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Characters (updated)
Name: Dan
Age: 20
Build: Slim, athletic
Hair and eyes: Medium length dark brown hair with green eyes
Orientation: Straight
Personality: energetic, open-minded, lively
Likes: extreme sports, hiking, gaming
Favourite balloon: 11 inch
Fear levels: medium fear with larger balloons
Dan likes to pop smaller balloons (9-12 inch). He can blow them until they pop without too much fear. He also likes large balloons but usually gets scared of them popping. Holly has helped him overcome his fears but he still gets nervous when she dose blow to pops with anything larger than 16 inch. Despite this fear he loves it when Holly forces him to pop large balloons. His favourite being the time she pumped a 24 inch in a sleeping bag until it burst.
Name: Holly
Height: 5'5"
Build: very slim
Hair and eyes: Long, silky brunette hair, blue eyes
Orientation: Straight (bi with Sophie, or anyone with a balloon.)
Personality: Shy, fun, kind
Likes: Nature, computing, art
Favourite balloon: 14 inch
:iconwildheart107:wildheart107 2 8
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The party was just about over. It was one of Jenny's friends eighteenth birthday. All the guests had just finished leaving, only Jenny and two others remained. The living room was in a mess from the party. There had been balloons decorating the walls but most of them were laying on the floor now.
The three of them sat on the sofa chatting. Amber had just picked up one of the larger balloons and was causally playing with it. Jenny eyed her cautiously. She hated it when balloons popped. She would always jump more than anyone else.
Amber suddenly tosses her the balloon and picks up another. Jenny catches it carefully. It felt a lot stronger than most balloons she'd encountered. Not a single one had burst during the party.
Amber had lowered herself onto her balloon and was bouncing on it softly. It didn't look like she was about to pop it so Jenny relaxes a little.
After a while she even sits on her own balloon.
"I suppose we should start clearing up. It'd be a shame to pop all these balloons though, they're so pretty." Says Amber.
"I like the colours. They're so bright and shiny. Where'd you get them?"Asks Winter; a girl from Iceland. Everyone had difficulty pronouncing her real name so they called her Winter. She's lively and usually gets into mischief.
"Some party shop. The small ones are eleven inch I think. They were on sale so I got more than I needed. The big ones are sixteen inch. Never seen any that big before and thought they would be fun." Amber replies.

Winter starts telling Amber about that time she got lost in a ice cave back home. Jenny had already heard the story so wasn't really listening. Jenny's balloon was under her skirt, firm but smooth against her skin. It actually felt pretty good. Suddenly Jenny realises she's grinding against it. What am I doing? It must be the drink. The others weren't paying attention. Jenny leans forward a little and holds the neck against her body. She was getting rougher and rougher with it. Jenny starts becoming a little aroused. Had she discovered a new sex toy by accident? I should really stop though, this is silly. She doesn't though.
Without warning the balloon suddenly bursts underneath her. It was very loud and Jenny screams. The others let out a little yelp and start giggling. Winter grabs her own balloon and starts squeezing.
"Oh don't. I know what you're like once you get started, you'll pop them all." Says Amber.
"Jenny popped hers. Come on it's fun."
"Oh go on then. Just don't destroy them all. They weren't cheap."
Before Jenny has time to put her fingers in her ears, Winter has dug her nails in. She barely flinches at the pop but Jenny visibly jumps. Winter grabs another and sits on it.
Oh no she's going to pop more isn't she? Jenny thinks. This time she has time to block her ears as Winter starts bouncing. It only takes her two bounces to pop it. "Come on Amber pop yours."
Amber sighs. "Alright." Her balloon doesn't pop so easily though.
Jenny waits nervously, hoping it would just pop already. Eventually to Jenny's relief, Winter digs her nails into it, ending it quickly.
No more, please. Jenny wants to beg but doesn't want to seem scared in front of her friends. Especially Winter. She'd tease her for weeks.
Suddenly Winter turns to look at her. "Your turn."
"I'm okay, thanks." Replies Jenny.
'Why are you so boring? Come on." Winter hands her a tight 11 inch. Jenny takes it hesitantly. At least I can make it quick. She thinks, quickly digging her nails into the balloon before she can worry too much about it. She expected the bang but still flinched. Winter seems to notice. "That's the easiest way to pop it. How about we try to pop one without our hands?" Without waiting for an answer, she grabs another balloon and throws it to Jenny. She takes it and sits on it gently, pretending she's trying to pop it.
"You need to be harder than that!" Winter complains.
Jenny lowers more weight onto it but looses her nerve when the neck suddenly shoots out. Winter must've picked up on her fear, she wouldn't leave her alone now. "Let me help you with that." Winter pulls the balloon out from under Jenny and places it against her breasts. She then hugs her tightly, squeezing the balloon against them.
Jenny wants to tell her to stop but decides it would be best to pretend she wasn't afraid. Winter would lose interest then.
It takes ages before it finally pops. Jenny manages to keep herself from screaming this time. Winter doesn't seem satisfied. She wants me to admit I'm scared.
"Hey Amber did you say you had some balloons left over?" Asks Winter.
"Yeah there's a whole packet here."
Winter grabs a fresh balloon from the packet and stretches it. "How big do you think it would go if you just kept blowing?" She asks Amber.
"Don't know I've never tried." Amber replies.
"What about you, Jenny? Want to find out?"
Oh no she wasn't going to blow it until it popped was she? Jenny wouldn't be able to stand the anticipation.
"Not scared are you Jenny?" Winter asks.
"No. Jenny lies.
"Good. Perhaps you'd like to show us how big you can blow one?"
"Me?" Says Jenny shocked. She'd never manage that.
"Why not. I'd do it myself but I couldn't see how big it got then. Unless Amber would rather do it."
"I think I'd be too scared to be honest. I'll leave it to you two." Says Amber.
Winter shoves the balloon into Jenny's mouth. "I'm rather excited. Do you think it'll be loud? Bet you're too scared to do it."
Left with little choice, Jenny starts to blow.
Once it's starts getting tight, her fear starts to grow. The neck starts to fill with air and Jenny stops, worried it's about to pop.
"Knew you'd be too scared. Guess I'll have to do it first. Unless you'd like to prove me wrong?" Challenges Winter.
If I can do it, it'd show Winter I'm not scared. Just one more pop then it'll be over. Surely she'd grow tired of it after that. If I don't do it, I'll get teased all night and it would be worse than just one bang. Jenny decides to get it over with. She closes her eyes and starts blowing as hard as she can.
Why's it not popping? She thinks after a while. She opens her eyes and almost lets go of the balloon in shock. It's huge! Winter and Amber have their fingers in their ears and Winter even looks a little nervous.
Who's scared now? Jenny thinks and starts blowing hard again. Winter backs away a little. If I scare her, she'll definitely stop making me pop them. Jenny moves closer. Winter backs into the sofa and Jenny soon as her trapped. She leans forward and pushes the balloon into Winter's face. I hope she screams. Jenny realises her own fear was making her angry at Winter. Go on, beg me to stop. Jenny blows harder. Suddenly it explodes in her face. It was far louder than Jenny expected. She falls back, it looked like it scared Winter but not as much as Jenny. She's almost in tears. It's all over now. She thinks.

But it wasn't. Winter grabs another balloon from the pack and thrusts it in Jenny's face. "Again!"
Jenny panics. I thought it was over. I can't do it again!
"Why don't you give it a go, Winter?" Says Amber.
"I want to see if Jenny can do it again."
Amber must have noticed Jenny's fear and tries to help. "How about you race me? See who can pop one first. Amber grabs her own balloon.
This is even worse! Jenny couldn't take it anymore. "Be right back I need the toilet." She says, rushing off as the girls begin to blow.

She waits in the bathroom with her fingers in her ears. After a few minutes there's a bang. Jenny waits for the second bang but it doesn't come. Maybe one of the girls couldn't do it or got scared.
Surely it would've popped by now if they were still blowing. Jenny couldn't wait in the bathroom all night and decides to see what's going on. She hesitantly opens the door and walks out.
Her heart almost stops when she sees Amber with a massive balloon in her mouth. Winter is watching from a distance, fingers in her ears. The neck was even longer than the balloon she had and was all distorted. They haven't seen her and Jenny is about to go back to the bathroom when it suddenly explodes in Amber's face. She's stunned for a moment and then starts laughing. Winter goes back over to the sofa and sits with her.
Jenny realises how much she's shaking.
They look like they've finished so Jenny goes back over to them.
"Jenny you missed it." Says Amber. "Winter's balloon popped first but mine just kept getting bigger. Winter even asked me to stop but I didn't want to be the only one who couldn't do it so I carried on. It was so scary."
Jenny relaxes on the sofa with them. It looks like they're finished with balloons now.
Jenny tenses up as Winter pulls down a helium balloon but fortunately she unties it and begins sucking the helium out.
Amber soon grabs her own balloon and does the same. They start giggling together but Jenny isn't really in the mood to join in.

Everything is fine until Amber suddenly blows a breath into her balloon when it's at half size. She continues blowing while chatting with Winter. She's not really paying attention to the balloon and soon it's bigger than Jenny would like. Amber doesn't seem to notice though and puts another breath in every so often. It's about to pop any second.
Winter eventually notices. "Umm carful Amber you're about to pop it." She says.
"Sorry I wasn't paying attention. Oh well, we need to get rid of them anyway." Says Amber putting in a larger breath this time.
Jenny tries thinking of an excuse to get away but can't think of anything. She's just about to beg Amber to stop when it suddenly bursts with a loud bang.
Amber must have seen the fear in Jenny's eyes because she says "Sorry, I won't do anymore if it scares you so much. You should of told me to stop if you don't like it. I think Winter's a bit scared too."
"No I'm not. I'll prove it." Winter puts her half inflated balloon to her lips and starts blowing.
No, why'd you have to say that? You know how competitive she gets. Jenny thinks. She waits to see if Amber will stop her.

Amber watches for a minute until the neck begins inflating then says "Okay we get your point, you can stop now."
Of course Winter pays her no attention. She does however look a little nervous. She's fidgety and after a few moments stands up. She flinches a little with each breath, expecting the bang.
"Well there's no stopping her now."
Says Amber. Jenny covers her ears and Amber pulls her close to comfort her.
When the balloon finally explodes, Winter jumps then quickly sits back down trying to hide the fact that it scared her.
"See? I'm not scared at all. They're just balloons." Suddenly she grabs another balloon from the floor and digs her nails in. After it pops she goes for another. After she's destroyed all the balloons near the sofa she pulls down a cluster tied to the wall. She violently sits on them. One pops but the others just bulge out. Winter rides and grinds on them roughly.
It would almost look hot if Jenny wasn't so scared.
When Winter is finished all that remains are colourful shards all up the walls and over the floor. Suddenly she spots a helium balloon on the ceiling. Winter pulls it down and starts to untie it. She watches Jenny the whole time.
She must be enjoying this. Is she trying to prove a point or scare me on purpose?
Winter puts it in her mouth and blows hard.
To Jenny's relief, Amber stands up. "That's enough now. Jenny's terrified, bless her."
Winter starts blowing faster. The balloon was already tight and a few more breaths would surely pop it.
"Stop it now or you can go home." Says Amber firmly.
Winter puts in one more cheeky breath, the neck up against her lips then lowers the balloon. "Fine." But instead of letting the air out, she uses some string to tie it off. She then hands it to Jenny.
Jenny is almost too terrified to touch it but rather her handling it then Winter.
"You may as well pop it. It's going to burst on its own soon anyway." Says Winter.
Jenny tries to undo the string but it's too tight and Jenny is worried it'll pop.
The balloon is so hard. Winter was right, If she didn't do something soon it would pop anyway. She could just leave it but the anticipation of the pop would be too much.
Jenny presses her nails into it but can't make herself pop it. "You do it." She says, giving it to Amber.
"You sure? Okay then. It's gonna be loud." Instead of using her nails, Amber sits on it. After two bounces it goes off. Despite having her fingers in her ears it was still deafening. Jenny relaxes a little afterward though. There were no more balloons left to pop.

