well. 

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Holly had just gone to Sophie's house to have another looning session. Unfortunately Sophie had just told her that she had ran out of balloons.
"I've got a load more coming. They're meant to arrive today. Why don't you stay a bit, hopefully they'll come while you're here." Says Sophie. "I don't think I've ever told you how I became a looner, have I? Sit down and I'll tell you how it all happened."

Holly and Sophie cuddle up together under a blanket on the sofa. Sophie begins her story.
"I think it started when I was at school. That's the first time I can remember inflating a balloon anyway. We were making something and needed a balloon. Most of the class didn't blow them that big but there were a few that were more daring. I blew mine up till it seemed to be the right size but wondered if it could get any bigger. I think we were making paper mache pots or something, and I wanted mine to be the biggest. I carried on going until my balloon was by far the biggest in the class. I realised that the neck was starting to expand and wanted to know if the whole thing would inflate. People started paying attention to me as I kept going even though it was starting to get tighter. A few people next to me put their fingers in their ears and one girl begged me to stop. The neck was almost full by now and everyone's eyes were on me. I was enjoying the attention and put another big breath in. One more breath and it would be completely full. I didn't know whether to stop then and have the biggest, tightest balloon in the class or keep going. I thought about it while putting in the last breath that would completely fill the neck. If I stop now I'll never know how big it would get. I decided that I would keep going until I couldn't blow anymore or it popped. I took a deep breath when the teacher must have realised what was going on. "Sophie that's enough, you're going to pop it!"
Disappointed, I took it away from my mouth and let a little air out so that I could tie it. My friend who was sitting next to me whispered "Were you really going to pop it?"
I said I would have tried.
"You're so brave, I could never do that."
Then another girl I didn't like much piped up. "I bet you couldn't have done it. You would've got scared or you'd be too weak to finish it."
I said I would have easily done it if the teacher didn't stop me. She just ignored me. I really wanted to find out how close I was to popping it and wanted to prove that girl wrong."

"Don't tell me you did a blow to pop after the teacher told you off?" Says Holly.

"No, I knew I wouldn't get away with that so near the end of the lesion, I managed to take another balloon without anyone realising and asked if I could go to the toilet. To my surprise the teacher let me, I thought she would tell me to wait till end of lesion. I practically ran to the toilets and locked the door. I pulled out the balloon and started stretching it. Looking at my watch, I realised the bell was going to go any second. I put the balloon to my lips and started blowing as fast as I could. When it was as big as the last one, I slowed down. I must admit I was pretty nervous then. I had no idea what to expect, only that it was going to be loud. The neck had just touched my fingers when the bell rang. I panicked, trying to get more air in and pop it before everyone started coming out of class. I was so tight and I didn't have any experience with balloons. This was my second one. The air kept escaping as I tried to blow more in. I heard people coming into the bathroom and had to quietly deflated the balloon."

"That must have been so frustrating." Says Holly "What happened next?"

"I was so annoyed. All I wanted was to find out how big it could get. I put the balloon in my pocket, hoping to get another opportunity before long.

When I got home, my mum said she was going to go shopping. My dad wasn't home from work yet. I had the house to myself. As soon as the door closed, I ran to my room and shut the door. I sat on my bed and started blowing up the balloon again. I didn't have to rush this time and it was easier to inflate. Soon the neck was full again. This time there were no distractions. I expected it to pop right after the neck was full but it didn't. It was hard to put the last few breaths in but I wasn't giving up now. When it finally popped it was so loud that I think I screamed. I sat there for a few minutes in shock and amazement at how big it got. I wondered if I would be able to do it again, knowing how loud it would be. I remembered we had a party not that long ago and started searching the house for another balloon to try. It wasn't long before I found them in a drawer. I took a red one and went back to my room. I was a lot more nervous this time. I slowed right down when the neck started inflating. That was a mistake, should have done it quickly. Slowing inflating it made the anticipation a lot worse and by the time the neck was full my hands were shaking. I wasn't able to do it. I let some of the air out then tied it. I wasn't sure what to do next. I couldn't leave it there or someone would want to know what I was doing with it. I thought about popping it with a pin but that was boring. I sat on it hoping it would pop. It didn't. Even after bouncing on it, I couldn't get it to pop. I was laying on my front, basically humping it. Although it wasn't sexual at this point, it was defiantly a lot of fun. When it popped, I wasn't scared this time but it did make me jump. I wanted to do it again but my mum came back home. It was then I realised there were pieces of latex stuck to my wall from the blow to pop. I was still finding bits weeks after."

So what happened after that?" Holly asks.

"The next day I was at school and had just had my lunch. I was talking to my friend on a bench outside in the sun. That girl that was taunting me yesterday comes over and drops a uninflated balloon on the table.
"Still think you can blow it until it pops?" She asks me.
"Of course." I replied. I was a little nervous after I couldn't blow to pop the second one yesterday, but I couldn't back down now.
"Go on then. Bet you can't do it." I immediately grabbed it and put it to my mouth. I was determined to show her what I could do. I effortlessly blew it until the neck was tight then hesitated.
"What you waiting for. You scared?"
There was a small crowd gathering now and I knew I had no choice. I put in one more breath, making it explode into loads of tiny pieces. A few girls screamed and then everyone started cheering. Then a teacher came over and told me to follow her. I thought I was going to be in big trouble."

"But you only popped a balloon." Says Holly "Kids do that all the time."

"She asked me why I did it. I decided to act innocent. "I just wanted to see how big it would get. I didn't mean to pop it."
"I heard you were scaring everyone yesterday by blowing up your balloon too big."
"I guess I just got carried away." I lied.
"You are brave. Just make sure it doesn't happen again. You may go." She let me go and I went back to my friend. She was impressed. I never heard anything from that other girl. I was temped to dare her to pop one but didn't think I would get away with that.