Not long after they get ready for bed. Jenny and Winter had sleeping bags on the floor. Jenny goes into the bathroom, Amber is already in bed.

This wasn't the best time or place but Jenny was feeling a little horny for some reason and needed relief. It must of been the party, the drink and then all the fear and emotions of this evening.
She undoes her dressing gown and slips her hand down between her legs. She's surprised at how wet she is. Jenny sighs softly and lowers herself to the floor.

She's just beginning to get into it when the door suddenly opens. Jenny quickly takes out her hand and tries to get up.
It's Winter.
What's she doing here?
Winter gives her a quick glance, then closes the door. She locks it behind her and moves closer to Jenny. Then she puts a hand into her pocket and places a pile of balloons on the toilet seat. Jenny immediately backs away into the corner of the room. "W-what are you doing?" Says Jenny in a panicky voice.
Winter doesn't reply. She silently reaches for a balloon and begins to stretch it.
"Please don't." Jenny begs to no avail.
Winter moves so close she's almost touching her. She puts the balloon to her lips and starts blowing.
Jenny's never been so scared in her life. Winter had her pinned to the wall so she couldn't escape. The balloon gets bigger and bigger and starts to brush against Jenny's face.

It's obvious she's not going to stop and Jenny is unable to do anything but put her fingers in her ears and wait for the inevitable pop.
Winter is shaking as well but there's determination in her eyes.
Jenny suddenly realises how long the neck has got and closes her eyes. She waits for Winter's next breath but it doesn't come.
Jenny opens her eyes. Winter seems to be hesitating for some reason.
When she catches Jenny's eyes though, she starts blowing hard again. It pops almost immediately.
Jenny almost falls over, too stunned to scream. She slides down onto the floor almost in tears.

Winter soon recovers from her own shock and grabs another balloon. She puts it to her lips but hesitates once more.
I don't think she's enjoying this herself, so why's she doing it? Jenny thinks. "Winter please, no more."
Winter starts blowing again, making Jenny wish she didn't say anything. She stands over her and blows fast, maintaining eye contact. The balloon is getting tight and Jenny thinks about making a break for the door. Winter suddenly lowers the balloon though, looking nervous as ever.
"Look, you're obviously scared as well. Just let the air out and lets go to bed." Jenny pleads.
"No I'm not." Winter takes a few deep breaths and blows a huge breath in. Jenny cringes away but Winter has lowered it again.
"You've proved you can do it, there's no need to do it again." Says Jenny, hoping Winter will give up.
She refuses to stop and blows hard again. The balloon is going to pop any minute and Winter knows it. She stops again and for a moment Jenny thinks she's about to let the air out. Until Winter suddenly raises it back to her lips and puts another breath in. "Do you want me to stop?" Winter asks suddenly.
She wants an excuse to stop blowing but doesn't want to look scared. Jenny reckons. "Yes."
"Okay but you have to finish it yourself."
"I can't. Just let the air out, please."
"No. One of us is gonna pop it. If you won't I will." Winter blows hard then lowers the balloon again.
Suddenly it explodes making Winter scream.
Jenny thinks it's finally over but Winter snatches another balloon.
"Surely that's enough. You've popped two, what more have you got to prove?"
"I didn't pop that last one, it burst by itself." Winter sits opposite Jenny, so close she's practically on her lap. "I'm going to blow this until it explodes. And another, until you aren't scared anymore. Once we've run out of balloons, I've got one more in my pocket for you. You're going to blow it up in my face until it goes bang."
"Why? Just let me go."
"Because I want to see the fear in your eyes. It's kind of a turn on for me. Don't worry, you can do the same to me after. I'm just as scared."
No your not. Jenny wants to say but is too nervous.
Winter is blowing as fast as she can. She climbs onto Jenny's lap and pushes the balloon into her face. As it gets tight, Winter pulls Jenny's hand from her ears. She holds onto it so Jenny can't cover her ears.
"Are you getting scared Jenny?" Says Winter between breaths.
"Yes." Jenny replies practically in tears.
"I bet it's going to be really loud. I think it's about to pop. I'm gonna slow down so it'll last longer." Winter starts blowing slowly, drawing out every breath.
Jenny tries to wriggle free but Winter is too strong. She lets out a little giggle and holds her down firmly, putting in the smallest breath possible.
Without warning, Winter puts the balloon aside and kisses Jenny full on the lips. Surprised, Jenny tries to back away.
Winter just giggles and goes in for another wet kiss. Then she puts one more breath into her balloon before leaning down again. This time Winter forces her tongue into Jenny's mouth. Jenny starts to resist but has an idea. If she can detract her, Winter might forget about the balloon.
Suddenly Jenny starts kissing back, she even puts a hand around Winter's neck and pulls her in. She desperately kisses harder but Winter pulls away laughing.
"You're not supposed to be enjoying this."
She's about to go back to her balloon but Jenny launches herself at her and finds her lips again. She can't blow if I'm kissing her. Jenny thinks.
Winter lets her do what she wants for a few moments before gently pushing her off. Jenny goes right back though.
This time Winter's firmer. "That's enough Jenny." And starts blowing again.
Jenny is desperate to do anything to stop her popping it and puts a hand down the front of Winter's night dress.
"What are you doing? Get off." Says Winter but doesn't resist. This might just work. Thinks Jenny and starts fingering her.
Winter begins to sigh but doesn't let go of the balloon. She's just starting to get into it when Winter pushes her off hard.
"I know what you're doing. It's not going to work though, I'm popping this balloon and you can't stop me." Winter sits on Jenny's chest and resumes blowing.
Jenny has nothing left in her. She lies helplessly on the floor and waits anxiously, trying not to cry.
Suddenly there's a knock on the door.
"What're you doing in there? Open up." It's Amber.
Winter suddenly starts blowing faster.
Jenny sees the lock turning. Please hurry. Amber would save her, Jenny was sure.
The door bursts open. Winter doesn't seem to notice and blows faster and faster. The balloon was impossibly big. Way bigger than the others had got.
"Winter what're you doing? Get off her!" Says Amber.
Winter takes no notice. Somehow she manages to get another three breaths in before it explodes in their faces, covering them in shards.
Winter finally gets off her and Jenny runs to Amber. She takes her in her arms as tears start to fall from Jenny's eyes.
"How could you do that to her? Come on Jenny, you can share my bed." Amber begins to leave, then turns to Winter. "You can sleep on the floor."
"I'm gonna pop all these balloons first." Winter replies.
"Not anywhere near Jenny you're not."
"I'll stay here then. See you in the morning. Then me and Jenny can continue where we left off" Winter winks at her and grabs another balloon, not waiting until they're gone to inflate it.

Jenny hurries to the bedroom with Amber. Suddenly there's a bang from the bathroom. Jenny jumps a little and Amber hugs her tightly. Then she pulls back looking at Jenny's nightdress. Jenny looks down herself and realises there's a wet patch between her legs. She feels herself going red with embarrassment. Amber wordlessly takes off Jenny's dressing gown and pulls her onto the bed. She locks eyes with Jenny and begins to undress her. Then she sits staring at her for a moment. "You sure you want this?"
Jenny nods shyly.
Amber gives her a quick kiss then spreads her legs open. Jenny lies back as Amber gets to work. She closes her eyes and feels something wet enter her. Amber's tongue.
Jenny begins to moan softly. She's never had this done to her before. There's a bang from the bathroom but Jenny barely notices it.
She's not sure how much time has passed but she knows she's not going to last much longer. She's never felt this good in her life.
Suddenly she notices Winter standing by the door with a huge transparent balloon in her mouth. One of the 16 inch by the look of it. It's about to burst but Jenny doesn't care, her pleasure is too great.
Winter is watching intently as Jenny suddenly cries out.
There's a loud bang as Jenny orgasms. Her scream is from pleasure rather then fear this time.
Amber sits up suddenly. "Winter, what are you doing?"
"I umm, I came to show you how big that balloon had got, but I saw you were a but occupied."
"Why'd you pop it then?"
"Guess I was distracted by you two. Didn't know you had a thing going."
"We don't. It won't happen again. I just saw how horny Jenny was and decided to give her some relief after all she's been through today." Says Amber.
"That would've been my fault. How horny was she?" Winter asks like Jenny wasn't there.
"Well she was pretty wet to say the least. What did you do to her?"
"Umm, I may have snogged her a bit while I was teasing her."
"A bit?" Asks Amber, grinning.
"She came on to me actually. I think she was trying to distract me from the balloons to be honest. Almost worked as well. We can continue where we left off if you like Jenny." Says Winter.
"No thanks. Jenny replies.
"Shame. You really started to get into it as well. Oh well, I'm going to bed. Talk in the morning."

Jenny lies awake next to Amber, thinking about the day's events. Although most of the evening was ruined by fear, there's was a few moments Jenny would like to relive.
She realises that the whole thing in the bathroom had turned her on somehow. She had been terrified of Winter blowing the balloons till they burst but there was something exciting about the way she had teased her that really got her going. And the way Winter had kissed her between breaths... Jenny suddenly realises she's touching herself.
She even toys with the idea of dragging Winter back to the bathroom and handing her a balloon. The idea terrifies her but she is close to waking Winter and actually doing it.
She imagines the balloon tight against her face while she begs Winter to stop. Winter would kiss her briefly before blowing the balloon until BANG. Jenny finds herself orgasming again.
What was wrong with her? She thought.

Tomorrow I will go somewhere quiet with Winter and hand her a bag of balloons. She'll do the rest. Perhaps I'll even ask her to pop them. No doubt I'll get scared and try to stop her but that's what made it exciting right?

To be continued...
Jenny's story part 1
Set a few years before we first meet Jenny.
Help me decide on my next story. I'll post a few scenarios and you can pick one you'd like to see next in the comments.

1. Holly and Sophie intentionally put themselves into a situation where they have balloons but can't use them in a sexual way. For example they go out with a friend and try to force situations where they get to use balloons but have to be careful not to give the game away. They could even have challenges they set beforehand, such as: get them to do a b2p/ sit to pop, bonus points if done in an unintentional sexual way such as in their lap or right in their face, or make them enjoy it so much that they offer to buy more balloons. The day would inevitably end with the girls trying to get themselves off without attracting attention.

2. Set back before Holly had the fetish, Sophie would tie her down and force her to pop balloons. It would either be one session with more details or from the start up to the point where she isn't scared anymore.

3. The story of how the fetish began. I would either do this with a stand-alone character like one of the two in my latest story (perhaps both in one story) or with Jenny (I'd rather have a more detailed story for this so would take longer."

Feel free to suggest other ideas or add to the ones I suggested. I'll probably end up doing them all at some point but wanted to know what everyone would prefer first.

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Anya suspected her new neighbour was a looner. The sweet young girl had moved in a few weeks ago. Her suspicion began at the party she started when moving in. There had been balloons everywhere; and not just the ordinary ones. There was a few columns of 16 inch balloons, tight and transparent.
When Anya had gone round, the three smaller balloons on the door knocker had been inflated so big that one popped when she knocked.
Inside, there was balloons tied to every wall, all blown with long, fat necks.
A few uninflated ones were left around but to Anya's disappointment, no one blew them up.
Her first thought when she walked in was 'Is this girl a looner?' But she convinced herself otherwise, thinking there could be many other reasons why the balloons were so big. Perhaps she was just careless, or wanted to get her money's worth. Most likely she just preferred them that way. Normal people can like a fully inflated balloon right? Doesn't mean there's anything more to it.

Since that day, Anya watched out for any other signs and sure enough she found them, but perhaps that was just because she was looking so hard.

The first sign was the fact that all the balloons at the party had been popped. Some were very loud so suggested that they were popped in other ways than just a pin.

The second was that one evening there was a bang that sounded suspiciously like a balloon. Afterward Anya thought she heard a gasp or moan but couldn't be sure.

The third was the other day when she saw a large beachball in the girl's lounge when she walked past. She also noticed a packet of opened balloons on a table but didn't have a proper look as she didn't want to be nosey.

Now every time Anya hears the slightest squeak or muffled bang from next door she wonders if her suspicion was true after all. If only there was a way to know for sure...

One morning Anya was out of coffee. She decided to go to the local coffee shop for a drink before work. Her shift started at midday so she'd have plenty of time.

When she arrives, the first thing Anya notices is the balloons by the door. They weren't as big as she'd make them herself but they looked fresh and tight. Anya always finds herself examining balloons she finds in public. Suddenly she spots her neighbour sitting by the window. Right by the balloons. She wonders weather to say something. What was her name? Cindy. That was it. But she wasn't looking.
Anya orders a coffee and sits a few seats behind Cindy. She was gazing out the window, perhaps looking at those balloons.
Don't be silly. She tells herself. Just because you're obsessed with balloons doesn't mean everyone is.
After a few minutes, Cindy gets up and leaves. On her way out, she brushes against the balloons.
Did she do that on purpose? Surely not.
Anya watches her leave. Cindy crosses the road and goes into a small party shop.
I wonder what she's buying.

When Anya's finished her coffee, she crosses the road and almost bumps into Cindy as she's coming out the shop.
"Oh, Hi. Anya isn't it? You'll never guess what, I've come out without my credit card. Had enough change for a coffee but I've just gone to buy something and realised I must've forgot my card. Talk about embarrassing."
"I can lend you some cash if you'd like." Says Anya.
Cindy hesitates for a moment. "No don't worry, it wasn't important, thanks though. See you around." She continues off down the road.

The next day, Anya finds herself at the coffee shop again. Cindy is sitting in the same place as yesterday. This time she notices Anya.
"Hey, fancy seeing you here. Come sit with me if you want."
"I'll be right with you." Anya orders herself a coffee and sits with Cindy.
"Nice little place this, isn't it?" Says Cindy. "Come here every morning before work. You here often? Be nice to have a morning chat, get to know each other."
"That would be great. I work nearby so come here from time to time." Anya replies.
"I've got to go to work in a minute. Want to go for a drink tomorrow night? I'm new to the area so don't know anybody."
"Yeah that sounds good. There's a quiet place near here that would be nice. Unless you fancied somewhere more lively?"
"No that's fine. We'll talk more later, I've really got to get going now." Cindy finishes her drink and gets up. As she leaves, she brushes against the balloons once more.

I've got to find out if she's a looner. Anya starts forming a plan. She rushes home and finds an unused balloon. She puts it in an envelope and writes. 'Blow me until I burst' Then she posts it through Cindy's door while she's out. After that she walks back into the village to go to work.

That evening, she eagerly awaits Cindy's return. What will she do when she finds the balloon?
Anya hears her come home. She waits in silence, listening for a bang. A few minutes later she hears what she's been waiting for. The bang is muffled by the walls but is surprisingly loud.
Anya gets excited for a moment before realising it doesn't prove anything. She told her what to do with it. Anyone could follow her instructions, it doesn't mean she's a looner. She has to know what Cindy would do on her own. Suddenly an idea comes to her.

The next morning Anya gets up early. She goes back to the coffee shop before Cindy has arrived. She places a limp balloon on the table where she usually sits and orders a drink for herself. Anya sits near the back. She has a good view of Cindy's table but shouldn't be seen.
Suddenly Cindy appears at the door. Anya puts her head down, hoping she wasn't spotted. Cindy orders a coffee and sits at her usual spot.
At first she doesn't seem to spot the balloon. She's halfway through her coffee when she slowly lowers it and hesitantly takes the balloon. She has a quick glance round then puts it to her lips. Anya is surprised at how fast she blows.
Anya notices Cindy has an unusual way of holding the balloon. She makes an O with her finger and thumb with her palm facing outward. The neck soon starts filling, pushing into her hand. She holds it firmly against her lips, blowing it bigger and bigger until... She takes a big breath but hesitates. Cindy seems to remember where she is and doesn't finish it off. Instead she lets the air out and puts it in her pocket. She quickly finishes her coffee and leaves.

I wish I could see what she does with it now. I would find somewhere quiet and keep blowing it until it pops.
Lets find out how she reacts if someone else blows a balloon.

That evening, Anya meets Cindy at the pub. It's especially quiet tonight, perfect for what she has planned. While Cindy orders the drinks, Anya quickly hides a balloon in between the menus at their table. She chose a spot in the corner where there was no one around. They start chatting. Anya waits patiently for the right time.
After a few drinks, she decides to go for it. Cindy is talking about her last holiday when Anya pulls the balloon out. When she sees it, Cindy suddenly goes quiet.
"Funny place to find a balloon." Says Anya as casually as she can. Cindy keeps a close eye on it as she stretches it. "Shall we see how big it'll go?" Anya asks.
Cindy opens her mouth but closes it again. She seems nervous.
Let's see how she reacts when I blow it a little too big.
Anya blows fast at first but slows down as it nears its end. It's about to pop. I wonder if she'll say anything.
Eventually Cindy clears her throat. "Umm, I don't think you should pop it here. Might get in trouble."
Anya reluctantly takes it away from her lips. "True. You weren't scared were you?"
"Not at all. I've done it loads of times. There was this one balloon..." Cindy trails off suddenly.
"Go on." Anya encourages.
"Umm, it just got really big is all."
Cindy is definitely acting weird. Maybe I was right all along.
"I like it when they're blown up tight. Hate it when people don't put enough air in." Says Anya. The drink was loosening her tongue, she's never talked about balloons with anyone else before.
"Umm, yeah." Cindy suddenly changes the subject. Anya deflates the balloon and puts it in her pocket.

A while later they walk home together. Anya decides to give it one more go. She takes out the balloon and starts blowing again. They both stop when the neck is full. Cindy watches intently. Anya pauses and glances at her.
"Go on." Says Cindy in barely a whisper.
She wants me to pop it! Anya excitedly starts blowing again and before long it pops. Cindy is looking right in her eye.
Anya realises how horny she is. She takes another balloon out her pocket. She's about to blow herself but gives it to Cindy at the last second. Lets see what she does.
She takes it hesitantly but as soon as it touches her lips, Cindy starts blowing hard. She doesn't slow down at all. Anya can't resist holding the balloon as Cindy makes it bigger and bigger. Much too soon it explodes. Anya wanted that moment to last forever. It was the first time she'd seen someone do a blow to pop.
Anya starts walking again before things get out of hand. Cindy blowing that balloon had turned her on far more than she'd expected.

When they arrive home, Cindy comes to her door and says a quick good bye. Then she hesitantly leans closer like she's about to kiss her but pulls back at the last second, looking nervous.
Anya suddenly loses her self control. Lets just do it and see what happens. She grabs Cindy's hand and pulls her inside. She kicks off her shoes and leads Cindy to her bedroom. The bed is covered with balloons. Cindy gives her a shy glance.
She has no idea what to do. I hope she's ready for this. Anya can't hold herself back any longer, and launches herself at Cindy. She gasps as they fall onto the bed.
"Anya what are you...?" Anya silences her with her lips. At first Cindy just lies there stunned, but after a few seconds she starts kissing back.
Anya places a balloon between their legs and starts humping it against her. She's much too rough and it soon pops.
Anya detaches herself from Cindy's lips and begins to undress her.
Cindy stares at her, wide eyed.
She looks so innocent, she's never done this before. Anya thinks as she rips Cindy's clothes off.
She starts furiously kissing her again. This time she slips a finger inside her. Cindy gasps. She wasn't expecting that. Lets see how long she'll last. Anya gets even rougher. Perhaps a little too rough but she can't help herself.
Cindy begins to cry out, making Anya go at her even harder. It's not long before she lets out an even louder cry and arches her back in ecstasy. Anya puts another balloon between them and squeezes it against Cindy until it pops.
She then lets Cindy get up. "That was amazing. What now? Do I do the same thing to you?" She asks.
"If you're up to it."
"Umm what do I do? Haven't done this before." Cindy asks awkwardly.
"I could tell. Just do what comes naturally. You can't really go wrong."
Cindy slowly comes over and places a hand between her legs. "Like this?"
"You'll want to take my clothes off first."

Eventually, Cindy gets the hang of it. She's so gentle though.
"You can be rougher than that. You won't hurt me."
As Anya feels like she's about to orgasm, she pulls Cindy closer to her and starts kissing. They roll off the bed and onto the balloons that were stuck between the bed and the wall. There's a bang as one pops beneath them. Cindy is so gentle that Anya has to hump and grind against her hand to get enough pressure. Luckily she only has short nails.
Poor Cindy is stuck on the floor unable to move as Anya grinds against her until she finally orgasms.
She helps Cindy up. "Sorry, I didn't hurt you did I?"
"No I'm fine. Umm, how did you know about the balloon thing? Was it that obvious?" Cindy asks.
"I recognised the signs. Wasn't sure at first but I took a risk and it payed off."
"I thought I was the only one. Is it that common?"
"Not really. There's a whole community online but you're the first I've seen in person. We can talk more tomorrow if you like but I need a lie down after that."
"Okay, I better be going then." Says Cindy.
"No, stay. Could have some more fun in the morning then. If you're up to it anyway."
"Yes, okay. Can't believe we did that."
"Nor can I." Says Anya. "Didn't plan it, it just happened."
"You won't tell anyone will you?"
"Of course not. This is our little secret." Anya pulls Cindy into her bed and they fall asleep amongst the balloons.
The girl next door
Something a little different, this is just a short stand alone story set in a different world than the others.

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Lucy's just finished her shift at the restaurant. It's getting late and she's about to drive home for a quiet evening when she gets a text from Jenny. It reads:

Hi, are you free tonight for a session? You could finish the bag you started the other night. It won't take long, I got pretty worked up earlier and desperately need a release.

Lucy remembers the last time she was at Jenny's. She had asked her to blow to pop a whole bag of 12 inch balloons. Lucy managed to get through three quarters of them before Jenny orgasmed. Watching Jenny get more excited as the evening went on made Lucy horny herself. Of course Jenny didn't know this. Lucy tried her best not to show it. After each of Jenny's 'sessions', Lucy would run back to her car and get herself off. Jenny just thought she was doing it for her, she had no idea that Lucy enjoyed watching her so much.

Lucy know she could tell Jenny but she found it more exciting to keep it secret. The only other people that know are Jenny's friends, Holly and Sophie.

Lucy quickly texts her back and gets in her car, almost shaking from the anticipation. She would've offered to do it herself but didn't want Jenny to get suspicious. Best to wait for Jenny to ask her and pretend it was a favour. She hoped Jenny would be satisfied with one orgasm today. Before she had to keep going until Jenny climaxed four times. Lucy had to take a 'toilet break' after Jenny's third orgasm. She had to quietly finger herself in the bathroom. Lucy didn't risk going till climax incase Jenny heard her gasping. When she came out, she had to patiently wait until Jenny was finished, not able to touch herself until she finally got to her car.
Lucy wasn't sure she could last that long today, she already felt horny and she hasn't even got there yet.