After that I took balloons whenever I could. Unfortunately it wasn't always easy finding any and the bag in the drawer didn't last long. I took a few whenever I was alone. I always tried to blow to pop but could only do it half the time. If I couldn't blow to pop, I would sit or ride it to pop."

"Do you know when it turned into a fetish?" Asks Holly.

"I think it happened over time without me realising it. It must've looked really hot when I was riding them till they popped. At first I thought it was fun but it must have been more than that. Sometimes I would get really into it, lying on my front grinding hard into the balloon until it burst. After it popped I was nearly always able to do a blow to pop right afterwards. I thought I just enjoyed the excitement of the pop."

"Was there a time when you realised it was turning you on?"

"Yes. It happened on a school trip. We were staying away for a few nights at a activity centre. I hadn't been able to get any balloons in awhile and was desperate to play with them again. After a morning of activities we were allowed a break. You could spend money in the shop or play ball games in a field. I was on my way to the shop when I noticed some balloons on sticks outside. My heart started racing and I knew I just had to have one. I waited nearby until no one was around then ran to one of the balloons. My heart was in my mouth and my hands were shacking so much I almost wasn't able to take the balloon off the stick. It was pink and very transparent. Once I got it off, I let it deflate and quickly put it in my pocket. Then I walked the other way, hoping no one saw. I thought about running off into the woods nearby to do a blow to pop, but decided against it. I would properly get in trouble or ever worse get found out. I kept it in my pocket for the rest of the day. Every now and again I would put my hand in my pocket and feel the balloon, getting that nervous excitement each time. There was no way I could wait until I got home. I decided to wait until everyone's asleep then blow it up. I wouldn't be able to blow to pop it but an inflation was better than nothing.

That evening I lay in bed waiting to everyone to go to sleep. It seemed to take forever but finally at half eleven I took the balloon out of my pillowcase, where I had been hiding it. I didn't want to blow it up in the open incase someone turned the light on and saw it. I ended up putting it inside my pajamas, that way I could feel it getting bigger even if I couldn't see it. I'm pretty sure this is when it turned sexual. After a few breaths, the feeling of the balloon growing bigger against my bare skin drove me wild. I almost forgot to keep quiet. Suddenly I felt the neck against my lips. I immediately stopped knowing it was about to pop. I let the air out so I could do it again. This time I bent over and inflated it further down. When it was nearly full it was touching my pussy. It felt so good I didn't realise until it was almost too late that the neck was bulging around my fingers. I hadn't felt excitement like this before and let some air out so I could blow again and again. Then I started grinding against it, trying not to make a sound. After what must have been an hour after starting, I headed someone cough and made myself stop. I hid the balloon and went to sleep.
The next day I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had hid the balloon in my pillow again and was worrying that someone would find it. The day couldn't go past quick enough, I wanted nothing more than to lie in bed and inflate that balloon again. I kept day dreaming about blowing it against me until it popped. Never before had I wanted to pop a balloon so badly and the worse part was that I knew I wouldn't be able to do it for so long. There were more balloons outside the shop but there were always people around so I couldn't take any. That night I lay in bed again waiting for everyone to sleep. I was desperate to start blowing. Finally I couldn't wait any more and put the balloon back into my pyjamas and started to gently blow. It seemed bigger then the night before and this made by even more excited. I felt the neck begin to fill. I knew it was risky taking it this far but it felt too good to stop. It was the biggest balloon I had ever blown at the time. It must of been no more than 12 inches but felt bigger in the confined space. I hadn't popped a ballon in ages and every breath was driving me wild. The pop was inevitable."

"You actually popped it?" Says Holly looking impressed.

"I sort of forgot where I was. I wasn't thinking that it could pop. All I knew in my state of euphoria was that each breath increased my pleasure. When it popped I suddenly remembered where I was and started panicking."

"What happened, did you get in trouble?"

"No one knew what had happened. I'm pretty sure it woke everyone in the building. The lights went on and the teachers rushed in to find out what had happened. It stung where the balloon had popped against me but I barely noticed it. Luckily no one knew it came from me. The next day everyone was talking about the "bomb" that went off in the night. Most people just thought it was a prank. I was careful to clear all the pieces of balloon that covered the inside of my pyjamas. I was lucky, that was much too close for comfort. Imagine if someone had discovered me blowing to pop a balloon against my pussy. I would have probably died from embarrassment.
The next night I kept thinking about how good it felt and wanted to do it again on purpose. I couldn't sleep and eventually got out of bed. No one was around and I was feeling naughty. I brought my torch and checked the back door. To my surprise it was unlocked. Probably in case there was a fire or something. I went outside and walked to the shop. It wasn't far from the main building. All the balloons were there from the day before. I took one and held it for a bit. Then I opened my pyjama bottoms and stuffed the balloon inside. I rubbed it against myself for a few minutes but knowing I was pushing my luck I reluctantly took it out and deflated it. Then I took every balloon off their sticks and put them all in my pockets. I had collected about ten I think. I then quietly walked back inside and hid them in my bag."

"You were a bit of a bad girl weren't you? First you do a blow to pop in the middle of the night, then you sneak outside and start pleasuring yourself before stealing all the balloons from the shop." Holly jokes.

"If I hadn't taken those ones, it could of been months before I got the opportunity to get anymore. Pretty sure it was a fetish from then on. Every time I played with balloons after that day, it wasn't just for innocent fun but for sexual pleasure. Went I went back to bed, I kept imagining all the things I could do with the balloons. After last night I didn't risk inflating one again because I know I would get carried away. As soon as I got home I hid all my balloons in my room. Once I had the house to myself, I got them out. I believe it was two days after that school trip I had my first proper orgasm. I did two blow to pops first. I remember that really got me going and I only just managed to stop blowing the third one before it popped so I could tie it. I stripped off and started riding it hard while blowing another until it burst in my face. I gasped as an intense pleasure went through my body and the balloon I was riding exploded underneath me.
Within a week I had used them all. I wasn't completely satisfied though and wanted bigger balloons. Eventually I got myself a bank account so I could buy more balloons online. You should of seen my reaction when I saw the size of a 24 inch.
So that's how I became a looner."