When Lucy arrives, Jenny is waiting for her. She leads Lucy into the living room and sits on the sofa. Lucy has done this enough times and doesn't need to be told what to do.
She sits opposite Jenny and grabs the bag of balloons from the coffee table. It's been untouched since their last session. Jenny still has difficulty blowing them till they burst and prefers Lucy to do it for her. As she brings the balloon to her lips, Jenny slowly slides her hand into her jeans and between her legs. Lucy wants to do the same but resists. Jenny is much younger than her and Lucy doesn't share her fetish so she would feel awkward doing it in front of her.
She blows a big breath in, not taking her eyes off Jenny. She's focusing on the balloon and doesn't realise that Lucy is watching her intently. A good thing too, otherwise she'd surely notice how she's turning her on. Lucy watches how Jenny starts off slow and gets more vigorous as Lucy blows the balloon bigger. Suddenly there's a bang. Jenny jumps and stops fingering herself for a moment. The pop still scares her even after all this time. Lucy didn't even realise how big it had got, she was concentrating on Jenny.

I should of noticed the fear in Jenny's eyes. Lucy thinks. She usually slows down just before it pops to build up anticipation but she often doesn't notice just how big she's blown it.

Lucy takes another balloon. This time she divides her attention between Jenny and the balloon. This one has a light blue colour. Lucy places a hand on the end of the balloon so she can feel when it gets tight. It takes six breaths before it's hard. Lucy slows down as the neck begins to fill up and watches Jenny closely.
When the neck is pressed against her lips, she stops blowing. And waits to see what Jenny will do. She watches nervously.
Lucy puts in a tiny breath and pauses again.
"What are you doing?" Asks Jenny warily.
"Blowing this until it pops." Says Lucy putting another small breath in.
"Get on with it then."
"Scared?" Lucy asks, wondering if Jenny will admit it.
"No." Jenny lies.
"Then you won't mind if I do this." Lucy lies on her front and crawls closer to Jenny, who is crouched with her back to the arm of the sofa and her legs against her chest. Lucy pushes the balloon between Jenny's legs.
Was she going too far? She wonders. She didn't want to scare her too much.
Lucy keeps putting a little air in at a time to delay the pop as much as possible.

I really should stop. She thinks. Jenny had begun to shake. But Lucy couldn't help herself. She keeps going before she realises that she is touching herself through her jeans. Jenny hadn't noticed though.

I'm going to give myself away if I'm not careful, I don't usually lose control like this. Lucy takes a deep breath and finishes the balloon quickly before she goes too far. Jenny flinches away from the balloon even before it pops, she must have known it was coming. Lucy quickly sits up and brushes the shards off her. She shuffles back a bit embarrassed. "Umm, sorry I don't know why I did that."
"Just keep blowing." Jenny gasps. She's furiously fingering. Lucy must have turned her on more than she thought. She grabs another balloon and blows as fast as she can this time. She wants to get this finished so she can run back to her car. Lucy puts both hands firmly on the balloon so she can't be tempted to fiddle with herself again. The balloon explodes. Jenny jumps again but gasps this time, more pleasure than fear. Lucy grabs another. Jenny was turning her on too much so Lucy closes her eyes and focuses on blowing. She could still hear her though.

I'm going to need a break if she doesn't finish soon.

Lucy barely notices the resistance before it bursts. She goes to grab another but there's none left.
"That's the last one." She says. Hopefully she could go now.
"Already? I'm not done yet. Umm, I've got another idea if you can stay a bit longer." Jenny replies.

Damn. I'm going to have to wait.
"Okay. What did you have in mind?"
"Hold on, I need to get changed."
"Can I use your toilet?" Lucy asks.
"Yeah but don't be long, can't last much longer."

Nor can I! As soon as Jenny is gone, Lucy rushes to the bathroom. She slams the door and opens the front of her jeans. She gets to work, hoping to orgasm before Jenny returns. She starts standing up, going as fast as she can. As her pleasure grows more intense, she slides to the floor, trying to to make a noise.
Suddenly there's a knock at the door. "You almost done?"
"Just a minute."
"Okay, I'm waiting."
Could she finish herself off with Jenny waiting outside. Lucy tries but soon realises there's no point. I'm going to let out a moan or something in a minute, I'll just have to wait until I get to the car. Lucy reluctantly takes her hand out and pulls up her jeans. She washes her face and hands quickly then opens the door to see what Jenny wants now.

To her surprise, Jenny is wearing a pink onesie. In her hand is the biggest balloon Lucy has ever seen.
"Err, would you be okay blowing this up in my onesie for me? You don't have to, I can do it myself but..."
"Of course." Lucy takes her to the sofa and Jenny puts it inside the onesie with the neck sticking out.
"How big would you like me to blow it?" Lucy asks.
"Until it pops?"
Jenny hesitates. Lucy bets she would like it but is too scared. "I could hold you down and just keep blowing if you'd like. You wouldn't be able to stop me."
Jenny nervously considers it.
"I know you want me to really. How about I just do it?" Lucy grabs the balloon and takes a deep breath.
Jenny suddenly panics and grabs the neck, holding it closed. "No, just blow until it's tight."
"Okay." Says Lucy, slightly disappointed. She imagines having to hold her down while Jenny tries to escape. The thought turns her on even more. Maybe I'll do it anyway.

Lucy keeps blowing until the onesie is filled. Jenny sighs every so often. It's already quite firm, she looks at Jenny. She doesn't look too nervous yet so Lucy keeps going. The neck is almost full and getting hard. Jenny can barely move.
"I think that'll do." Says Jenny."
"You sure? Could make it a little bigger."
"Just a bit then."
Lucy blows a bit more, then keeps going.
"Okay that's enough." Says Jenny.
Lucy pretends not to hear. It's getting hard to blow now.
"Lucy, stop."
She pauses. Could see keep going? From what she's heard, her friend Sophie would. Lucy blows again.
"Lucy, please." Jenny begs.
"Shh, don't be scared. It won't be long now." Lucy starts blowing fast. Then she sees how scared Jenny is and pauses.
"Do you want me to stop?" Lucy asks.
Jenny nods.
"Okay then." Lucy didn't have it in her to keep going, knowing how much it scared her. She ties it off, so tight it would be hard to undo. Impossible if you had an overinflated balloon in your onesie.

Jenny gets on her front and begins grinding against it gently. "You can go now if you like. I can do the rest here." Says Jenny.

Lucy would like to see what happens next but is too horny. "Okay, if you don't need me. Let me know if you want another favour, I don't mind." Lucy walks toward the door, she glances back and sees Jenny grinding hard against the arm of the chair. Lucy can't take another minute of it. She rushes to get back to her car. When the front door closes, she hears a loud bang followed by a muffled moan. Lucy wished she'd stayed just a moment longer.

She opens her car and immediately plunges her hand in her jeans. Just then the phone rings. It's a number she doesn't recognise. She thinks about leaving it. I've waited this long, why not a moment longer. She answers.
"Hi, it's Holly."
"Jenny's friend. You watched while I blew a balloon in Sophie's jeans until it popped in that restaurant, remember?"
"How could I forget that? So did you want me to come round and do the same thing for you?"
"Umm yeah sure, if you're up for it."
"You sound surprised, did you want something else?"
"Well I have a cold and wanted someone to blow some balloons for me. You said you'd do the same thing as you do for Jenny."
"Actually just been at Jenny's. Just got in the car."
"Could you come now?"
"Umm can you wait a bit?"
"I can try. I'm really in the mood though so don't be too long."
"Okay, text me your address, I'll be round as soon as I can."
"Can't wait."

Lucy ends the call. I'll just get myself off then I'll go. She thinks. Before she can begin though, she notices some neighbours unloading their car nearby. She can't do it while they're there. Guess I'll have to entertain Holly first. I don't have to hide it from her, perhaps we could do it together.

When Lucy arrives at Holly's house, the door has been left open slightly. She knocks then let's herself in.
"Holly?" She calls.
"Up here." Comes a reply from upstairs. Lucy takes off her shoes and goes to find Holly.

She's lying in bed with a night dress on, next to her is a pile of uninflated balloons.
"Hi, umm so how does this work?"
Holly asks.
"However you want it do. With Jenny I just blow them to pop while she watches but I could do something else with you." Lucy replies.
"Tell me what you did today."
"Well Jenny said she wanted my services again and when I got there she was as horny as ever. The session didn't last long today."
"That would probably be because Sophie sent her some photos from the cabin we go to. Some of them were pretty hot."
"Can I take a look?" Lucy asks, interested.
"Yeah I got some here." Holly opens a drawer and hands Lucy some photos. She flicks through them, becoming more excited with each one. The last one is a picture of Holly fingering some girl Lucy doesn't recognise, she has a huge balloon against her lips. Lucy quickly hands them back before Holly notices how horny they've made her.
"So how did today's session finish?" Says Holly, putting the photos back.
"Jenny wanted me to blow up a big balloon in her onesie. She wouldn't let me pop it so I made it really tight and tied it off so she couldn't undo it."
"What did she do?"
"Started humping it. I heard it pop as I was leaving."
"You can do it to me if you want. This time you wouldn't have to stop."
"Don't you usually do this with Sophie?"
"Yeah but she wouldn't answer the phone. Bet she's having a session herself. Can we get on with it now?"
"Yeah, let's do it. How would you like me to start?"
"Blow one of these till it bursts, you can choose which."
Lucy goes through the pile of balloons and finds one she hasn't seen before. It's a long, thin balloon, like a modelling balloon but bigger.
"Good choice. Tight and loud those are." Says Holly.
Lucy stretches it and puts it to her lips and blows hard. It begins near her mouth and grows away from her. It has a shiny transparent teal colour. Lucy can't see what Holly is doing under the covers but she is watching closely. Before long, Lucy feels the end getting tight. She blows more and more but it's getting hard. The balloon is a good few feet long. Lucy struggles to put another breath in. The small neck begins to inflate, pushing into her lips. She struggles to hold on. Holly is growing more excited under the covers. Lucy struggles for a while longer before it finally explodes, colourful shrapnel flying everywhere.
Holly grabs a larger balloon and beckons her over. She then pulls back the covers and lifts the bottom of her silk gown. She's wearing nothing underneath. Holly places the balloon between her legs.

Lucy knows what Holly wants. She gets into position, lying on her front between Holly's legs. Lucy takes the balloon.
"How big does this one go?" She asks.
"Meant to be 17 inches but you'll blow it bigger than that. Now blow." Holly replies.
"Until it pops?"
"Do you ever tie them off?" Lucy asks, curious.  
"Only occasionally. Sometimes I'll have them as decoration, but they don't last long, they'll either pop on their own because I've put too much air in or I'll get horny and start popping them all."
"Don't you ever ride them?" Asks Lucy, thinking of Jenny.
"Sometimes, if I can stop blowing before they're too big. Usually I ride one while blowing to pop another. Always pop if I get carried away though so I use inflatables if I want a proper ride. Now can you get started."

Lucy takes a deep breath and blows. Holly had picked a completely transparent balloon, Lucy wonders if she chose it on purpose so Lucy would see her body.
"Where abouts should I position it?" Lucy asks, wanting to get it right.
"Just make sure it's touching everything."
Lucy pushes it a bit further up. "Here good?"
"Once you've blown it big enough, it won't matter where it is. Now hurry up."

Lucy picks up the pace. She blows it bigger and bigger. It can't grow outward properly so it starts bulging lengthways. It creaks loudly every time she moves.
Lucy pauses to catch her breath. "Have you ever tried blowing a big balloon in a onesie and riding it? Looked fun when Jenny did it." Lucy says.
"I usually just blow it until..." Holly gives a little gasp as she rubs against the balloon. "Until it bursts."
"Wouldn't riding it feel better?"
"Perhaps but I love the excitement of not knowing when it'll pop and the anticipation. Plus it gets much tighter that way. You can't move or breath properly. It feels so good! Keep going and you'll see."

Lucy continues. As the neck shoots out, Lucy glances up to see the top of the balloon bulging out of Holly's gown. It is very tight and fills every crevice.
"Aren't you scared at all?" Lucy asks. The balloon was right in Holly's face and pressed hard against her bare skin.
"No, are you?"
"I would be if I was in there. Won't it hurt you?"
"Maybe, too horny to care though. Now finish it!" Holly gasps.
Lucy is struggling now, the balloon is putting up a fight. Holly is so brave. She thought. She's completely turned on now, this was even better than watching Jenny.

She had almost forgotten that the balloon was going to pop. As it explodes, Lucy screams. Holly's only reaction is an intake of breath and her hand disappearing back into her nightdress.

"What next?" Asks Lucy.
"Why don't you choose something? What's the hottest thing you've seen anyone do with a balloon?" Pants Holly.
"Umm. Probably when you popped that balloon in Sophie's jeans, in a restaurant as well."
"Okay, let's recreate that then. You can blow to pop one for me. Right I need to find some jeans."
Suddenly feeling naughty, Lucy takes her own jeans off. "Here use mine."
Holly accepts them without question. She takes her gown off and stands topless in front of Lucy. There's a red mark across her chest from the recent blow to pop. Holly takes a red balloon from the pile.
"We'll use an 11 inch for this." She puts it into the jeans, unzipping the fly and poking the nozzle through it. Holly sits on the bed and opens her legs. "Do what Sophie would do. Blow fast and don't stop."
Lucy crouches down and bites the lip. She puts in a big breath. Then another. By the third breath it's already gone hard. Lucy forces more in anyway. There's a squeak and Holly sighs. One more lungful makes the neck begin to fill. The neck is completely out by the next breath. Lucy struggles to hold it. It feels like she's giving Holly a blow job. A different kind of blow job. Lucy thinks. It's really hard to force any air in now. She's determined to do it though. Holly has started moaning softly. It takes another two breaths before it explodes, filling the jeans with latex.
"That always feels so good. Hard to do on your own. Must be ever better for a guy. Usually my boyfriend cums before I get a chance to pop it."
"I didn't know you had a boyfriend."
"He's away with work for a while. Visits from time to time but most of my sessions are with Sophie. Right, your turn." Says Holly taking the jeans off and handing them to Lucy.
"Wait, what?"
"Gonna do the same for you."
"I umm, can't we do something else with you?"
"Trust me you'll love it." Holly helps her into the jeans and puts a balloon inside.
"Will it hurt?" Lucy asks, a little nervous.
"Not really, I don't notice anything anyway." Before Lucy can say anything else, Holly is blowing.
Lucy feels the balloon expanding. It does feel quite nice. Then it starts to get hard fast. "Slow down, it's getting really tight!" Says Lucy.
Holly speeds up. She takes a hand off the balloon to finger herself. She's enjoying every minute of this. After a few breaths, it's too big to hold with one hand and Holly has to use two again.
It's so hard it almost hurts. "Stop, it's getting too tight."
Holly pushes her into the wall and quickly finishes off the balloon. Lucy sighs in relief as it bursts, releasing the pressure.

"You ready to finish me off now?" Asks Holly.
"Hold on I need to use your bathroom."
Holly winks at her as Lucy rushes to the bathroom and locks the door. She immediately rips her jeans off and starts to touch herself. She tries to keep quiet but can't help the occasional gasp or moan. Could Holly hear her? She probably already knows what I'm doing. The thought turns her on even more and soon she's climaxing.

Lucy quickly gets dressed again and goes back to Holly.

"Have fun?" Says Holly with a mischievous smile.
Lucy doesn't know what to say and feels herself blushing.
"Well whatever you were doing, you weren't doing it right. If that was Sophie you'd hear her crying from half a mile away. Come on I'll show you how it's done." Holly jumps on the bed and throws Lucy a packet of balloons. "Blow them up as big as you can but don't pop them, I'm gonna ride them while I blow me own. I wouldn't be able to stop in this mood." Holly waits while Lucy fills up the first balloon. When she's tied it, Holly grabs it and puts it between her legs. She starts grinding against it while blowing up her own balloon. She manages to burst two by overinflation before Lucy has finished her second one. She places it on the bed and starts to work on another. Holly's balloon soon bursts under her and she starts riding the next one.
She goes through five before she cries out loudly. The balloon she had been blowing was about to pop. She hands it to Lucy. "Want to finish it?"
Lucy puts the moist valve in her mouth and blows. It explodes on the second breath.
"Let's make you climax properly, don't hold anything back." Holly starts taking Lucy's clothes off.
Lucy is too stunned to stop her. Soon she's sitting completely naked on Holly's bed.
"Just do what I did. Keep riding until you finish."
Lucy hesitantly climbs onto one of the balloons she inflated earlier. She gently humps it, scared it's going to pop.
"No, like this." Without warning, Holly is on Lucy's back, pounding her into the balloon with her whole weight. Lucy gasps. Suddenly the balloon pops underneath her and they fall onto the bed.
"Now try it yourself." Says Holly.
Lucy climbs on another and grinds harder against it.
"Here try this." Holly grabs her hand and places it against Lucy's pussy. Then she leans her over so she's lying on her hand.
"You can take it from here."

Lucy starts getting into it quickly. She rides hard and furiously fingers herself, beginning to sigh. It doesn't last long before the balloon suddenly bursts.
Holly pulls out an inflatable mattress from under her bed. It's made of thin plastic and has been blown so hard than each chamber is huge. She puts it in the bed and lets Lucy ride it.
As Lucy is getting back into it, she hears a hissing. It's Holly blowing more air in. Lucy speeds up, knowing it's about to pop.

Holly is struggling, the inflatable is rock hard. Can she pop it just by blowing? Lucy wonders. She starts moaning loudly as she finds a good position. She's humping one of the overinflated chambers. She's just beginning to climax when there's a muffled bang. The mattress gives way and Lucy ends up on the bed.

"I'm going to get myself off again, you can watch before you go if you like." Says Holly, grabbing the pillow from the inflatable. She starts blowing it as hard as she can.
Lucy starts getting dressed. By the time she's done, Holly's pillow looks more like a beachball. When it finally pops, the bang is much louder. She grabs another balloon but is interrupted by her phone. "It's Sophie, I was right she was having a session herself. She's on her way now. Guess I'm gonna have a long night. I'll let you know if I need you again. Hopefully I gave you some ideas to try with Jenny."
"Okay. I've had fun, my day has definitely been more interesting than I thought it would. Can I take a few balloons to surprise Jenny next time?" Lucy asks.
"Sure. Take a few for yourself as well if you like. Now you know how to use them."
"I'm not sure about the balloons but I might have to get one of those inflatable beds."
"They aren't usually that big and tight. You'll have to really blow hard to do that. I'm sure you can manage."

When Lucy gets back to her car, she goes looking for her own inflatable bed. Then when I get home I can blow it as big as Holly's and ride it for as long as I want.

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When they arrive at the cabin, Sophie takes the air bed and puts it on the sofa. Holly opens the bags of balloons and puts them on the table. "So what now?" Asks Holly.
"We wait for Aria. Let's decorate the place ready for her." Sophie takes a bag of 16 inch balloons and gets to work inflating them. She sits on the sofa and blows each one tightly before tying it off and throwing them on the floor. She's blowing the third one when Holly can't take it anymore. She's been horny all day and needs a release. She walks over to Sophie then drops to her knees. Holly doesn't even take her clothes off, she begins grinding against Sophie's leg.
"Umm Holly, what are you..." Holly has her leg in a grip and is grinding as hard as she can. "Can't you save it for Aria?"
Sophie asks. Holly's only reply is a barely suppressed moan. Sophie carries on blowing the balloon. It gets tight and Sophie is about to tie it off when Holly stops her. "No, keep going."
Sophie doesn't need to be told twice. She happily blows faster, making the neck grow out. It gets bigger and Holly's moans increase. Without warning the balloon explodes. Holly is just about to cum when Sophie pushes her off. "I told Aria she would be the one to make you come. You just need to wait a bit longer."
"I can't."
"Fine, do it yourself then. I'll watch."
Sophie sits back and watches while Holly desperately tries to get a balloon out the pack. She chooses a 12 inch. She doesn't have the time for anything bigger. Holly uses one hand to hold the balloon and another to finger herself roughly. Sophie can't take her eyes off her. 6 breaths later it's tight. Another 4 makes it burst. As she hasn't climaxed yet, Sophie comes over to help. She kisses her fiercely. And soon Holly's crying out in ecstasy. Sophie takes Holly's hand out of her jeans. It's warm and moist. She puts it in her mouth and giggles. "Let's get you into that dress before Aria gets here. Don't want her to know you've been playing without her." Sophie helps her strip off and get into the dress they bought.
"Wow you look stunning. Aria will be here any minute, help me blow up some more balloons." Together they get through most of the packet of 16 inches. Without any accidents as well. Tight colourful balloons lie across the cabin floor. Holly is halfway through blowing a yellow one when Aria knocks at the door. "You get the door and I'll finish this one." Says Sophie. Holly gives her the balloon and opens the door. Aria steps in. "Hi, Holly. You look pretty hot in that dress. Ooo I like the decorations. Is this that party you said you were having?"
Sophie replies. "It's one of them. We have lots of little parties here.
"So you want some help decorating or should we get this party started?" Asks Aria.
"Well you could finish this balloon for me." Says Sophie.
"Looks full to me." Aria replies.
"Nah, it can go way bigger than this. And when I said finish I meant blow it so big that it explodes."
"You made me do that earlier and this one is a lot bigger. I'm not as brave as you. Why do you want me to do it so much anyway?" Aria asks.
"Because Holly likes it when pretty girls blow balloons till they pop. Makes her horny." Sophie replies.
"Really? Well if that's the case, give me that balloon." Aria takes the balloon from Sophie and sits down. "Come here Holly. Sit on my lap and I'll blow this up for you."
Holly hesitantly walks over. "That's it. To be honest the thought of blowing this until it goes bang is terrifying. I'll do it for you if you'd like though." Holly sits on her lap and Aria starts to blow. "It's so tight already. Can you do this Holly?" Aria asks. Holly nods.
"You might have to help me out." Aria keeps blowing until there's a massive neck bulging in front of her. "Aren't you scared at all?" Aria asks. Holly shakes her head. Aria looks her in the eye. "Am I turning you on?"
"Yeah." Holly whispers.
"Good." Aria forces another breath in. "Can't we pop it some other way?" Aria asks.
"Just keep going." Holly encourages.
"But I'm so scared."
Holly puts her arms around her. "Almost there." Aria starts blowing again.