"Wow that was some story. I can't believe you've never told me it before." Just then the door knocks. Sophie answers and comes in with a large box. "They're here! What shall we do?" Asks Sophie.
"I have an idea." Holly begins. "How about we act out your story from your first balloon in that classroom, to the blow to pop on the school trip, and finally your first orgasm."
"That's a great idea. I would love that so much. Let's get everything set up."

For the rest of the day Holly and Sophie act out the story. At the end, Holly can't help but join in. They finish with riding a 24 inch together while blowing to pop 14 inches.
Sophie's Story
How Sophie became a looner

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Sophie's phone beeps. It's Holly saying she'll be there in 40 minutes. Sophie is at the cabin with Jenny. They have just opened a large package of balloons and are about to prepare the place for Dan and Holly's arrival.
"Okay Jenny, we have 40 minutes to decorate the place. We'll use the helium tank for the 12 inches, and the compressor for the larger balloons. The balloons on the floor can be inflated to rated size, but I want all the balloons off the ground to be a bit bigger. Make sure you fully neck them." Sophie instructs.
"What if they pop?" Asks Jenny, a little nervously.
"You can wear ear plugs if you want. Just in case we have any accidents. Go grab a bag and start inflating them."
Jenny goes over to the box of balloons and finds a bag of 12 inch crystal coloured balloons. "Are we going to use all these?" She asks.
"Yeah, there's more in there for later. Don't worry we're not going to run out." Sophie replies.
Jenny opens the bag and offers a blue one to Sophie.
"You can do it. Just place it on the valve and fill it until it's full."
"You want me to do it?" Jenny asks.
"I thought it would be best for you to do those balloons as I can get a bit carried away." Sophie tells her.
Jenny hesitates for a moment before placing the balloon on the helium tank. She starts letting the air in. Before long it reaches its rated size and Jenny stops inflating it. She glances at Sophie.
"Bigger than that!" Sophie complains. "Don't worry it can take way more air, it's not going to pop yet. She adds after Jenny hesitates.
"Okay, but can you get my ear plugs, just in case."
"Sure, if it makes you more comfortable."

Once Jenny has her ear plugs in, she begins to fill the balloon with more helium. As the neck starts to grow she lets the air in more slowly. Once it's halfway full she stops again.
"A little more." Sophie encourages. Jenny puts a bit more in then takes the balloon off the valve and ties it. Sophie takes it off her and inspects it. "I think it'll be best if I show you how much they can take. Then you won't be so nervous." Sophie lets the balloon float to the ceiling and takes another from the packet.
Jenny's eyes widen in fear.
"Go outside and watch me through the window." Sophie says.
Jenny doesn't need to be told twice. She rushes to the door as Sophie starts to fill the balloon. Once she's outside, she goes to the window. The balloon is full already. Sophie keeps inflating it and the neck starts to fill. Soon it's bulging around Sophie's fingers. It looks very tight and ready to pop, but Sophie doesn't show any sign of nervousness. Jenny watches in awe. If only I could do that. She thinks. Just then then balloon bursts, shards of latex flying everywhere. Sophie hardly flinches. Jenny stares through the window in amazement. Suddenly she really wants to do a blow to pop. Sophie beckons her in. Jenny opens the front door. "Sophie can you help me to blow to pop a balloon? I really want to do it but I don't think I'll be able to."
"I can try. There's a method I used to help Holly, but I don't think you'll like it." Sophie tells her.
"Do whatever it takes, I really want this."
"Okay, let's finish decorating the place then we can start. I reckon you'll be able to do your first blow to pop by the end of the day."
"Really?" Asks Jenny.
"Yes, but it's going to be hard to begin with. At any point you can give up but that'll be it for today. You'll have to stay in the car while the rest of us have fun." Sophie explains.
"I'm not going to give up. Couldn't to force me to do it somehow?"
"I think that's the only way I'm going to be able to do it. With Holly I tied her up so she couldn't escape. At first she was terrified but now she thanks me for it."
"Can you do that to me? Otherwise I'll just get scared and want to stop. I give you permission to do anything you can to make me do it. Even if I beg you to stop. That's the only way I'm going to be able to do it."
"I guarantee you'll regret saying that as soon as we begin. But you'll be grateful after. Come on let's get this done then we can begin. I want to see every neck completely full, otherwise I'll take it all the way. Next time you won't be allowed outside."

Jenny take another balloon, a red one this time, and puts it on the helium tank. She takes a deep breath then lets the air in, making the balloon expand rapidly. This time she keeps going after the neck starts to inflate. It quickly grows toward her fingers. Suddenly she panics and takes the ballon off. Sophie walks over. "Is the neck full this time?"
"Pretty much." Jenny replies. It was almost touching her fingers as she pinches it closed.
"Pretty much? I said I wanted it completely full. Keep going." Sophie tells her.
Jenny's worried she'll pop it if she puts any more air in. "It's good enough." She's about to tie it when Sophie grabs it off her.
"Remember what I told you?" Sophie puts the balloon back on the valve. There's a hiss of air and the balloon gets even bigger.
"Stop! I'll make the next one bigger I promise." Jenny begs.
Sophie stops inflating. "It better be, or you'll know what will happen. Next time I'm going to pop it without warning if it isn't big enough." She puts a bit more air in the balloon, hoping it'll scare Jenny enough to make the next one bigger. She then ties it. "Go find another."
Jenny takes a green balloon and puts it on the helium tank. This time she's determined to get it big enough. Once the neck is almost filled she tries to turn down the valve so she'll have more control. But her hands are shaking so much that she accidentally turns it up. The neck pushes firmly against her hand as she desperately tries to turn it off. Once she manages to shut off the air, the balloon is huge. Sophie comes over. "That's more like it! Perhaps a little too big this time though, I think it'll pop any second." Sophie lets a bit of air out before tying it. "You're doing well. You carry on with that and I'll start on the others."