Shards fly everywhere. Aria lets out a little scream. "Did it! What next?"
Sophie whispers something to Aria. She gently pushes Holly off and picks up a balloon from the floor. "You sure this'll work?" Aria asks Sophie.
"Definitely after this she'll be yours." Sophie replies. Aria puts the balloon on Holly's lap. "Lie back." She instructs. Holly leans back on the sofa. Aria climbs onto the balloon and starts riding it softly. As she gets rougher, the neck starts shooting out.
"I could start liking this balloon thing. This feel as good for you as it does for me?" Aria asks.
"Yes, harder!" Moans Holly.
"If you're sure you can handle it." Aria starts violently humping the balloon. It looks as if she's really getting into it. Unfortunately it doesn't last long. The balloon bursts with a loud bang and Aria falls on top of Holly.
"That was fun. Bet I could have orgasmed doing that if it was stronger." Says Aria.
"That's what inflatables are for. You can give it a go later." Says Sophie. She hands Aria a 16 inch balloon. "Do that thing I told you."
Aria puts the balloon inside Holly's dress with the neck sticking out and starts blowing. Holly sighs as it gets harder. Aria pauses as the neck expands and glances at Sophie. "Do I keep blowing?" She asks.
"Of course." Sophie replies.
"Won't it hurt her?"
"Holly can take it."
Aria begins to blow again. Holly wriggles around on her back, barely able to move.
"Keep still." Says Aria trying to force more air in. After a couple more breaths it finally bursts. Holly sits up, waiting to see what Aria will do next. She crawls onto Holly's lap and slowly moves in for a kiss. Holly lets her and after a moment starts kissing her back. Aria obviously knows what she's doing, she takes it slow but is more skilful than Sophie. Holly decides to kick it up a notch. She puts her arms round Aria and kisses harder. Her sweet scent is driving Holly wild and soon she's on top of Aria. She notices Sophie watching them. She's touching herself. Suddenly Aria pushes Holly into the sofa and rips off her dress. She holds her down and resumes kissing with increased vigour. She's surprisingly strong for her size and Holly couldn't push her off even if she wanted to.

It feels like they've been kissing for hours. Holly wants to move on and tries escaping from Aria's grasp. Aria isn't letting her go anywhere. In the struggle they fall off the sofa. Aria lies on top of her so she can't move. Holly stops resisting and manages to pull the rest of her clothes off. Aria stops for a moment to look at her body. Then rushes to take her own clothes off. Holly puts one of the balloons between her legs. Aria knows what to do. She humps it hard, trying to destroy it to get closer to Holly. It puts up a fight. Eventually Aria gives up and grabs the balloon with both hands. She puts it in front of Holly's face and presses her own into it. She looks at Holly through the balloon, then bites it. There's a bang and before Holly can react, Aria is grinding against her. Holly manages to sit up and start kissing Aria again. Suddenly Aria's hand is between her legs. She's far from gentle. She fingers her so roughly that it hurts. But in a good way. In less than 30 seconds, Holly starts crying out. Her moans muffled by Aria's mouth. She kisses her a little longer before finally letting her go. Holly falls to the floor in exhaustion.
"I didn't hurt you did I? Asks Aria suddenly concerned. "I can be more gentle next time if you like."
"Save that for round 3 when I might be a bit sore." Holly pants. "Give me a minute and we can go again."

"You might want to use the bed next time." Says Sophie.
Holly gets and and notices a large wet patch on the sofa. Aria sees it too.
"How'd that happen?" Asks Aria.
"I got a bit excited watching you, okay?" She replied.
"Oh yeah, forgot you were a squirter."
"Holly can do it too. Have to get her really worked up though."
"Holly you want to rest for a bit on the bed? I'll be with you in a min." Says Aria Holly walks the the bed on the other end of the cabin. On the way she grabs a bag of balloons. She lies down.
"Erm, Sophie you mind getting me off before I do Holly again?" Asks Aria.
"Of course." Sophie replies.
"It won't take long, believe me."
Holly hears Aria begin to sigh. She can't see what's happening but Sophie has her in some kind of hug with her fingers inside of Aria. Holly takes a balloon and begins to blow. It pops after 10 breaths. Aria spins around to see what happened. Holly starts on another balloon.
"Come on Aria, lets finish you off." Sophie says. But Aria can't take her eyes off Holly. She watches as Holly finishes off another balloon with a loud bang.
"She doesn't even flinch!" Holly hears Aria say. Sophie moves in front of Aria and bends over. Her head disappearing between Aria's legs. 5 balloons later, Aria finally orgasms. She didn't take her eyes off Holly the whole time.
"Go on back to Holly then. Here do her on this." Sophie gives her the air bed they bought earlier.
"You wanna join?" Aria asks.
"Nah, I'll keep watching."
Aria walks over to the bed and puts down the inflatable. "You want to start slow or get straight into it?" Asks Aria. Holly answers by grabbing her and pushes her onto the air bed. Then she starts grinding like Aria did earlier.
"I'm meant to be fucking you." Aria gasps. She doesn't resist though. Holly grabs a balloon and starts blowing it in Aria's face.
Aria starts to get nervous as it gets tighter and tighter. She doesn't appear to be acting this time either. Holly stops grinding and instead, lies flat against Aria. She blows as slowly as she can. Aria closes her eyes, the balloon is pressed into her face.
"When's it gonna pop?" Asks Aria, her voice betraying her fear.
Holly puts in another small breath, leaving a gap between each blow. She's waiting to see if Aria will ask her to stop. She doesn't though and after a while it explodes, showering them in tiny shards. Aria screams and sits up. Holly is incredibly horny and it takes all her self control not to start grinding again. She wants to tease Aria some more first. Holly opens a drawer next to the bed. Inside is a 24 inch balloon. Just what she was looking for. She gently pushes Aria back down and gets ready to blow.

Aria, realising how big the balloon is, stops her. "Let's try something else. How about we try that inflatable or I could blow up some smaller balloons if you'd like that?"
"What's the matter, you scared?" Holly teases.
"Not at all. Let me go on top again, I wanna see you squirt. Sophie told me you can."
"Fine. You can do what I just did to you." Holly gives her a red 12 inch and rolls over to let Aria mount her. She climbs onto Holly and starts grinding like what Holly did earlier. She fills the balloon with her breath, gasping every now and again. When the balloon reaches a pear shape, Aria starts blowing faster.
"Slow down. Take your time." Says Holly.
"That makes it scarier." Aria replies.
"It also makes me horny." That did the trick. Aria continues blowing, each breath slow and sensual. The neck gets longer than she anticipated and Aria stops again.
"Must I keep going? I admit it scares me. A lot, but I'll do it if it'll make you cum."
"You were fine earlier."
"It was over before I could think about it. I also didn't realise how loud it would be."
"I'll finish it if you're scared." Says Holly. She'd love to place the wet nozzle in her mouth and slowly blow until it pops and Aria screams.
Aria shakes her head though. "I like to be in control. I also don't want you pushing it into my face again. Let's just get it over with." She blows again, bracing for a pop.
"Slowly." Says Holly. Aria has stopped grinding and is sitting up with her hands around the neck, blowing firmly. She manages to slow down for a bit then her fear takes over and she starts huffing and puffing and fast as she can. A few big breaths and it goes bang. Aria doesn't scream this time. She just inhales deeply then starts riding Holly again. Holly lets her do her thing few a couple of minutes then pushes her off before she gets too carried away.
"My turn on top." Holly grabs the 24 inch balloon again.
"Holly can we try that inflatable over there? I want to see what you can do with it."
"Okay but I choose what we do." Holly goes to the other end of the cabin and grabs the inflate whale. It's incredibly tight. Holly can't remember anyone blowing it recently. See looks at Sophie questionably.
"Oh yeah, I blew it up for you just now. I guess you were too busy to notice." Says Sophie. She gestures Holly over then whispers in her ear. "Try and make Aria orgasm. If you can do it, she'll go wild. Trust me it's a lot of fun. Mind you, once you've done it, you'll lose all control until she's calmed down. I'll take over if it gets too much for you."
"Any tips?"
"Ride that whale on her until she looks horny. You'll know when, she doesn't exactly hide it. Then just finger her hard until she cums. Helps if you kiss her as well. Be as rough as you can. After that you'll get perhaps 30 seconds of calm before she goes crazy. I'm surprised how gentle she's been so far, can't last long though. Oh, and try to resist her. That should be fun to watch" Sophie gives her a wink and leaves her to it.
Holly walks back to the bed with the inflatable under one arm. She puts in on the bed. Aria is lying on her back waiting. Holly widens her legs, then places the whale in between them. It's hard and shiny. It'll be an intense ride. In fact Sophie had blown it up so much there's a good chance it could pop. Holly isn't going to let any air out though. She gets on top of it, making Aria grunt. She's sandwiched between two tight inflatables. Holly begins grinding herself over it but soon realises that she's gonna climax long before Aria. She grips it with her legs and begins humping it. Soon Aria begins to sigh. It appears to be working, Holly gets rougher until Aria is crying out with every thrust. Holly keeps it up until she feels like she's about to climax herself. Then she gets off and removes the toy from Aria's legs. Aria looks like she's about to complain. That is until Holly plunges her hand inside her. Aria lets out a shocked cry of pleasure. Remembering what Sophie told her, Holly starts kissing Aria roughly. She lacks any skill but the enthusiasm makes up for it. Aria suddenly throws her hand back and lets out a cry of pure lust. Then she collapses, panting heavily. Holly sits back and notices Sophie. She's lying on her front, fingering herself whilst watching the whole thing.

Without warning, Aria lunges at Holly. She grabs her and presses her into the corner of the room. Aria forces Holly's legs apart and gets to work.

She's aching when she feels a buildup of pleasure. It seems to radiate through her whole body. She opens her eyes in time to see fluid squirting between Aria's fingers. She lets her go and Holly falls onto the bed shaking. Aria isn't done though. She climbs back onto Holly, ready to go again.

Holly is sore all over when she finally orgasms again. Aria barely seems to notice though. She wants more. Holly doesn't have the strength to resist. Luckily Sophie saves her.
"Hey Aria, give her a break. I want a go as well." She comes over and leaps on the bed.
Holly gets off the bed and sits on a nearby balloon to watch. Aria rips Sophie's clothes off and they start snogging.

When Aria starts to finger Sophie, Holly adverts her gaze and notices a balloon by the end of the bed. It was a 12 inch by the look of it and had a valve keeping the air in. Strange. Thought Holly. It definitely wasn't one of the balloons they bought today. It couldn't be too old either, otherwise it wouldn't be so tight. Holly goes over to inspect it. It has a dark green crystal colour and is very hard. It's not Sophie's work though. She would of blown it up even bigger. It has a pear shape but most of the neck is uninflated. Surely Sophie wouldn't of been able to resist blowing it up until it burst. The valve would have made it easy.

Holly returns to the balloon she'd been sitting on, taking the new balloon with her. She puts the valve in her mouth and blows an experimental breath. It takes more effort than she expected and the balloon gets a little tighter. The balloon did have a perfect shape and colour. Maybe Sophie thought it was too nice to pop. But then again, why use a valve? She'd only do that if she was going to blow to pop one.

Holly holds it with the intention of waiting for Sophie. She was curious now as to where it came from.

After a few minutes though, she gives up. The balloon is pretty much begging to be popped. She places the valve back in her mouth and blows hard. The neck comes out a little more but it's so tight, Holly thinks it'll pop before its full.
A gasp from Sophie makes her look up. She is looking over Aria's shoulder, watching Holly. Aria has her back to her, so focused on pleasuring Sophie that she doesn't notice Holly with the balloon.
Holly forces another breath in while Sophie watches. Every so often she lets out another gasp. Holly keeps forcing more air in, the neck finally starting to get big. When it's completely full, Holly stops for a moment, admiring it. It looks and feels like a glass bomb waiting to go off. Normally the neck couldn't get this big without you losing grip, but the valve makes it easy. Holly manages another small breath. She's not sure if she should stop. It's so pretty. Holly thinks about taking a photo but her phone is in her jeans at the other side of the cabin. There's no time, it could pop before she gets the chance to capture it. So instead she takes a huge breath and empties it into the balloon. It still doesn't pop. Holly is just taking another big breath when there's a very loud bang. Even she lets out a scream. Poor Aria didn't know what was about to happen. She leaps back and almost falls off the bed. To Holly's surprise, Sophie looks a little shocked. No one realised it would have been quite that loud.
Aria breaks the silence after the bang. "Could you warn me next time you do that?" She says. "I almost had a heart attack."
Sophie is smiling. "That was amazing. Umm Aria, mind finishing me off?" Sophie asks.
"It would be my pleasure but I think Holly should do it. You was watching her the whole time wasn't you?" Aria replies.
"Not the whole time. Just when she started blowing. Now Someone finish me off. I don't care who."
Holly glances at Aria but she shakes her head. "You do it. I'm gonna go get a drink from my car." Aria leaves them to it.
Holly jumps on the bed and gets to work. It takes less than 30 seconds before Sophie orgasms. She then starts kissing her. Sophie falls on her side, taking Holly with her. They land in a large wet patch. Holly pulls away and sits up. "Look at what you've done to the mattress." The sheets are soaked though. There's drips all over the bed with a few larger puddles in the middle.
"Half of that was you." Says Sophie.
"We're gonna have to replace it."
"Don't worry about it. It's only used for sex anyway. The stains are a reminder of the fun times we had."
"Won't it start to rot?"
"True, we'll have to use towels next time. We'll worry about it another day. That balloon was so loud! Bet it got really hard."
"Yeah it did. Where'd it come from?" Holly asks.
"Some shop was giving them out. Don't know the reason but they were really good ones. I brought a couple back here on my way home yesterday. Was going to take them all home but they were so nice I didn't want to pop them. Not right away anyway. Thought you'd like to see them."
"I'm surprised you weren't tempted to blow them bigger." Says Holly.
"I was but whoever inflated them got them so tight. I didn't want to risk popping them."
"I'm almost sorry I popped it. I wish I'd taken a photo. It was so big and hard. Probably never find another like it now."
"Maybe we could make that wish come true. You reckon you could do it again?"
"If we had another, yeah."
"Pretty sure there's another round here somewhere." Sophie looks around and finds it wedged behind the bed. It looks identical to the last one. "I'll get my phone. Wait there." Sophie puts the balloon on the bed and rushes to get her phone. Holly picks up the balloon. It's inflated just as hard as the previous one. Sophie comes over with her phone and takes a photo. "Just in case it pops early. Sit on the bed and start blowing. Just go slow. Do the same as you did before."
Holly puts the valve in her mouth. She starts to blow, a little more nervously this time. It would be her last chance to capture this balloon. Who knows if they'd find another like it.
Before long it's just as big as the other one had got. Sophie takes lots of photos. Holly is just about to put what would likely be the final breath in when Sophie stops her. "Hold on, this is too good to miss. Let me go get my proper camera. Don't let it pop." Sophie runs off to the car, leaving Holly holding the overinflated balloon. She doesn't move, barely breathing in case it pops. It's ready to go any second now. The anticipation is killing her. Finally Sophie returns with her camera.

She has to do a bit of photography for her work so she knows exactly what she's doing. Holly hears the shutter click away as Sophie gets photos from all angles. Aria returns and watches nervously.
"Okay, Holly." Says Sophie. "Finish it."
She carefully brings it back to her lips. Aria quickly puts her fingers in her ears. Holly almost wants to do the same now that she knows how loud it's gonna be. She has to look brave for the camera though. She starts blowing a long, slow breath. Sophie comes to her side, lining up the camera for a perfect shot. That's a flash and immediately after a loud bang. Holly gasps. "Did you get it?"
Sophie looks at her camera screen. "Yes! It's perfect. You look so hot, that's gonna be my new wallpaper on my phone."
"Let's see." Says Holly eagerly. Sophie shows her.
Technically it couldn't get much better. The lighting and composition is perfect, buts it's the overinflated balloon and look on Holly's face that does it. "Wow, it's so pretty."
"Not as pretty as you though." Says Sophie with a smile. "Hey, I've just had the best idea. We should take photos of everyone with balloons and print them on canvases for the cabin. The walls look a bit bare and it would fit perfectly."
"That's the best idea you've had in ages. Let's do you next, then Aria. Perhaps we could invite Jenny next and even that woman in the restaurant." Holly says excitedly.
"Okay. What do you want me to do?" Sophie asks. Holly looks around, thinking. She picks up a red 16 inch balloon from the floor. "Finish this off for a start." She says, giving Sophie the balloon.
"Where shall I sit?"
"On the Sofa. Just start blowing and see where it goes."

Sophie unties the balloon and starts blowing, leaning back against the sofa with her legs apart. Holly starts taking photos from all angles. The balloon already has a full neck and it's just getting tighter now. Sophie stops for a moment before grabbing another balloon from the floor. She puts it between her legs and gets on her front. Sophie rides it against the arm of the sofa, half her body leaning over the edge. It's so hot, Holly almost forgets to take photos. Sophie keeps blowing, one hand on the side of the balloon and the other holding the neck to her lips. Holly finds a good angle and gets a photo just before the balloon explodes in Sophie's face. She doesn't stop grinding against the other balloon though. It creaks with every thrust, the end of the neck bulging each time.
After a while it finally bursts under her.
She gets up panting. "I was just getting into that. Always pop too soon. So, Aria next?"
"Yes. What should be make her do?" Holly asks.
"How about getting her to ride an inflatable while blowing a 24 inch?" Sophie suggests.
"Until it pops?" Questions Holly.
"If she can. We'll make her blow until it's really tight."
Aria steps forward. "Okay let's get on with it. Where'd you want me?"
Holly places the inflatable whale on the bed. "On top of that."
"Hold on." Says Sophie. "Let's put your dress on her. She'll look cute in that."

A few minutes later Aria is sitting on the inflatable with a limp 24 inch balloon in her hands. Holly chose a red one to match the dress.
"It's so big." Says Aria. "How do I know when to stop?"
"When it's hard to blow any more air in." Says Holly.
"Or you could keep on until it pops." Sophie adds.
Aria starts to blow. She keeps going until it's about as big as it was intended. Then she hesitates. "It's huge! How much more?"
"You've got loads left yet." Sophie replies. "I'm not even gonna bother with the photos until the neck's touching your lips."
"I don't know if I can go that far Sophie."
"You can and you will. Otherwise I'll take it off you and finish it myself. Then I might go through another pack of balloons while I hold you down."
Aria knows Sophie will do it, so she continues blowing. She slows down as the neck fills completely. Sophie takes a few photos. "Bigger!" Aria puts a few big breaths in. "It's gonna pop!" She cries.
"No it isn't. It's not even that tight yet." Sophie tells her.
In truth it had got very tight but Holly knew it would take more. Aria puts one more big breath in then stops. "I'm done."
"Holly, make her blow it bigger." Says Sophie. Holly jumps on the bed with her. She pushes Aria off the inflatable and onto her back. Holly then climbs on her front. "Blow." She commands.
"I'm scared." Says Aria. Holly puts her hand under her dress and between her thighs. She then inserts a finger inside her. "If you stop blowing, I'll stop as well."
Aria puts in a small breath and Holly gets a bit firmer.
"The faster you blow, the harder I'll get. Says Holly. Aria still hesitates so Holly slows down. She barely touches her, just a tickle to tease her. Aria suddenly starts blowing again so Holly gets rougher. After a few big breaths, Aria is blowing as hard as she can, she pants and moans her fear forgotten. Sophie is taking photos excitedly.
The balloon looks like it's about to pop at any moment. "I think it's about to pop if you want to stop." Holly tells her. Aria doesn't seem to hear her. Either that or she wants Holly to continue. She starts to shake and make little moans into the balloon. She definitely isn't stopping now. It seems to take forever before the balloon finally explodes. When it does, Holly feels the sound go through her. Aria doesn't scream this time. Instead she gasps and thrusts up against Holly before flopping back on the bed, exhausted. There's bits of latex all up the walls and covering the bed.
Aria gets back up and Holly helps her out of the dress. It's damp and smells strongly of Aria's sweet scent.
"You know, when I first heard of this balloon thing, I thought it sounded a bit weird. But now I might have to add it to my list of fetishes. That was intense! I'm starting to get the whole anticipation thing, then that release when it finally pops. Felt amazing." Says Aria. "Plus it's fun to see how big I can make them with my breath, also they feel quite nice to bounce on. Could I take a few home to experiment with?" She asks.
"Take as many as you want." Says Sophie. "Once you get into popping, they won't last long. Let's see you do another." Sophie rummages around in the bedside cabinet and finds a clear 14 inch balloon. "You should know what to do by now." Sophie says, giving Aria the balloon.
"Okay, I'll try. How big will it get?" Asks Aria.
"VERY! Meant to be 14 inch but they usually go to 16. I only know one other balloon that gets harder." Sophie replies.
"What's that? Maybe I could try it."
Sophie looks at Holly. "Reckon she could pop one of those special 12 inch balloons I found online?"
"Even I found those hard. Probably the only balloon that still makes me nervous. You got some here?" Says Holly.
"A few. Save them for special occasions. They're only made by a small company and are quite specialist. Dunno what their intended purpose is but you have to contact them to order. I once asked how big they're supposed to get and they told me I could keep blowing as much as I want and it shouldn't pop. Of course I managed it but it was a challenge. I'll go get you one." Sophie goes over to the corner of the cabin and removes a floorboard.
"You've been keeping balloons under the floorboards without telling me?" Holly asks, surprised.
"Yeah. These ones are for emergencies or special occasions. Didn't want someone using them all up." Sophie finds what she's looking for and brings it back to Aria. "You can have a go if you blow to pop that 14 inch."
"Can't I do that one first? I want to see if I can do it. I'm feeling brave right now and want to get the worse one over with." Aria replies.
"Okay but you have to promise you'll do it without cheating. These are hard to get hold of, wouldn't want to waste one, would we?"
"I'll try my best."
"See that you do. Oh yeah, you'll want a valve. Really hard to hold onto. Should be one in that drawer over there.
Aria opens the drawer and rummages through. Holly hasn't looked in there before and has a peak herself. Inside there's lots of different valves and attachments of all sizes, tubes, some hand pumps and a package full of large, clear plastic bags.
"What are the bags for Sophie?" Holly asks, curious.
"I occasionally like popping them. If I want something a little different, I'll blow a few up till they burst. Not loud like balloons but they do stretch quite a bit. Try one if you like." Says Sophie.

Aria finds a valve and hands it to Sophie.
"Perhaps we should glue it on. Can't be tempted to give up then can we?" Sophie takes some glue from the drawer and glues the balloon onto the valve. "While we wait for that to dry, Holly can try one of those plastic bags. You ever tried it yourself?" She asks.
"Once before when I didn't have any balloons." Holly replies.
"Bet it wasn't as good as these. I spent ages trying to find the best one. Some would pop too easily and others would be hard to pop but didn't stretch much. These take quite a bit of blowing, stretch like a balloon and have a decent bang."