Before long the room is filled with balloons. Despite Jenny over inflating  all hers, there wasn't any accidents. "Right, I think that's enough. We have some time before Holly's due so we can start practicing. You can fully inflate them with the tank, now let's see if you can do it by mouth." Sophie says.
"Okay, I'll try." Jenny takes a pink balloon out of the bag.
"Actually I want you to try a different balloon. Those are pretty strong but I've got some others that can take way more. It's the same size but pretty much impossible to pop by accident." Sophie goes over to the box of balloons and searches for something. "Here you go." She pulls out a bag of 12 inches and hands one to Jenny. It's thicker than the others and has a dark red colour. Jenny begins to stretch it, feeling excited but nervous.
"Sit on the sofa and just keep blowing. I'll tell you if it's getting too big, I won't let you pop it. Not this one anyway, they are very loud." Sophie follows her to the sofa and sits next to her. Jenny takes a deep breath and blows. At first she struggles to get it started.
"Harder than it looks, isn't it? Just keep going, it'll get easier." Sophie tells her. After the first breath Jenny is able to inflate it quickly. She looks like she's enjoying herself and keeps going even after the neck starts to inflate.
"That's it Jenny, keep blowing." Sophie encourages. She slows down a bit as the neck nears her lips. She holds the balloon with both hands and puts in another slow breath. The balloon is a lighter red now and so transparent that Jenny can she Sophie though it. She starts to blow again but stops as soon as she feels latex touch her lips. The neck is completely full.
"Don't stop, it can get bigger than that." Says Sophie.
Jenny closes the neck with her fingers. "Are you sure? There's no room left for it to grow."
"Yes I'm sure. You'll know when it gonna pop, trust me."
"How? It looks like it's going to now." Jenny asks.
"It'll be extremely tight and very hard to blow any more air in. Try at least three more breaths, I'll warn you if it's getting close." Sophie promises.
Jenny puts the balloon back to her lips and blows. She closes her eyes, enjoying the feeling of the balloon pushing softly against her mouth. She has always wanted to get a balloon this big but always got scared. Trusting Sophie that it can go bigger, she puts in another long breath. It starts to bulge tightly against her lips. Jenny's excitement increases and she forgets her fear for a moment as she puts a couple more breaths into the balloon. It squeaks loudly making her stop.
"I can see you want to keep going. Put a few more in, I'm sure it can take it." Sophie says.
Jenny takes the balloon away from her mouth. "I want to but I can't."
"Yes you can, you just need some encouragement." Sophie takes a balloon from the floor and sits on it. "Keep going and I won't pop it."
"I can't..."
Sophie starts bouncing making the neck shoot out.
"Okay okay, I'll do it." She puts the balloon back to her lips and blows firmly. "I think that enough, it's really tight." Jenny says after the balloon squeaks again.
"Let me take a look." Sophie takes the balloon off her and without warning, blows hard into the balloon. Then she hands it back to Jenny. "See it's fine. One more full breath and I'll let you stop."
Jenny puts it back to her lips but doesn't blow.
"Just blow as hard as you can and get it done with. Unless you want me to show you how big they can really get?" Sophie threatens.
Knowing that Sophie means it, Jenny does what's she told and blows hard, closing her eyes and bracing for the pop.
"There you go. You can tie it now if you want. Of course you could keep going if you'd prefer." Sophie jokes.
Jenny pinches the neck closed. "I can't tie it, it's too big."
"Fine you can deflate it if you must. I'll get Holly to pop it later. Leave it on the table." Sophie instructs.

"So what next?" Jenny asks eagerly.
"You can do your first blow to pop or another over inflation with a larger balloon. Your choice."
"I don't think I'm ready for a blow to pop yet."
"Okay, would you like to blow a 14 inch to the very limit or a 24 inch until the neck comes out?" Sophie asks.
"I think I'll use the 24 inch. Less chance of it popping."
"Fine, but there's a twist. You have to inflate it in a sleeping bag. It'll get very tight against you, keep going till I tell you to stop."
"Okay, I think I can do that."
"It will feel so good you won't want to stop. Go in the bedroom and take off all your clothes. You don't want something sharp to pop it." Says Sophie.

After a few minutes, Jenny is in the sleeping bag holding a light blue 24 inch balloon.
"Lie on your back and start blowing. I'm going to get everything ready for Holly and Dan. When I come back I want to see it fully inflated." Sophie tells her. Jenny puts the balloon against her lips and starts to blow. Sophie watches for a moment before going back to the living room. She takes a packet of 14 and 16 inch balloons and sits on the sofa.

After blowing a few up she hears a loud squeak from the bedroom. She goes to check on Jenny. The balloon must have been almost full but it was hard to tell because most of it was inside the sleeping bag. "How you doing?" Sophie asks.
"It's getting really tight. Is it big enough yet?" Jenny says, out of breath.
"Not yet. Let me have a go." Sophie takes the balloon from Jenny and starts to blow.
"Slow down, it's gonna pop!" Says Jenny. Sophie ignores her and keeps going. The neck comes out and it's getting so tight that Jenny has difficulty breathing. She's too scared to move in case it pops. Suddenly there's a knock at the door.
"That'll be Holly. Keep blowing, I'll be back in a minute." Says Sophie.
Jenny takes the balloon and pinches the neck closed, but as soon as Sophie is out of the room, she lets some air out. Jenny can hear Holly and Dan in the other room. She thinks about deflating the balloon but doesn't in case Sophie punishes her for it. Just then, Sophie comes back in. "I thought I told you to keep going. Hey Holly!" She calls. Holly comes in the bedroom. "Yeah?"
"Show Jenny how big these balloons can go. Keep blowing, don't let her stop you. She wants to get over her fear." Sophie explains.
"You want me to keep going until it pops?" Holly asks.
"Let's ask her. Jenny do you want Holly to blow to pop it for you?"
Jenny quickly answers. "No, can we do something else now?"
"After this. Don't worry, Holly knows what she's doing. Make sure you take it right to the limit. Jenny needs to learn how much they can take." Sophie says, walking towards the door. "I need Dan to help me with something, I'll be back in a minute." She adds before leaving the room.
Holly walks up the bed. "Hi Jenny. Sophie used to do this with me. It's scary as first but you'll learn to enjoy it." Holly takes the balloon off Jenny. "Let's see how big we can get it, shall we? Just lie back and relax." She puts the balloon to her lips and blows gently. "Feel good?" She asks.
"Yeah. Promise me you won't pop it."
"I promise. I'm going to get it really big though. Try to enjoy it and don't worry that it's going to pop." Holly starts to blow again. It's already tight but Holly blows effortlessly. She's used to doing this herself and her lungs have become strong with all the practice. She doesn't hesitate as the neck comes out for the second time that day. Jenny tries to tell her to stop but the balloon is covering her mouth. Holly puts in another breath, making the balloon touch her lips. She pauses. "You're really brave. I never let Sophie blow it this big on my first go. I'll keep going until you tell me you've had enough." Holly carries on, surprised at Jenny's courage. Jenny manages to get out a moan. "You sound like you're enjoying yourself. I think it can take a little more." Says Holly. She starts to blow again but before long she stops. "I reckon it'll pop with a few more breaths. I can keep going if you want."
Jenny desperately tries to move into a position that'll let her speak but the balloon is too tight against her. Holly puts in two more breaths. "Okay, it's getting really hard to put any more air in now. If I keep going it's definitely gonna burst. I can do it if you want." Holly says, then she sees the fear in Jenny's eyes. "I think that's enough. You look terrified. But then one more breath won't hurt." Holly goes to inflate the balloon again but stop when she sees how scared Jenny looks. "Only joking. Sophie, come look at this!" She calls. After a moment Sophie comes back in, followed by Dan. His eyes widen when he sees how big the balloon is and takes a few steps back. Sophie walks up to the bed, inspecting the balloon. "Well done Holly. You got it right to the max. Well actually it's a little too big. Let the air out before it pops." Holly lets go of the balloon. Jenny relaxes as the pressure on her realises. "I didn't think you were going to stop." Jenny says after the balloon has deflated.
"I did ask you but you didn't reply. I thought you wanted me to keep going." Says Holly.
"I couldn't, the balloon was pushing against my face."
"Oh well, at least you know how big they will get now."
Sophie helps her out of the sleeping bag. "We're about to have a blow to pop race. You can watch if you want, otherwise you can wait in the car until we're finished." She says.
Jenny thinks about it for a moment. She wants to watch but doesn't think she'll be able to. "I don't think I'm ready yet. I'll wait in the car." She says finally.
"Okay, get dressed then. We'll wait for you.

Jenny opens the front door. Dan, Sophie and Holly all have 12 inch balloons on them and are about to start.
"Wait." Sophie calls. She takes a balloon out of a box and gives it to her. "You can play with this while you wait." Jenny takes the balloon and leaves the cabin. She gets in Sophie's car and closes the door.

Holly stretches her balloon; an orange 12 inch. Dan and Sophie are sitting next to her on the sofa. As soon as the front door closes, Sophie says "Go!" and they start to inflate. Holly blows hard and fast and her balloon grows quickly. She glances at Dan and realises that he's wining. His balloon looks almost full. Sophie is not far behind. Holly inhales deeply and blows a full breath into her balloon. It's almost at rated size and is getting more transparent. Dan's balloon has a neck but he appears to be slowing down. After a few more deep breaths, Holly's balloon starts to grow a neck. Each breath makes it come closer to her lips. She makes sure she has a good grip on it before blowing again. It touches her fingers. She doesn't take it from her lips in case she loses her grip. Dan's balloon is also fully necked but he is blowing slower now and looks a little nervous. Holly inhales through her nose and blows again, closing her eyes and bracing herself for the pop.
BANG! Holly jumps and opens her eyes. Her balloon is still in her mouth. Looking round, she sees Sophie with a piece of broken latex in her mouth. She's won. "Come on Holly, keep going." She says, putting her hands on the side of Holly's overinflated balloon. Holly let's out a deep breath, making it explode. She turns to Dan. His balloon is ready to burst but he's stopped inflating. "Not scared are you?" Holly asks him.
He closes the lip with his fingers. "It's been awhile since I've done a blow to pop." He replies.
"Let me finish it then." Holly takes the balloon off him and blows hard. It doesn't pop. She pushes him back on the sofa and sits on his lap with the balloon in his face. She puts in another breath. He tries to wriggle away but Holly doesn't let him. She exhales hard into the balloon and it finally pops in his face. "There you go, it wasn't hard." She says, letting him up.
"I should've been able to do that. Give me another one and I'll do it." He says. Holly spots a green balloon floating on the other side of the room. It's been overinflated and looks close to popping. She takes it down and gives it to Dan. "Blow it until it pops. If you can get the neck untied anyway."
While Dan's trying to undo the neck, Holly takes a helium balloon for herself. It's a deep red colour and has been inflated tightly. She rubs her hands and face over it, closing her eyes and inhaling it's scent. The balloon feels incredibly smooth and firm agianst her skin. Holly gently licks the balloon, then hears a rush of air beside her. Dan has got the balloon against his lips and is blowing hard into it. Holly places her balloon in between her legs and watches him. He quickly puts in another breath, the balloon squeaks as his fingers rub against it. Becoming more aroused by the second, Holly pulls her balloon closer to her and starts to gently grind into it. There's another strong breath from Dan and the balloon pops in his face. He takes a few seconds to recover, then grabs Holly's balloon from her. He pushes it against her and Holly lies on her back, with her legs apart. Dan climbs on the balloon and starts grinding it hard against her. The neck bulges with each bounce and Holly sighs in pleasure. Dan keeps going, harder and harder. Suddenly it pops and he falls onto Holly. He gets up. "Shit, I think I just cumed a little."
"Already?" Says Sophie. "Go get yourself cleaned up. We'll check on Jenny. I wonder how she's doing."