Holly takes a bag out. The plastic feels smooth but firm. She bunches up the opening and puts it to her mouth. Both girls watch as Holly blows it bigger and bigger. It reaches the size of her body before it's full. It suddenly gets harder to inflate. Holly feels it go firm with next breath. All the wrinkles disappear and it takes a more rounded shape. Another breath and the sides and bottom swell out. It's incredibly tight already. Holly forces another lungful in and notices a stretch mark appear; a thin stripe that runs all the way down the bag. She blows hard again, making it widen slightly. After, another stretch mark appears, this one a bit further from the first. Holly keeps blowing and soon one half of the overinflated bag is full of lines of stretched plastic. Holly watches as the one in the middle expands faster than the others. It bulges out, getting bigger with each breath. Two more breaths and there's a huge elongated bubble expanding out the size of the bag. With one finale blow, the bag splits down the middle with a muffled bang. Holly inspects the broken plastic. The part where it stretched is thinner than cling film, it's wet from her breath.
"You like? Pretty fun, aren't they?" Says Sophie.
"Yeah, I enjoyed that. Love how it stretched." Says Holly.
"One more thing I want to show you." Sophie takes another bag out the drawer but this time ties a valve to it. "Go put your jeans on. You'll love this."
Holly does what Sophie tells her. Once she's got her slightly damp jeans on, Sophie comes over to her. She slides the bag into the front of her jeans. The cool plastic already feels nice against her but Holly knows it's about to get a lot better. Sophie starts to blow into the valve. It only takes a few breaths to fill up all the space between the fabric and her skin. Sophie keeps going until it's hard.
"Feel good?" Sophie asks.
"Yes, keep going."
Sophie puts a few more breaths in, the bag starts to bulge out of the top of her jeans, Sophie stops when it's really tight.
"Keep going, pop it!" Says Holly.
"Keep it in there while you watch Aria. Maybe she'll finish it for you after. I love the feeling of it. It's firmer than a balloon but doesn't hurt like a beachball."
Holly runs a finger across it, making it creak. She wants to lie down and hump it hard but she knows it would pop if she tried. Sophie gives Aria the 12 inch balloon and Holly watches, already horny. Every slight movement makes the bag squeak, almost like a balloon.
She watches as Aria struggles to get the first breath into the balloon. It's made of thicker latex than normal balloons.
After the first breath, Aria is able to blow much faster. It doesn't take long before the balloon starts to go hard. As it forms into a teardrop shape, Aria slows down a little. Her breaths are more forced now. It takes three breaths to completely fill the neck. Aria hesitates for second, then suddenly starts blowing fast, determined to pop it. Her eyes are closed and she sounds like she's struggling to get anymore air in. When she opens her eyes again, surprised that it hasn't popped, the end of the neck is bulging. Aria blows a tentative breath, watching as it pushes hard against the valve. The next few lungfuls don't seem to make it any bigger. "Why hasn't it popped yet?" Asks Aria, looking fearfully at the tight latex.
"Keep going, it'll pop eventually." Sophie replies.
Aria manages to squeeze two more breaths in before she stops again. "It's gonna be loud, isn't it?"
"Yes. Very." Says Sophie.
Another mouthful of air and Aria let's out a little squeal as the balloon creaks. "I'm sorry Sophie, I don't think I can keep going."
Holly wriggles over, her movements awkward with the tight bag in her jeans. She sits behind Aria and puts her fingers in her ears. "Come on, it'll be over soon." She says.
Aria starts blowing hard. The balloon is transparent with the neck deformed. Holly can see Aria's breath condensing inside the balloon. Aria is shaking by the time it explodes. It's the loudest pop Holly's ever heard. It shreds into tiny fragments, some only a millimetre long. Aria manages to hold back a scream. She looks stunned for a moment before she laughs. "I can't believe I did it. It was so big and tight! What next? All that excitement has made me horny."
"Pop this would you." Says Holly. The tight plastic in her jeans is driving her crazy. It feels good but she needs a release. Holly hopes it'll get so hard it hurts before it pops. She loves a bit of pain just before all the pressure is released.
Aria crouches down and lowers her head, her lips around the valve. Holly feels the bag expanding a little as Aria blows hard. She stops after struggling for a moment. "Can't get anymore air in." She says.
"Use the compressor." Says Sophie. She brings it over and lets Aria do the rest.

There's a hiss and the bag grows suddenly. It gets warm from the friction and it feels like it's burning when Holly cries out. She's sure it would rip her jeans, but it suddenly goes bang. Holly rubs the damp plastic against her self before pulling it out. She debates asking Sophie to do it again but with a beachball, but she knows it would probably hurt too much. She would be unlikely to stop as well. Perhaps it'd be best to try that alone Holly thinks.

Holly realises that Sophie is fiddling with the 14 inch balloon she gave Aria. She's just put a small torch inside.
"I've got a game. I'll turn the lights off and someone will blow this till it pops. After that it'll be really dark in here. There's no lights outside so won't see anything as all. Then we'll have some fun, you can do whatever you want, no one can see you." Sophie suddenly turns the lights off and the only thing visible is the glowing balloon. "Who wants to blow it?"
"I'll do it." Says Aria immediately. It looks like she's starting to enjoy this.
She takes it off Sophie and sits by Holly, starting to blow. When it's halfway full, she stops. "I'm out of breath, could you finish it?" She asks Holly. "Don't pop it though, I want to do that. Holly takes the glowing orb off her. It wasn't that big so she can't be out of breath already. Maybe Aria's just trying to turn her on, she thinks.
Holly bites the wet mouthpiece and fills it with ease, she's done this so many times. It never ceases to make her horny though. Before long the neck is gently caressing her lips. Holly is just about to force a big breath in when she remembers to stop. She's so used to going until it pops, that she almost forgot. She carefully hands it back to Aria.
Aria takes it, putting it in her mouth eagerly and sucking off the saliva. Perhaps she wanted Holly to blow just so she could taste her. Aria is about to start blowing again but pauses. "Actually could you put one more breath in first?" She says, handing it back.
"How about I just pop it?" Says Holly. Wanting to see her reaction.
"No, I want to do that. Just one breath. Do it slowly."
She definitely just wants to taste her again. So why doesn't she just kiss her? See seemed fine with it earlier. Holly gives her what she wants and blows as slow and sensually as she can. Aria waits, looking excited. When Holly is done, Aria grabs it from her. She puts it back into her mouth and plays with it for a while before suddenly blowing fast. It bursts after the second breath. Aria then crawls over to Sophie with the torch now in her hand. She maintains eye contact with Holly the whole time. Next she starts to kiss Sophie slowly, still with her eyes on Holly. They start getting into it, rougher and rougher, Aria's eyes never leaving hers. Was she trying to make her jealous? Aria suddenly turns the torch off and all goes dark. There's just the sounds of them both snogging. After a few minutes it sounds like Aria is dragging Sophie to the bed. Aria begins to sigh and moan but it sounds exaggerated. Why would she want to make her jealous? Is there something she wants from her. Why not just grab her and do what she wants. It's not like she would resist her. Holly starts getting horny at the thought of Aria ripping her jeans off and putting a finger inside her while kissing hard. Maybe that's what she's after. For Holly to want her so bad she begs her to do it again. She thinks about walking up to Aria, pulling her off Holly and asking to be fucked. She doesn't have the courage though.

Holly can't sit there and listen any longer so she goes to the drawer with the plastic bags and feels around. She liked the bag in her jeans but wanted it tighter. She wonders what would happen if she did two at a time. One inside the other. She takes two out and puts one in the other. Easier said than done in the dark. Why only two, how about three or four. In the end she has five bags inside of each other. She shoves it inside her jeans and holds them onto the compressor's hose. Aria starts shouting Sophie's name and Holly opens the valve to full, trying to ignore them. There's a sudden expansion between her thighs. It gets tighter than before, just beginning to hurt when it goes bang. Not enough.
Suddenly Holly is desperate for something even more intense.
Holly wanted something that would hurt her and make her yell louder than Aria.

She remembers seeing an inflatable pillow near the sofa. Holly finds it in the dark and brings it over to the compressor. She deflates it as fast as she can, and slips the now flat pillow in her jeans. It fits snugly but there won't be enough room when fully inflated. Holly manages to find the glue bottle from earlier and glues the compressor's hose to the valve on the pillow. She's too horny to think it through and turns on the compressor, shoving it away so she can't turn it off. She lies back as it gets bigger. It feels good as it pushes against her and Holly sighs. The pressure starts to grow and the pillow is no where near full. Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea. It gets harder and harder. It starts to hurt a little. Holly cries out in joy. This was more like it. Then her cry becomes more fearful when the inflatable doesn't stop growing. It feels good now but what if it doesn't pop? The pain increases, she tries to find the compressor. If she turns it off now, it'll be the perfect size.
Suddenly it starts to really hurt. "Sophie, help!" She cries. Holly tries to pull the hose out but it's stuck. She can't bare it anymore and tries to pop it with her nails. They aren't long enough and the vinyl is too strong. Holly screams as she hears a tear. Suddenly the lights come on just as Holly's jeans rip, releasing the inflatable. All three girls watch as it continues to get bigger and bigger before it goes with an incredibly loud bang. Sophie shuts off the compressor. "Did you glue that on? Why did you think that would be a good idea? It obviously wasn't going to fit and you know how strong they are."
"I wasn't thinking." Says Holly. She's aching badly, she'd probably feel it for a few days.
"Are you alright?" Asks Sophie, concerned.
"Think so." Holly looks down. It's bright red where the inflatable had been.
"You won't be doing that again anytime soon, will you?" Says Sophie.
"Well actually it did feel kinda good. Maybe not quite as tight next time."
"You enjoyed it? Must of been pretty painful."
"Yeah. Actually I think I might have orgasmed at some point. That would explain why I'm so wet."
"Might have to give it a go myself. Won't be using glue though. That was stupid."
"I wanted it to hurt me, I was so horny. It was Aria's fault she was doing that to you so I'd be jealous. Weren't you?" Holly says turning to Aria.
"No of course not." Says Aria. "Okay maybe a little bit. You only had to ask and I would of done it to you. We can have a go now if you want." She starts walking toward Holly. Aria puts her arms around her and looks up at Holly, whispering "Just say the word."
Holly suddenly feels nervous again. What was wrong with her? She wanted this a moment ago. "Umm, I'm a bit sore now, maybe another day?"
Aria looks crestfallen and Holly quickly adds "you can kiss me if you like."
"You know that I would only get carried away, I'm actually a bit tired myself. I think I'm gonna call it a night, call me, yeah?" Aria puts her clothes on, says goodbye to Sophie and leaves.

"Did I upset her?" Holly asks Sophie.
"I don't know to be honest. I know she likes you. You should call her in a few days and invite her round your place. Just have a night of fun, then she'll probably move on to somebody else and you can have me to yourself again." Says Sophie
"I might do that. She seemed like a nice girl, surprised how quickly she turned on to balloons."
"It's probably because it's something new. She loves experimenting. Also your reaction would of made her horny. You want to do something with me now we're alone or have you had enough for today?"
"What about you, are you satisfied?" Holly asks.
"Well Aria didn't get to finish with me so I guess you could."
"Have you got any more of them inflatable pillows?"
"Yeah, why?"
Holly fetches Sophie's jeans from the floor, Aria must have taken them off. "Put them on."
"What are you gonna do?"
"Inflate a pillow in them until you beg me to stop. Then I'm gonna put a bit more in and ride you until you climax."
"Will it hurt?"
"Yes. It feels so good though, come on."

When it had got tight Sophie asked Holly to stop. Holly had ignored her and kept going until Sophie cried out. Then she had given Sophie a kiss before making it even bigger. In the end it hurt so much Sophie had to take the compressor off her. Holly had fought to keep it. She was trying to rip Sophie's jeans like hers. After Sophie had stopped her inflating it, Holly had ridden her while Sophie cried out in pain and pleasure until a seam gave out and it popped with a bang. Holly tried to persuade her to do it again but Sophie didn't trust her in this mood.

Holly had apologised on the way home but Sophie said she enjoyed seeing Holly like that and told her she should have forced Sophie to do it again. "You should of kept going until I was crying if it turned you on." She had said. Holly said it wouldn't of been fun then and only wanted to make Sophie orgasm.

They both went to bed aching that night.
Party at the cabin (balloon fetish)
A little more intense than the others. The next one will certainly be a lot calmer.


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