Jenny sits in Sophie's car. She wishes she was able to watch the others blow to pop. I'm going to get over this fear whatever it takes. She thinks. Jenny takes the balloon that Sophie gave her and starts to stretch it. After a while, she puts it to her lips and blows gently. This balloon inflates easier than the others, it must be a different make. She keeps blowing, taking her time until it's reached its rated size. Jenny instinctively goes to tie it, then hesitates. She remembers how big the other balloons got.
I suppose I can get it a little bigger. She puts it back to her lips and keeps blowing, making the neck start to grow bigger. When she started blowing, the balloon was red. Now it was more of a pinkish colour. Jenny puts in another breath, then bites the lip of the balloon and pulls. The neck suddenly fills with air, making her panic. She lets go and the ballon deflates. Looking at the piece of red rubber she thinks; I'm not going to get over my fear like this. Jenny imagines Sophie and the others popping balloons inside without fear. If they can do it, so can I. She takes the balloon and starts blowing determinedly into it. She closes her eyes so she can't see how big it's getting. Just keep blowing. She tells herself. She goes as fast as she can, so she won't have time to think. Come on, why won't you pop? Jenny blows a lungful of air in as hard as she can and feels something pushing against her fingers, making her open her eyes. The balloon has got huge, the latex stretched so thin you can barely make out the colour. It's obviously way bigger than it was designed to go. The massive size of the balloon scares her and she lets the air out again. Feeling frustrated but determined, Jenny puts the deflated balloon back to her lips. It's about three times as big as it was before. She focuses on putting each breath in. There's hardly any resistance because it's been stretched so much. This time Jenny doesn't slow down when the neck inflates. The balloon is so thin she's surprised it hasn't popped yet. She manages to put one more breath in, even though the neck is pushing against her lips. Suddenly the car door opens. It's Sophie. "Carful, those balloons aren't as strong as the others. It looks like it gonna pop. Unless that's what you was trying to do."
Jenny pinches it closed, letting out a bit of air. "I was trying to, but I need some help." She says.
"I'm sure me and Holly can do that. Come in, we're finished for now." Sophie tells her. "Keep that balloon on you. It's so thin that it'll pop easily."

Sophie leads Jenny back inside. "Me and Holly have something planned for you. See that balloon on the sofa? You're going to sit on it and keep bouncing or grinding until it pops. Think you can do that?"
"I don't know... I can try." Jenny says nervously.
"We have a way of making you do it. That what you wanted, wasn't it." Sophie asks. Jenny nods slowly.
"Good. Go over to Holly." Sophie instructs. Holly is sitting on the sofa waiting. Next to her is a compressor with a deflated balloon on the end. What are they gonna do? She thinks, slowing walking over to her. Holly takes her hands and makes her sit down. Sophie picks up the hose from the compressor and walks over. Jenny swallows nervously. Sophie opens the front of her jeans and places the balloon inside. Jenny tries to move away but Holly stops her.
"This balloon is going to slowly inflate. I won't turn it off unless you pop the other balloon. Of course if you're enjoying it, I can let it keep getting bigger until it explodes in your pants." Sophie explains. "Sit on the balloon and it'll start it."
Jenny moves over to the 12 inch balloon and gently lowers herself onto it. There's a hiss and she feels the balloon start to expand in her jeans. Not knowing how much time she has, Jenny starts to bounce on the balloon. It bulges side ways and the neck gets a bit longer. The balloon in her jeans is already starting to get firm and it creeks with every movement. She starts to bounce even harder, the neck shooting out. Jenny lets all her weight on the balloon, trying to pop it quickly. It squeaks but doesn't pop. She can feel pressure on her clit, it feels good buts she scared of it popping. Surely it can't get much bigger in the confined space. She tries to pull it out but Holly grabs her arms. It's extremely tight now. Jenny desperately tries to pop it again, bouncing on it as hard as she possibly can. After a few seconds it suddenly pops. Jenny falls on top of Holly. "Turn it off!" She says, not daring to move in case it pops. Sophie goes to the compressor and is about to turn it off, but then before Jenny knows what's going on, she turns it up to maximum. She screams as the balloon suddenly gets even tighter against her. She sees the neck coming out of her jeans before she closes her eyes. Holly pulls her into a tight hug. The balloon gets impossibly hard before finally exploding with a deafeningly loud bang. Holly continues to hug her while she shakes in fear. "Are you okay? I didn't know she was going to do that." Whispers Holly.
"Yeah I think so." She replies, sitting up.
"Sorry about that. It didn't hurt did it?" Asks Sophie.
"Not really."
"Good. Did you like it? You can do it again if you want." Sophie jokes.
Jenny hesitates. She did enjoy the feeling of the balloon expanding against her but didn't think she was ready to do it again. "Maybe later. It did feel good."
"Do you think you're ready to try a blow to pop yet? You've inflated that balloon so much that it won't be so loud."
"I'll try it." Says Jenny. Now she's popped one ballon, she wants to pop more. She takes the balloon out of her pocket. It feels soggy and very thin. Sophie grabs a 16 inch balloon from the floor. "If you stop blowing, I'm going to pop this." She sits on the sofa with the balloon on her lap. Jenny puts her balloon to her lips and gently blows. Sophie watches her put more air into the balloon until it's almost full. It's definitely bigger then before but looks very fragile, like its about to pop any second. Jenny has only paused for a moment but Sophie grabs her balloon and squeezes it against her chest, making the neck pop out. Jenny quickly puts in another breath and Sophie lets go of the balloon. Jenny's balloon is starting to get tight and she gets nervous again. Sophie wasn't going to let her go until she's done a blow to pop. She manages to put in another little breath before stopping again. Sophie places the 16 inch in front of her and lies on it. It squeaks as she slowly humps it. Jenny becomes more aroused watching her. Sophie looks so hot grinding against that balloon. She thinks and blows hard into the balloon. She locks eyes with Sophie and exhales and hard as she can. The balloon suddenly pops. In her excitement, Jenny hardly flinches.
Sophie gets up. "Holly, why don't you check on Dan?" She says. Once she's gone, Sophie lies on her back and spreads her legs with the ballon in between. "Join me." She whispers. Jenny nervously goes over to her. "Take your clothes off, it'll feel better." Sophie tells her.
"What if Holly and Dan come back in?" Jenny asks.
"Relax, don't worry about them."
Jenny slowly undresses, then hesitates. It's obvious what Sophie wants her to do. Jenny's never done anything like this before.
"Come on, don't be shy."
Jenny gets on top of the balloon and gently grinds into it.
"Harder than that!" Sophie complains. Jenny gets a little rougher but is carful not to pop the balloon.
"Don't think about the pop, just enjoy yourself. Come on now, as hard as you can, you won't hurt me." Says Sophie. Jenny starts going harder, enjoying the feeling of the smooth, tight latex against her. She gets more and more excited as Sophie begins to sigh in pleasure. Her sighs soon turn into moans as Jenny grinds as hard as she can, making the balloon squeak loudly. Jenny's never felt this way before and suddenly wants to increase Sophie's pleasure even more, and there was only one way to do that. She lets out a groan and the squeaks intensify. There's a load bang and she falls onto Sophie. Before she knows what she's doing, Jenny pulls Sophie closer and kisses her hard. After a few seconds she stops and let's her get up. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I just got really excited and then..."She pants, shacking.
"Don't worry it's fine. You did really well, I didn't expect you to pop it. I have a game planed with Holly and Dan. It involves popping a large balloon. We really need four people to do it. Will you give it a go? I know you'll enjoy it." Sophie says.
"I think I might be able to. Right now I feel like I can pop anything."

They find Dan and Holly in the bathroom. Jenny can hear the sound of air rushing into a balloon. Looking around the door, she finds Dan standing in the corner of the room with Holly inflating a huge transparent balloon against him. It's fully necked and so tight that it looks like glass. It looks like it's at least 24 inches, probably bigger. Jenny is afraid that it's going to pop but can't take her eyes off it. Holly must know she's being watched because she stops blowing then turns around.
"It's okay, keep going." Says Sophie.
"I Would but poor Jenny looks terrified." Holly Looks at her. "I can keep going if you want. It's going to be very loud though."
Jenny shakes her head. She's definitely not ready for a pop this loud yet.
"Okay, feel how tight it is." Holly walks over to her and shows her the balloon. Jenny nervously reaches out and gently touches it. The balloon almost feels like glass, it's so tight and perfectly clear. Holly puts another breath into it, then takes a clip out of her pocket and closes the lip with it. Then she gives it to Jenny. "You can have it if you want."
"Go put it on the sofa. Meet us in the bedroom and I'll explain what we're going to do next." Says Sophie.

When Jenny enters the bedroom, the others are waiting for her. There are two large sleeping bags on the bed and Sophie is holding some tubes. Looking closer, Jenny realises that the tubes are connected to a balloon. They split into two mouthpieces. What is she planning on doing? Jenny thinks. The balloon is connected to a one way valve so it likely that there is going to be a blow to pop.
"Here's what we're going to do; me and Jenny will be in one sleeping bag and you two will be in the other. Each balloon is connected to two tubes, we'll each inflate a balloon in the other team's sleeping bag. The goal is to inflate as fast as you can and pop the other team's balloon before your one pops. Two balloons, four people blowing. That's why I need you Jenny. The balloons are 18 inch, with two people inflating each one it shouldn't take long before they pop. Think you can do this Jenny?" Sophie asks.
"I don't know..." She replies.
"Well, you don't have much of a choice. It won't work without you and I spent ages setting this up." Sophie gets one of the bags and unzips it. "Come here." Jenny walks over to her and Sophie pulls her closer and zips the bag closed. Sophie hands the other balloon to Dan and Holly as they get into their own sleeping bag. Jenny and Sophie stand facing each other. "Where would you like the balloon?" Sophie asks.
"Not too close to my face."
"I'll put it down here then." She pushes the balloon further into the sleeping bag until Jenny feels it brush against her pussy.
"This is going to feel really good until it pops." Says Sophie. "Ready? Go!" Sophie brings the tube to her lips. "Come on, it won't work unless you start blowing. Unless you want this balloon to explode against you." It was already starting to inflate. Jenny starts blowing into her tube as the balloon in their sleeping bag starts to expand rapidly. It isn't long before its starting getting tight against them. Jenny knows that the only way out of this would be to pop Dan and Holly's balloon first. She desperately blows into the tube. She soon becomes light headed but doesn't slow down. The balloon was pushing hard against them now. It must be at full size. It felt unbelievably good and even though she was scared, Jenny didn't want it to stop. Bigger and bigger it gets, making Jenny moan softly into the mouthpiece. She had no way of knowing how close the other balloon was to popping but judging how hard it was getting to blow and the sounds coming from Dan and Holly, Jenny knows it must be close. She looks down and realises the balloon has grown a huge neck. Panicking, she blows as fast as she can. There's a loud moan from Dan and Jenny blows hard again. She can hear Sophie blowing fast as well.
BANG! Jenny screams. The pop was indefinitely louder that she expected. She can still feel a balloon pushing against her. They've won. "Well done Jenny. You did well. There's not gonna be an easy way to deflate it. I say we get Dan and Holly to keep blowing." Says Sophie.
"No, there must be another way." Jenny replies.
"I can't get to the valve. The only other way to pop it is to grind against it like you did earlier. Push me into the wall and hump it as hard as you can. Be rough, I can take it."
Feeling excited at the thought of riding a balloon against Sophie again, Jenny manages to get her up against the wall. She starts grinding hard, feeling incredibly horny. Sophie moans as Jenny keeps pushing the balloon into her as hard as she can. Holly has started to inflate it again with Dan, but Jenny is so turned on that she barely notices. The balloon feels so hard against her clit. Jenny can't contain her pleasure anymore and lets out a primal scream, thrusting against the balloon roughly as she orgasms. It causes the balloon to explode violently against them. Jenny hardly notices the sting where the latex hit her as she collapses to the floor with Sophie.
There's a few moments of silence before Dan says "Wow! That's probably the hottest thing I've ever seen." Holly glares at him. "Well apart from you of course." He quickly adds.
"You're right though, that was pretty hot. I'm a little jealous of you Sophie" Says Holly.  

Sophie unzips the sleeping bag and gets up, panting. "That was really intense. I think I've found a way to making you pop balloons Jenny. Once you've recovered, meet me in the bathroom. I'm not letting you out until you've made me orgasm. I'm sure Holly has some tips if the ask her." Sophie leaves the room. Jenny gets up, shaking a little. "Any ideas on what I should do?" She asks.
"It's up to you. A good blow to pop usually does the job. What ever you decide to do, make sure you're rough with her. She likes that. If you do it right, you'll be in for a surprise. Good luck, make sure you bring some balloons with you. I can help you chose if you want." Says Holly
"Come on then." Holly takes Jenny to the box of balloons and goes through them. "If you blew a 24 inch until it popped, it would definitely make her cum, but I don't expect you to do that. How about a 14 inch? They get pretty big, should give her enough time as long as you don't blow too fast. Take a 16 inch with you as well. You can ride it against her." Holly then attaches a balloon valve to the 14 inch. "This should make it a little easier for you. Make sure you don't stop blowing, however scared you are. You want to see Sophie orgasm, trust me. Take a few 12 inches as well, just in case." Holly takes an overinflated 16 inch and gives it to Jenny. "Take this one and an under inflated one as well." Jenny struggles to find one. Most of them had been inflated to the limit by Sophie. At last she finds one that is a little smaller than the rest and takes it and the others to the bathroom.

Sophie is sitting naked on the floor waiting. Jenny takes the smaller 16 inch and places it between Sophie's legs. This time she doesn't need any encouragement and lunges at her. Sophie lets out a grunt of pleasure as Jenny starts riding hard. After a few minutes, Sophie starts moaning. Jenny increases the pressure and the balloon bursts. Without hesitating, she replaces it with the larger 16 inch. This time she's gentler. Jenny takes the 14 inch and starts to blow. Before long it's almost full. She just putting in another breath, making the neck inflate, when the 16 inch explodes. Sophie sighs then grabs Jenny's hand. She places it on her pussy. "You know what to do. Hurry up, I can't last much longer." She says. A little unsure, Jenny starts stroking gently.
"Harder than that." Sophie tells her. Remembering what Holly told her, Jenny starts getting rough, making Sophie moan again. Jenny knows she's almost reached climax and starts blowing faster. The size of the balloon scares her, but she knows how close Sophie is now. Jenny closes her eyes so she can't see how big it's getting. She blows as fast as she can, even though it's getting hard to get any more air in. Sophie's moans intensify and Jenny gives one last deep breath into the balloon. There's a loud bang and latex shards fly everywhere. Jenny realises her hand is soaking wet. Looking down she sees a wet patch. Sophie must have climaxed as soon as the balloon popped.
"Not bad as all. You've done well. I told you I would have you popping balloons by the end of today. Sit back and relax, you've earned this." Sophie takes one of the 12 inches and start to inflate it against Jenny's clit. She doesn't stop her as she keeps going until it pops. Sophie repeats it with the second balloon, making Jenny finally orgasm.

The rest of the evening they played with balloons together, before eating. Jenny went to sleep exhausted but completely satisfied.

When Jenny goes home the next day she feels as if she had left her fear behind at the cabin. Sophie had given her a bag of balloons to take home as well as the 24 inch. "Keep practicing, otherwise your fear will come back. Blow to pop one at least once a day." Sophie had told her before she went.

Sophie visited her every few weeks to see how see was getting on. Holly met with Sophie at least once a week to have some fun and occasionally all four of them met at the cabin. Within a year, Jenny was able to pop balloons without earplugs. Every blow to pop was a challenge for her, but she enjoyed herself a lot more.


As the years went by, the four of them kept in contact. Dan had to move away for work and eventually Holly moved in with Sophie. They no longer met at the cabin but Sophie kept it in reminder of the good times. Sometimes Holly and Sophie would go there together and play with balloons, making as much noise as they liked, as there was no one around.

No matter what happened in their lives, they always had each other. And of course the cabin which was always stocked with balloons.
The cabin part 2 (series finale)
My last story in the series. I may do some more sometime but they will probably just be one offs. Hope you have enjoyed.


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